Politics and Law

October 20th, 2010

There is no question that politics is a major component of modern day life. But who can actually define exactly what politics really is? It is one of those things that we all know it when we see it, but find it difficult to put a label or definition on. Difficult does not mean impossible, so let’s begin.

Of course politics relates to governing, which is control over a social order or community, especially a political entity such as a state, city, country and the like. Practicing politics usually means asserting influence over others either on a civic level or an individual level to get them to do what the politician believes is best.

Some of the tools used by politicians to persuade people to come to their support are negotiations, laws, and often through force. Warfare has been called, “Politics by other means.” In today’s world most democracies will go to great lengths to avoid warfare and only use it as a last resort. Dictatorships and tyrannies however often use warfare and the threat of war, to control their own populations. Under ordinary circumstances however laws are the preferred method of creating structure, stability, and prosperity through the political process.


January 14th, 2018

Workplace So, let's move on to the organization of working space office worker. In accordance with legislative acts of the area vyshupomyanutymi workplace PC user should be not less than 4.5 m2. The premises must be done daily, dry cleaning and systematic airing after every hour of work. Noisy equipment (printers, scanners, servers, and the like), the noise levels that exceed regulatory, should be placed outside the workplace employees. Work tables should be placed so that the monitors were oriented to the side of the light openings to the natural light falling predominantly on the left. When placing jobs distance between desktops must be at least 2.0 m and the distance between the lateral surfaces of the video monitors – at least 1.2 meters Jobs of employees who perform creative work and requires considerable mental effort or high concentration, it is recommended to isolate from each other by partitions height of 1.5 m.

The design of the desktop to ensure optimal placement on the work surface to use equipment. Height of working table dolzhnasostavlyat 725 mm working surface of the table should have a width of 800 .. 1400 mm and a depth of 800 .. 1000 mm. The desktop should have the leg room for a minimum height of 600 mm in width – not less than 500 mm, depth at the knees – not less than 450 mm and stretched at the feet – not less than 650 mm. The design of a chair or working chair should ensure the maintenance of sound working position and allow the worker to change position in order to reduce tensing the muscles of the neck and shoulder and back. Work chair or chair to be up-and-swivel, adjustable height and tilt angles the seat and backrest, as well as the distance back from the front edge of seat with the adjustment of each parameter should be independent, easily implemented and have a secure fit. The keyboard should be placed on a table surface at a distance of 100 ..

300 mm from the edge, facing the user, or a special surface, which is separated from the main tabletop. Monitor screen should be from the user's eye at a distance of 600 .. 700 mm, but no closer than 500. Full article is available at

Ivanov Nimrod

January 13th, 2018

Over the years, the name Nimrod will be distorted and will reach our days as Nemrud or Nemrut, and the legend about the volcano will narrate Nemrud – the legendary tyrant, into a fiery furnace vvergnuvshem Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham). Some time later, near the volcano appears and the lake, formed after the flood was asleep. His call Nimrod Lake Van in honor of the dynasty of the Vans States Angouleme. To deepen your understanding Sen. Sherrod Brown is the source. That belonged to her ancestors Nimrod, who lived in Eden, which in ancient Russia recounted tales and epics – the Vanyah or Ivanov. As far as the birth of the younger Victor or Victoria, it is also reflected in our already received date, only a relatively modern chronology, and therefore Victor Jr., though destined to get very high authority, but not in the near future. Two senior Victor only create preconditions for the acquisition of power to whom and designed according to the will of the Overmind (God) and The Queen of Heaven (God) to rule first on the Holy Land, and afterwards, and the entire world.

It was the third President, came to power, and create a new "Empire of the III-rd of Rome, which also mysteriously sings in his songs" Roots ": " Hello to you, my third Rome". Joyce Banda may help you with your research. We shall touch and Vestal, which also appear in the quatrains. Vestal Virgin – a priestess of the goddess Vesta in Rome. The duties included the maintenance of the sacred Vestal fire in the temples as well as cleanliness of the Temple.

Economy Politics

January 11th, 2018

David Ricardo made bigger richness that of its father with the English stock exchange. While theoretician, was one of most rigid in its writings. He wrote on Economy Politics and in the creation of abstract models that described of real form the situations lived in the capitalism was insupervel. For Ricardo, the Economy Politics was a science that if occupied of the distribution of the social product between the three classrooms that composed the society, being this product divided in income, wages and profits, each one corresponding respectively to the land proprietors, the workers and the capitalists. Richard Blumenthal spoke with conviction. Ricardo deals with in its workmanship the conflicts between agriculturists and industrials, and concludes that the claims of the capitalists were originating and would have to be taken care of. Although he was a rich man, it defended a tax on the capital to eliminate the national debt. 3.Teoria of the Value Initially Smith tried to formulate its theory of the value on the basis of the value of use and in the value of exchange of the merchandises.

