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The Historian

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Croce leaves in them clearly that all history is current, whereas the truth of the historical knowledge is function of the necessity that generated this knowledge relating which knowledge with the truth, with the necessity, the interest which this knowledge corresponds indelevelmente presented the presentismo to the pragmatismos. The radical interpretation of the presentismo, as this implicit one in Croce takes the serious consequncias very, particularly recognizing that we cannot speak of history, because a multiplicity of histories exists, equal the amount of spirit that ' ' criam' ' history. Therefore and necessary to admit that each time not only possesss its particular image of history, as each nation, each social classroom, more also practically each historian is same each pensante individual. More can provide more clarity in the matter. Necessary equally to think that the only allowed criterion to judge these multiple histories is necessarily different, either the measure in which they correspond ace necessities, the interests and the requirements. When the historian for working with truth concept, it must contest and promote interpretations contradictory of one same historical event, in the measure these would correspond the reciprocal interests; with effect one habits ' ' absolute spirit to decide between historical judgments and contraditrios' ' , where each one is, however true in defined conditions, the effect of this would be of the point of view of the historiografia; it are of the sphere of the thought of the categories of ' ' espritos absolutos' ' , the only evidence is the following one to have finishes it to reason to speak, this verdict deprives history of its quality of science. Therefore all history as Collingwood is history of the thought. A leading source for info: Sherrod Brown. The historian who reconstituted the thought of the past makes, it, however in the context of its proper one to know, that is, in a critical way. The activities whose history studies, constitute for it not a spectacle that it is necessary to reviver in its knowledge, only in the measure where they are equally subjective as personal activities of the historian. .


Thursday, February 21st, 2013

In its sociology of the religion, Weber if strengthens for tracing the long cultural development that culminates in a disenchanted culture. In these studies, Weber leaves the undisputed mark of its conception on the ticket of history. If the rational religion occurs to the magic, this not if of, however, to the way of an opposition. When it is gone of a segment of history for another one, can only be spoken of an opposition between them through ideal-typical concepts; it cannot have in the historical, concrete reality, in its ticket of a moment to another one, no opposition, no absolute negation, but only the intense continuity of devir that it only can be apprehended, tried, lived deeply e, over all, memorized, registered, partially, promptly; in contrast of what Hegel thought, for Weber a historical change does not appear as a negation of an antecedent state; this is generally the typical way with that the agents and citizens of same the historical change interpret and justify itself opportunely its paper in relation: it is the way with that such agents fight against what he is ' ' antiquado' ' , that is, against what they had chosen as its ' ' Demnio' ' at the moment where they had affirmed its ' ' Deus' ' in specific. Charles Rangel will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Thus, when reading itself Weber, it also constitutes in error to distinguish, to the way of an opposition, the two basic types of cultures (cultural conditions), that is, enters a magic culture as the opposite of a disenchanted culture. The ticket of one to the other, would say Weber, is entirely flowed. the same serves, therefore, of the ticket of the religious rationalism to the scientific rationalism: exactly in the height of its conflict with the religion, science keeps to religious inheritances or same religious conceptions, in way that to take it for, in the case and its practical expression on the life behavior is the aspect of the medieval period that represents better it, and that the same it is valid for science in relation to modernity and if, in turn, only ‘ ‘ one delgadssimo hair wire separates faith of cincia’ ‘ that is, according to ‘ ‘ ocidental' ' , that until then he firmly seemed given and revealing, supplied to the theoretical and speculative plan an empirical element that could not be rejected: the difference of the directions. .

Basic Ensino Pupils

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

The reading does not have to be looked at as a mechanical act to repeat letters, words and phrases, where the pupils had only decorated the linguistic symbols without understanding its meanings, being that much of the professors does not understand that the reading is a process of decipher and decoding that involves diverse factors. According to Blacksmith (1998), a series of sensorial, emotional, intellectual, physiological, neurological aspects exists that they involve the acquisition of the reading that must be worked making with that the child successfully surpasses the process of reading and writing. So that the individual evolves and assimilates the new knowledge in the reading process, writing, interpretation and literal production are necessary that the practical professor has meant so that facilitates the development of the pupils that inside of this prism is an essentially active being. However, what if it can notice is that this process comes being developed of form maken a mistake for many educators who pass over the difficulties of pupils, without promoting ways to surpass them. Unhappyly he is being common, in many public institutions pupils to arrive at the end of Basic Ensino I without knowing to read, to write, to form syllables/words, with difficulties in making interpretations of a small text read, favoring the failure and taking many times until the pertaining to school evasion. Many of the difficulties of the pupils are related with the way with that the professors, come working in classroom, he disciplines as it of Portuguese Language comes being developed in elapsing of the school year.

