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President Law

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

we want to cite in this venue or take into account the free law school, or school-free law, in this sense, we want to create law, which is made when people are lawyers prepared and in this sense it is clear it should be matter of this topic, but to avoid problems in the case analyzed, President of the Court Supreme has requested the dismissal of the subscribed to the National Council of the judiciary and the application of it, has not notified it is which viola due process, and in any case explain this topic it would be complex, therefore, to be able to understand what we must study one of the books of Victor TICONA POSTIGOwhich has published several books and thus apparently the Presidents of the Supreme Court are poorly chosen, or is that perhaps they do not read or understand what you sign, but it is clear that the procedural burden on the judiciary is very abundant, which causes problems of deadlines, and this is exploited by the legislature which approves inadequate rules which sets very short deadlinesas it does not occur in the legislative process or process of gestation of standards, and in any case this should be subject of study by the serious our, in an internal, external and international comparison is to say, of all kinds, within this classification, even when congressmen are wrong is clear that they should be punished, however, this does not happen, which should motivate the corresponding studies of comparative law, to effect solution to this problem that has caused so many problems to Peruvian law, even have salary of Supreme vowels, therefore, consider that they have equal or greater hierarchy, and in this order of ideas in the Peruvian law there is a series of problems that are lacking resolve. I.e., there are no sanctions against members who violate terms in the legislative process, in Peruvian parliamentary law that if there should be. To effect that Congressmen be considered as people suitable for the job, but it has warned the Peruvian law that work only their advisors, make it while congressmen only sign, and don’t read nisiquiera laws, and in any case in the Peruvian law there is in almost all cases with explanatory statementswhich worries us.

Russian Federation

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

The basis of these programs – the active role of the executive authorities of the Russian Federation and local self-government in matters involving funds of citizens in the sphere of construction and use of resources regional and local budgets. Among the administrations of some cities has spread the idea of creating special extra-budgetary funds to support housing (Sarov, Novgorod region). Funds, using budgetary funds and a portion of tax revenues (in the range of local taxes, and in respect of closed administrative and territorial units – and federal taxes) finance for housing. This house is for sale those citizens who agree to sell the existing housing fund, the remaining amount to pay for part of its own funds and partly – to obtain credit. Cost of old housing, usually about 50 – 60% cost of a new, 20 – 25% – proper vennye means a citizen of the remaining 15 – 30% of the cost of purchased housing is provided by installments. In addition, each Fund's investment in housing ruble loan attracts exceeding several times the population means. The results of these programs are determined by the budgetary possibilities of the region the volumes of housing construction, as well as the effective demand for housing in the secondary market housing.

In some other cities and regions (Orenburg region, Udmurt Republic, and others) have developed lending schemes for the population of interest rates, much lower than the market, created by extra-budgetary funds. Concessional interest rates on loans makes it difficult to attract to the system of mortgage lending extra-budgetary funds of investors in this regard, these schemes are limited in scope credit and place a heavy burden on regional budgets, which in most cases to date are scarce. In some regions of Russia (Belgorod region, the Republic of Bashkortostan, etc.), mainly in rural credit schemes have proliferated that do not use credit and financial mechanisms. In the Republic of Bashkortostan, borrowers receive a loan (a loan) in the form of building materials, and Belgorod Region is considered the impact of part-time farm of the borrower. In this case, the solvency of the borrower in the ordinary sense of the word is not evaluated, because repayment of the loan (the Loan) shall not cash and in kind – in the form of agricultural production, which was subsequently sold at prices set by the organizers of such lending. Replacement of monetary instruments can natural lead to incommensurable costs and benefits. In addition, it is difficult to guarantee the return of credits in the absence of real monetary value of positive charges on the loan and its relevance to the size of credit.