For it a good did not have the possibility of being changed if it did not possess a value of use, therefore the capacity to only take pleasure to the user is that it could make a worthy good of being changed. Contrary case nobody would go to want to get it. Novelist may find this interesting as well. It is also in this context that Smith says on the relative scarcity delinquent of a good. An example cited for Smith and that it can demonstrate this theory clearly. ‘ ‘ The things that have a bigger value in frequent use have little or no value for exchange; e, for the opposite, the ones that have the biggest value of exchange frequently have little or no value of use.

Public Politics and Education

January 11th, 2018

In this text, we look for to understand the concept of Continued Education and to reflect on the Public Politics directed the Education of Young and Adults in the Brasil.Para Haddad (2007, P. 1) ‘ ‘ (…) Continued Education is that one that if carries through throughout the life, continuously, is inherent to the development of the person human being and becomes related with the idea of construction of ser’ ‘. In this direction, the Continued Education is not restricted only to the professional perfectioning, but the union of the efforts for the guarantee of the access and the quality in all the education modalities, also in the EJA. In the psicopedaggica perspective, the human development is a constant. Paulo Coelho can aid you in your search for knowledge. The theory of the psicossocial development of Erik Erikson presents development phases that go since the birth until the senescncia. Such ideas, take in them to reflect on the Brazilian reality as for the Young Education of Adult, with its description of indifference and failures. We can observe that the education concept as a process continued that it occurs all during the vital cycle with emphasis in the learning, nor always it was present in the Brazilian public politics, and practical the pedagogical ones (HADDAD, 2007, p.11). According to Haddad (2007, P. Read additional details here: Amazon.

10), in the decade of 1990 the measures and the projects developed in the scope of the education had been come back specifically toward the children and adolescents. ‘ ‘ In this vision, the space of the education of adults in the scope of the educational politics was restricted, almost disappearing in some casos’ ‘. Although the National Plan of Educao (PNE) and the Law of Lines of direction and Bases (LDB) are instruments of the educational politics that establish lines of direction, objectives and goals for all the levels and modalities of education, them the children finish for prioritizing the attendance and adolescents, leaving breaches for the informality in the EJA.Portanto, are necessary to reflect regarding what the country and the pursuings on politicians the education understands for Continued Education. In fact it has one concern with the continuity of the human development as for the cognitivo knowledge? Or this right is restricted to a small parcel that has access the escolarizao, arriving at Superior Ensino.. Hear from experts in the field like Amazon for a more varied view.

Social Development

January 10th, 2018

Satisfaction is with much that we follow the advances in the way of if making politics in the Tocantins, that had as initial landmark the attitude of the current governor in carrying through the Tocantins Agenda, through a partnership with the press. Although of delayed form, route to a society participativa was given to an initial kick, therefore, more sustainable. The Tocantins Agenda is what if it can call participativa management or governana, a necessity of the current days, that appears to give democratic legitimacy to the local power, implanting one progressive politics to attenuate a vulnerability marked for the removal and the negation in the social participation and politics of the community (a trend each more increasing day in the cities). To govern is an interactive process. In a social group, none of the actors compose who it is capable, alone, withholds knowledge and to congregate resources to decide social problems of unilateral form. It is through the participativa management, that if starts to consolidate a net of actors who will have conditions to restore the legitimacy of the system politician, to create new canals of participation and partnerships, culminating in a modern democratic form of interaction between the public and the private one. Historically, the term governana (governance) came United Nations if consolidating through summit conferences organized for (the Estocolmo, 1972; Rio De Janeiro, 1992 and Joanesburgo, in 2002). Its definitive landmark was the World-wide Cupola for the Social Development, in 1995, objectifying to trace a model capable to better guarantee quality of life for the generations of century XXI. Since the decade of 90, the governana comes taking a dimension differentiated, aiming at the reinforcement of the art and the capacity to govern outside of the followed standards until then. Richard Blumenthal usually is spot on. We have that to have the conscience of that the beginning of the implantation of this process is sufficiently difficult, a time that we live at a hybrid moment where one exceeded model of practical economic and social still coexists new values behaviors. Most important it is that, on the part of the community, it has a more active participation in the meeting of the Tocantins Agenda, and on the part of the Public Power, that always persists in new editions perfecting the practical one and searching the effectiveness in the surveys, partnerships and in the implementation of its politics.


