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National Assembly

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Although the 11 of November to be the date of national independence, day 4 of April, entered without edges of doubts, in the hitria of Africa and quia of the world, as the day in the weapons, the suffering and the hostilities human beings if they had been silent definitively in Angola. It was one day that gave for everything: to smile, to jump, to hug, to run and even though to cry of joy. In this day, all the ways, looks and ears had been turned toward the National Assembly, where the act elapsed, in a covering in direct of the RNA and the TPA. In an environment of you eat and you drink, was possible brother (children of the same mother) seated to the same table. It was very good for hearing, for example, Lukamba Cat to desire ' ' good apetite' ' to Seting the de a Cruz Grandson, or Lourno Joo still tipped for general Kamorteiro and Marcial Dachala, rija to degustarem brave bones of a hen, seemed until friends of finger and nail! When signing the Peace accord, the Cross penxses Neto and Kamorteiro had consummated the act, giving unequivocal tests of that the Angolans are capable to decide its proper problems. ' ' We are forbidden of falhar' ' , it emphasized Cross Grandson, of the FAA.

' ' The gora is necessary to disarm mentes' ' , it concluded Kamorteira, of the Armed Forces of the UNITA. If one day to leave ' ' cadeiro' ' , Jos Eduardo dos Santos will make it of head raised for leaving this legacy to the Angolan people. A become dream was same reality. Alive the peace, the unit and the national reconciliation!


Saturday, May 19th, 2012

If there is one of letters of the tarot that makes decide us to mythical king Midas, he is the gold king. Everything what this personage touches turns into gold. It is a pillar of the financial stability, with wealth and experience that will share with all subjects. This personage has a message that he distributes to that they want to listen to it: building with diligence, responsibility, and paying attention to the details, it is possible to be arrived at a privilege position like which he has reached. But it does not like to keep his wealth for himself, but he finds the happiness distributing. Its character is strong. Its word is so good and valuable as gold. When he get ready to reach an objective, not only he has the force to obtain it, but also the average materials.

He is a businessman until the marrow, the teacher of the material world. Like all the personal characteristics, taken to the end they become a vice. Despite this personage it is in sensible end. He is an administrator who will increase his capital, but not by love to the money, but for well-being of those that it loves. For the gold king the money means security and tranquillity, and this is what it really enjoys, before to count its currencies and to caress them. The money is an aim to obtain something more transcendental. It is clear then that who manages to live with this philosophy will find moments of great happiness in its life. There is to be human no more poor man than the one than has money and still it feels that it needs everything.

This is the warning of the gold king: the money must be means to reach a better life, and not an aim in itself. The gold king is a personage with resources, but not only material. She is a person of great wisdom, but he prefers to put this wisdom in action, before to dedicate itself to the meditation. She is a lover of the hard work, and he advises to us to put our energies to the service of an aim superior. She is an investor, and its principle is to put to work its time and its money because it is the unique way to reach a reward. In the distance of the tarot, the gold king would have to serve as inspiration for the consulting one, and he animates to us to risk stops us to achieve the success. It is a positive deck indicates that us that we must put all our dowries of administrators to the service of our desires.

Donking Donuts

Friday, May 18th, 2012

Donkin Donuts, the popular chain of the cafeteria premises and American pastry shop has known historically to do an excellent use of the social networks, in particular of Facebook and Twitter, creating presence of mark, and an excellent reputation online. One of the ways in which DD has known to capitalize its enormous number of followers (in Twitter it has almost 44,000 followers, whereas in Facebook, the amount of fans surpasses million one hundred thousands), creating contests and campaigns, who have had an excellent repercussion on the part of his fans. In the middle of 2009, DD sent to the contest ” Keep it Coolatta” obvious, Coolatta is one of its products. The same consisted of which the users raised their photos drinking Coolatta, and the prizes consisted of i-Phone, a Plasma television, or vouchers to consume DD products. Now, repeating the success achieveed with this campaign, they send ” Twinter Games” for Twitter. Again, the idea is that the users raise their photos, with certain hashtags (#). The followers responded sending a 1900 photos.

The prizes were not so spectacular, generally one card of flattery of 50 dollars to use in some of the premises. There is much to learn of these examples. First of all, it is not necessary to organize contests with spectacular prizes (the light truck 4X4 and the trip to the Caribbean is for another opportunity). The stimulus so that a user participates, then, is not the economic one. Simply, the desire to participate and the diversion can create highly positive effects. The creativity is also remarkable. Surely, more from a million followers they did not obtain them with messages like It consumes our products, are of first quality! .

