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The Russians

Sunday, December 30th, 2012

The ogives possess a system of inertial orientation assisted by an orientation system to estrelar, that it uses the localization of the stars to determine position. With such ogives of such precision each, the missiles can only be used in against-value missions, that is, against the cities and population centers of the adversary. These vectors possess the reach necessary to reach all territory of the launched United States if from submarines parked in Russian territorial waters, what it guarantees that the platforms operate far from the threat represented for the anti-submarine forces of the Ocidente. It is important to cite that the missile is equipped with iscas thermal and metallic, that acts with the function to confuse radars, enemy detection systems and interceptors. Currently such missiles and its launch emplacements are in deactivation process, with the forecast of its total withdrawal of the active service no longer start of the next decade. The Russians operate 76 missiles R-29R, that carry a total of 228 nuclear ogives.

The moved missiles liquid fuel R-29RM possess a reach of 8.300 kilometers and carry, each one, four VMRI of 100 unitria power of kt. As well as its predecessor, R-29R, these missiles can, if gone off from Russian territorial waters, to all reach the territory of U.S.A. If gone off of international waters, the R-29RM can potentially reach all and any point in the globe. With a precision of up to 500 meters and with already cited ogives, the missiles can act perfectly in missions of against-value and some missions of against-force, not being able, in this last case, to effectively act against silos of missiles adversaries.

Matos Government

Monday, December 17th, 2012

Nothing that comes of the government it deserves credit. It is always good for having ' ' an eye in the mass and another one in padre.' ' Everything that is offered or pushed throat below of the people, always has something suspicious or inconfessveis interests for backwards. The Brazilian in the hand of who withholds the power, nothing more is of that a commanded mass. He could not be different, therefore a nation formed for its majority in half-illiterates, people who make of everything to burlar the existing laws and norms of convivncia in collective, that they do not know to vote and they make alone it for its obligatoriness, have more are that to accept the impositions comings from above, silenced and with the tail between the legs such and which cachorros without owner. Right now we are you give to receive plus a treacherous blow: they want to impose to this weak, uninformed one, and ingenuous (until certain point), through massive followed governmental propaganda of a new popular countersignature to the costs of our money, the elimination of a time for all of the legal transport of weapons. As we do not see a form of the government to put the hand in money of lobbyists with the withdrawal of the legal weapons of its proprietors, the only reasonable reason for this measure is to have the people of good under its guardianship.

In case that some day it is necessary to use the force, the unarmed population is more easy to be dominated. Changing in small: it has I smell the treason of the thick one. is not unusual fact. In the decade of 30 a great head politician of the sertes bahian, Horcio Queirs de Matos, suffered in the skin a treason on the part from the bahian government, in conchavo with the federal government, the same molds of what she wants yourself to make now.

Multiple Intelligences

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

This involves the knowledge of the internal aspects of each one, as the knowledge of the feelings, the intensity of the emotional answers, the auto-reflection and an advanced sense of intuition. Without many you doubt in the taking of decisions. ‘ ‘ It acts with the reason and not with emoo’ ‘. The philosophers, council members spirituals, nurses, psychologists and researchers of standards possess intrapessoal intelligence of cognio.(1) What we finish to see had been definitions of the seven intelligences, based on the theory of Gardner. Today we can observe other theories on multiple intelligence in periodic available articles in online, as example the naturalstica intelligence, that is the capacity of the individual if to relate with the nature.

The pictorial or pictogrfica intelligence, that is the ability for the drawing. OBJECTIVE? To know the theories of multiple intelligences described for Dr. Haward Gardner. To demonstrate to the vision proposal for it. To characterize the trends of the individuals in its context. JUSTIFICATION In this study, intended – to know the theories, going deep themselves the described content for Gardner on multiple intelligences. The knowledge and the deepening of the Theory of Multiple Intelligences if make necessary for the understanding of the individual in the context where it meets. Such content is interesting for the professor, therefore it will be able to better evaluate the capacity of the apprentice for determined functions, being able direcion? lo for that probably it will have better results.

METHODOLOGY the used methodology was based on the bibliographical exploration of the theoretical contents on the concepts of intelligence and its theories. The virtual quantity of Bireme in the period of 26 of March of 2010 the 29 of March of 2010 was consulted. For the attainment of searched articles had been used the following words? key: Theory; Intelligence; Gardner. RESULT AND QUARREL the explored content was analyzed of the point of view of the researchers as professors of the area of the health, being considered necessary for the practical one of the docncia in health. The fact to have more theories, not only two, to be worked facilitates to the work of the professor in the qualification of its pupils, becoming easy the aiming of the same for determined performance areas. It also improves the relationship and convivncia between individuals of the same group for the best understanding of its abilities and greater easiness to work with the difficulties of each one, a time that the professor has greater capacity analytical, therefore it will work with new concepts in evaluation. It considers? if the accomplishment of new studies of field in the area of the docncia in health, a time that has few studies on the subject of the Theories of applied Multiple Intelligence to theoretical education? practical of the processes for the health.