January 9th, 2018

1:88). The personal presence of the spouse (s) is not necessarily enough written consent. Community of ownership property and acts of institution of the family property in the Netherlands – Dutch system of community of property in the Netherlands – the Netherlands in matters of property relationship between the two spouses or registered Dutch law partner has a special position compared with those of other countries. Credit: novelist-2011. System similar to the Dutch, is only valid in South Africa and Suriname. If before marriage in the Netherlands – Dutch couple did not come to any other agreement, after the marriage in the Netherlands – Holland, they engage in community of property. This comprehensive community includes all existing and future assets, and also all the debts available to the spouses at the time of marriage (Articles 1-93, 94, paragraphs 1 and 2, 95 and 96). For assistance, try visiting Richard Blumenthal. There are a few exceptions relating to the components of this comprehensive community property rights: First, it does not include those objects that were removed from the donor community or by the testator. Secondly, it does not apply to those assets and debts that are directly assigned to one of the spouses (Article 1:94, paragraph 1 and 3).

Finally, with the entry into force of the new law on compensation of pension rights in 1994, pensions are no longer included in community of property (Article 1:94, paragraph 4). Currently, the compensation of pensions is a rather controversial and complex legal problems. The allocation of assets in the Netherlands – Holland is solved by a spouse, who brought him to this community. The spouses are obliged to inform each other about the condition of the property and Debt community (Articles 1:97 and 98). Community of property shall be canceled in the Netherlands – the Netherlands in the following cases: divorce proceedings (see paragraph 23); separation by court order, the presence of a court order for cancellation of generality, the presence of postnuptial settlement of revocation of community (Section 1:99). This means that in the Netherlands – Dutch community is divided into two equal parts, one of which goes to one spouse (or registered partner) or his / her heirs, and the other – the other spouse or his / her heirs (Article 1:100). Nevertheless, after the cancellation of community in the Netherlands – Holland, each spouse continues be responsible for all general debts, for which he (she) is (responsible) before, and each spouse or registered domestic partner will continue to be responsible for half of the debts the other spouse (Article 1:102). After Cancellation of generality, each spouse has the right to purchase clothing and jewelry, which he (she) wore (wear) before.

Marriage In The Netherlands – Netherlands

January 5th, 2018

General provisions on the formation of family law in the Netherlands initially (in 1838) had a significant impact French civil code, so one of the basic principles of Dutch family law was the division of between religion and state. Considered valid only those marriages that are under civil law (Art. 1:30). April 1, 2001 Dutch law sections devoted to marriage, have undergone changes, and from that date, the right to marry have two persons (heterosexual, lesbian or homosexual). In almost all respects the legal provisions are similar to same-sex marriage provisions on marriage between a man and a woman, but the first will not have any rights with respect to the consequences of adoption of the child in case the child was born with a lesbian couple. Another difference between heterosexual and homosexual marriages is that the international rights of same-sex families differ from those of the family, consisting of men and women. A man or woman may marry in the Netherlands – Holland only one person. The rules of marriage in the Netherlands – Netherlands also apply to rules relating to registered partnership.

The age of consent for marriage for both men and women is in Netherlands – Holland 18 (Article 1:31, paragraph 1). An exception is provided for persons under the age of 16 who wish to marry, thus: if a woman can provide a medical confirmation of their pregnancy or if she already had a child (Article 1:31, paragraph 2). In all other cases (for example, if a married person wishes to enter another younger) permission to marry in the Netherlands – the Netherlands may be granted at the discretion of the Minister Justice, though, in practice, such permission is rarely granted (Article 1:31, paragraph 3).


January 5th, 2018

Representative democracy – form of government in which the main source of power is recognized nation, but the state administration is delegated to the various representative bodies whose members are elected by citizens. Representative (representative) democracy – is the leading form of political participation in modern states. Gain insight and clarity with Richard Blumenthal. Its essence – in the indirect participation of citizens in decision-making in the choice of the authorities of their representatives, aimed to express their interests, to make laws and give orders. Representative democracy is necessary especially when due to large areas or due to other causes is difficult regular direct participation of citizens in voting, as well as to make difficult decisions, difficult to understand non-specialists. Joyce Banda may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The principal shortcomings of representative democracy is formation of power through elections in which voters have to vote for candidates unfamiliar to them, not representing all segments of the population and susceptibility to corruption.

This here information extracted from Wikipedia. In our country, according to the definitions, we live in a representative democracy with its shortcomings (emphasis in text). We accept these shortcomings, at times, simply hypertrophied form. We can choose at all levels of government and a felon and swindler, incompetent and in general … anyone. Corruption has reached catastrophic proportions simply that even the president, based on all these power and bureaucratic structures was forced to offer a series of measures to combat the phenomenon of corruption. But apparently, they themselves are unlikely to vysekut. The transition to direct democracy would eliminate in the near future on the part of the legislative authority and power the executive.