Evidently, DD has known to find syntony of their public, that is to say, it gives them what they hope: diversion, pleasure, entertainment, and the sense of property that the consumers look for. The answer to the question How inserted my business/marks/product in the social networks? , she is much more simple that to appeal to complex questions of marketing, words key, anchor texts, and urls. We return to make the same question of always: why enter people the social average? By diversion, in 99% of the cases. Then, this is what there is to give them. The DD example is for imitating. With its constant presence a place in the daily habits of its consumers has known to be created: to happen through the page to see whereupon newness they are. And also it is a dissuasive fort to face the presence in the social average of an excessively promotional way. The key is in intelligence, and the development of an own style of communication. It will be necessary to see if other companies imitate this style or create new forms to come near to that enormous captive hearing that is in the social networks.


Friday, May 18th, 2012

Everything is pardoned to him to that is not forgiven anything to itself. Confucius What important is to know how to cultivate the pardon and to leave this arises when really he is needed, is one business card of how much we have grown in the personnel and the spiritual, indicates our level, which we have managed in our learning by this dimension, while the opportunity has occurred us to live, to act, to carry out us in the distintitos rolls in which we participate We must be identified with him. To know how to use it and to take step to the transformations that can be generated in this way, mainly to guarantee our harmony, balance, kindness. On him it contributes to us, Rafael Ayala, that the pardon is not a simple mechanism to release of fault to that offended to us, the pardon is a mechanism so that one is free of the bitterness that left that action. One it can decide to pardon to somebody, that he is not sorry of to us to have originated a problem, damaged, so that the intention when pardoning, is not that person is free of fault, if not that one it is free, that does not exist storm on the matter some, that has peace, that it can live calmly. It is very important to know, that the pardon does not exempt of fault the offendor, but releases to the victim.

Both we need to decide to pardon, to be free of the wounds of the soul. on the other hand contributes to us, that in fact, to pardon does not mean to accept any thing that the other has done, as I mistreat, the violence or the dishonesty. It is not to humiliate themselves, to repress the anger, to do as if it did not pass anything or to pardon because we felt pity.

Social Service

Sunday, May 13th, 2012

Ahead of this capital relation and work the social matter appears also of which if express of the most different forms, either in relation with the work, with the child, adolescence, woman and among others. As form to intervine and to face the social matter the Social Service has the social matter as substance cousin of its professional work being able to understand the practical one as a work process. As Iamamoto (2008: 209) affirm: The Social Assistant, at the same time where she will have to act in the direction to guarantee to the worker and its family a level of the working laws, will have to fight the absentismo, the relaxation in the work, to guard for the morality, to promote the conciliation in the working agreements and to adapt the worker its function in the company. He will be ' ' the agent of linking between master and operrio' '. Taking care of to one and another one? acting of independent and independent form? it is the authentic agent of social justice, the agent of coordination of the human elements of the production and the approach of the classrooms. As form of mediator between master and worker, the Social Assistant will take care of to the interests of both the parts searching to keep the legal relationship and duties between the two, therefore the profession is understood as form of practical of the social classrooms to produce its ways of life and work. It is at this moment that appears the necessity of the creation of a project ethical-politician capable to offer a critical and significant orientation to the professionals of Social Service, making with that the same ones are experts of its abilities, aiming at always the defense of the social and human rights, disentailing itself of any similarity with the professional conservadorismo. With the creation of the professional project it was not only a necessity of the Social Service, but of the society that always better waited of the composed profession for agents whom it searched to produce resulted on the performance of some professionals, becoming apt to develop its work of ethical form and criticizes.


Friday, May 11th, 2012

Why GOD placed with each Human being one or more Angels Guards? To show that its Government is in all part. Soon one sees that nobody is alone in the Planet Land. Beyond the Planetary CHRIST who Governs all the governments, all are folloied by the Espritos Guides, who the guard the time all. If thus baderna was not this plan would be one. the controllers? 13 – Because since the minor of them until the greater, each one if of to the greed, and in such a way the prophet as the priest uses of falseness. 14 – They superficially cure the wound of my people, saying: Peace, peace; when it does not have peace.

15 – They will be ashamed, because they commit abominao without feeling therefore shame; nor they know that thing is to envergonhar itself. Therefore, will fall with that fall; when to punish them to I; they will stumble, says you. Book of Jeremias Prophet, CAP. 6:13 the 15. The governments govern gentes; But who governs the controllers? Clearly that he is GOD, Who takes care of of all the children its! Or the government of the masses, Of multitudes and races, Finds that they are conducted? As a primary reinante, Can have the extraordinary one, Persistence of direction? Logical that not. The Government of the CHRIST, Leads each Spirit, With all distinction, Because it does not need the appreciation, Of governed its.