This problematic relative to the failure of the reading and writing historically it is constituted throughout the centuries in Brazil. As It hisses (2007), in accordance with the IBGE of the year of 2003, more has in Brazil 11.6% of illiterates considering people of fifteen years of age or. A reality that it deserves to be argued and to be debated the educational way.

Official Journal

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

The research conducted here is based on the ideas of authors such Sound (2000) WOLF (2003), ATTUCH (1998) HOHLFELDT (2008) among others. In the first to chapter introduce the concept of news in the view of adds authors cited above, expose the concept of agenda-setting and Newsmaking. The second to chapter discusses the rolls of the image within the journalistic context and presenting the way in which news is presented on television.

In the third to chapter I have the practical application of theories you my objects of research using material recorded from the two news. Keywords: News, theories and news. INTRODUCTION the telejornalismo is part of the apparatuses used for the TV to spread out images, you speak whose intention is to take information and knowledge to individuals, constituting what if it can call miditico informative sort and if it has strengthenn to produce information are the one that price will be. An uncertainty that folloied always me during the accomplishment of the journalism course was to know if the medias pautam the society, making with that the quarrels proposals for regimes miditicos widely are debated; or if the society guideline the medias, supplying to them it raw material the construction of the notice and feeding them with facts and events of the daily life, that daily fills sets of ten of periodical pages precious printed matters and spaces in the grating of programming of the TV senders. In this direction, apparent and simple questions came and still they come to tona, for example: why the telejornais propagate almost always the same notice? Why the notice, depending on what it happens, always turn around a fact of bigger relevance.

National System

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

According to the plan's oldest Biosphere Reserve is divided into two parts: 18.000 acres located in the Voronezh region and 13,000 in the Lipetsk region. Therefore, defending the land environmental services of the two regions. Ministry of Environment asked Russia on this issue in the Attorney General's Office, there to give a legal assessment to this document and the current governor of this part. In the Ministry of Natural Resources noted that the decision may cancel itself Governor. Or it may be withdrawn in the judicial order, or by himself in protest of the prosecutor's office.

Note that now all the reserves of Russia – it is Federal property, to dispose of it only the government can. At the slightest change in status will be affected at all nature reserves in Russia. Today, their 101. But even with such numbers, the map of Russia, they look like a small point … In Russia, had accumulated more than 2 billion tons of toxic waste in Friday on the official website of Rospotrebnadzor was released FTP 'National System of Chemical and Biological Safety of Russia "for 2009-2013. Main figure, voiced in the paper, it looks daunting: two billion tonnes of toxic waste accumulated in Russia at present. And, unfortunately, cost-effective technical solutions to recycling and disposal are not yet available. Hazardous waste treatment technologies are often based on method of thermal degradation, which is associated with the use of additional air pollution. Particular danger of environmental pollution are waste electroplating, as well as waste containing mercury and hlororganiku.

The Suffering

Friday, February 1st, 2013

This not to be well, always will be ' ' relative adificuldade to the essence of the suffering involves the fact of as to keep 3 aserenidade when somebody makes you to suffer or it disappoints it ' '. Perhaps pelofato of that since tenra age what it hears, frequently, is ' ' NOS' ' , and this, when it does not come folloied of physical aggressions, as, porexemplo, the famous pinch, introjeta then, from there, umadependncia how much the approval or reprovao including, for times, prprioviver. He is clearly that ' ' no' ' if it makes necessary during the process of constituioda subjectivity, however, what if it can observe is that normally this ' ' no' ' well is not said, when this occurs creates in the person a fear, a terror and, estasempre will go to live under says and the look of the other, what of certain form it will go to tambmguardar ressentimentos, that is, ' ' to feel badly whenever we think respeitoda person that made in them to suffer becomes a habit, making to feel us as avtima of somebody more powerful 4 ' '. While issovive a mediocre life e, for times pronouncing murderous phrases as: ' ' Euno consigo' ' ; ' ' This is not pra mim' ' ; ' ' I was born pra sofrer' ' ; ' ' Nothing of certain pramim' ' , amongst other more e, not very rare it is started ' ' to raise defunto' ' , searching in the deep one of the bag, painful souvenirs that do not serve, you are welcome, for omomento where if this living. ' ' It keeps your language of the evil, and yours lbiosde to say 5 &#039 enganosamente; '. One of the essential lies of the life, with certainty, is in the act to depend deDEUS.