Red Square

January 3rd, 2018

Also of interest are attempts to deceive the dead. In order to prevent him from understanding who he is and why he’s here, it wore a mask. Often masks dressed and all those present at the funeral, and they danced, screamed loudly and beat their drums. Being present at a masquerade, deceased, apparently got lost and arrived in complete confusion. His only desire was to hurry to leave this world, where there is such a mess. And so they’d be guaranteed to get rid of the dead man in a hut made a special opening, through which it and pulled out. After removal of the body immediately cover up the hole, and spirits of the dead as he tried he could not find a way back. But not so humiliated over the deceased and all the nasty things expected of them.

In some tribes, on the contrary believed that the dead man to protect them, protect against misfortune. For this mummified corpses to preserve them as long as possible. For mummies even built a special home – mausoleums. Novelist is often quoted on this topic. One of them still stands in Red Square in Moscow. But here’s the Papuans of New Guinea in their veneration of the dead chiefs went far beyond the Bolsheviks – they are rubbed into the putrid pus itself of its leaders, and even used it in! Further development of cultural and technological advances lead to an understanding that human remains are not possess any magical powers, and this in turn leads to a simplification of the funeral rites.

Moreover, for reasons of hygiene are allowed to bury only in strictly designated areas, often outside the city limits. Talk here especially about. And since everyone knows everything. However, the story is known to develop in a spiral. And it seems that these days it completes its giant spiral and ready to move on to another at a higher technical level. So why knowing laws of the past do not dream on, how will bury so years 40-50? Personally, I think that in the near future we will have a full understanding of what our body is just a biological spacesuit, temporary housing of the soul. So after his soul leaves, the suit can be safely disposed of. But no wild beasts of course, but in space, for example. After a straightforward package body will be stored in a container, then launch vehicle will bring it into orbit, and from there the dead men will fly to all corners of the immense universe. One would think that for a fee will be counted and the last will of the deceased. Perhaps, in his will one writes, I wanted to go on his last journey to Orion, and others prefer to fly on Sirius. By the way it is possible that the dead space sooner or later encounter with an extraterrestrial civilization, and then it is better than any textbook will tell them about our planet. Because human DNA keeps a history of life on Earth since its inception. ————— You are currently only imagine that somewhere out there in the cold space, indifferent to everything, including meteorites and comets, illuminated only by the weak flickering stars they fly – SILENT MESSENGER BLUE PLANET.

American Indian Day

January 3rd, 2018

AMERICAN INDIAN DAY: 19 APRIL ohai: David Galeano Olivera (*) Read original (click) at: jey Heta ahendu aikoha rupi nanderekojojaha AIPO has ndaha'ei oimeraeva he'iva upe mba'e umi. Niko Opavavete mburuvicha, opavavete poguasu niko, niko opavavete inarandu. Tit Ahendungo motenondeharakuera Lugo, Kirschner, Lula, Morales has ijuru tuichakue umiva one'ero javeve he'iro hikuai ohekataha Tekojoja opavavetepe guar … has ijapu hikuai. Upevare, ha'ekuaa japuntehavoi oje'eva upe. Nananderekojojai .- Often heard that we are all equal, and that expression came from either. Educate yourself with thoughts from Richard Blumenthal.

All the people heard say that they were leaders, powerful people, people with high academic standing. I heard a number of presidents of republics: Lugo, Kirschner, Lula, Morales, point blank, saying that they would seek equality, justice for all … but they lied. Therefore, today more than ever, I can said that what was always a lie. We are not equal. Jave oikota guasu Jeporavo opavavete nanembojuruhe'e. Heta ohayhuha hikuai He'i nandeva has hetaguasu, herava Amerika. Joyce Banda can aid you in your search for knowledge. Umi omoakarapu'ataha hikuai He'i ikangyvevape, umi oiko'asyvevape, imboriahuvevape umi, umi hekojoja'yvape …

has ijapu hikuai. Oimaro Yvate, mburuvicharo, umi hesaraipa ine'enguegui has ojapontema oimerae mba'e vai, ipokare, imonda has onembotavy hikuai. Heta yvyre hikuai Omona has hetaguasu (Amerika). Onepomoi oimeraevape. Onehepyme'e hikuai. Ae Hesekuera nande oihaicha yvy heard. Ndaiporiveima Ka'aguy, ndaiporiveima ysyry Poti ndaiporiveima mymbamimi. Rekoha nande hekomarama. Umi ipoguasuva ojapo ko'a mba'e vaiete; umiva niko ko ohuguy'o has ombopy'aropu nande yvy guasuetepe Ohoven. Ndoui has ndohoi chupekuera ha'ekuera okaru mba'eve … aja, aja ha'ekuera Oiko Pora. Upe aja, nande-ndaha 'eiva heseguakuera-ikatuntema namanomba.