Hugo Chavez

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

In Guayaquil, for its part, the opposition victory was tenuous. This makes Rafael Correa does not have an enemy so strong is that Evo Morales has to confront the autonomist Santa Cruz, who manages to drag it in part 5 of the 9 departments of Bolivia. The movement in Guayaquil Nebot, while stoking regionalism and local flag has no federalist or separatist elements have grown within a call a Nation Cambaa in eastern Bolivia. Moreover, the margin of victory for Correa is 8 points lower than it had its a maestroa Hugo Chavez when he debuted in the Venezuelan presidency in 1999. In the referendum that approved the Bolivarian Constitution of December 15, 1999 the Yes won 71.78% of the counted votes (3,301,475 votes) against 1,298,105 for the No. Certainly in the Ecuadorian referendum three out of four defrayed enrolled while in Venezuela the abstention was 55.63% (6,041,743 people). a A paradox is that right, but lost in the referendum won in Guayaquil Jaime Nebot thus has been some, although adjusted triumph. While Correa claimed it for him, Nebot can also mean that he has received a yes for wanting to lead the opposition ecuatoriana.a The Venezuelan opposition take long to find a leader who unifies and Bolivia is not yet. Correa came to power just wants Nebot assume that role. Who is the mayor of the largest city in Ecuador since 2000 figure is also the most important electoral Latin American Social Christianity, a stream that always used to have a president in any country in the region and has just failed to maintain it.

National Council

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

Now I invite you to review the type of food for dogs than you’re giving your dog and if it is necessary to make the changes necessary to give your pet a proper balanced diet and so you can enjoy a healthy, beautiful and happy dog. Food for dogs probably you happened, that while time television or to be in the aisle of food for pets of the super market you receive a flood of light and colors accompanied by speeches that are part of the publicity of the dog food. At that moment you’re wondering which of all these foods for dogs buy? and your mind form a series of doubts that interfere in the final decision of whether to choose the food for your dog in the base price, presentation, content and so on energy. Raymond Dalio has compatible beliefs. So on this occasion will help you design an appropriate strategy for choosing a meal suitable for your dog. First of all I will tell you that a balanced diet is one that contains different types of nutrients that the dog requires and which needs to receive daily in order to properly cover their nutritional needs.

In the sacks of dog food labels you will find ads as complete food or balanced food. But do these expressions attention what is really important is that you locate the side or rear label that must submit the certification to associations of power control for pets as the AAFCO (Association of official Americans from Control power, or the National Council of research (National Research Council). This type of certification guarantees that both the quality and quantity of nutrients that food was produced balanced it meets international standards on manufacture of dog food, the bad news for many dog owners is that in a supermarket will find hardly a balanced feed of this nutritional quality. Once you’ve found a certified dog food brand, will have to choose the presentation suitable for your dog based on these four points * age (puppy, youth, adult, elder) * activity (sports, idle, normal) * physical status (delgado, optimum, obese) * reproductive stage (pregnant, nursing) If you decide now to change the brand or type of food for your dog, I recommend you do not do it drasticallyIt is better to do it in a gradual way replacing only 20% of the total food consumed each day, this is the one day only 20% of the new food mixed with 80% of the previous food, day two will put 40% of new food mixed with 60% of the previous food and so iras increased 20% of new food each day to the fifth day you’ve totally changed your dog food without causing diarrhea type mechanical by the hasty change of food. Now I invite you to review the type of food for dogs than you’re giving your dog and if it is necessary to make the changes necessary to give your pet a proper balanced diet and so you can enjoy a healthy, beautiful and happy dog.

Ministerial Council

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

Be reiterated willingness to cooperate of solidarity in the search for solutions, from and for the developing countries, taking into account special and differential treatment that they deserve more vulnerable economies and the impact that has this crisis on the most disadvantaged populations. It stressed the need for the establishment of a new international economic order that is based on the principles of Justice and solidarity, and a profound restructuring of the current international financial architecture. Welcomed the implementation underway projects: Cultural background of Alba; Grannacional of power, Gas and petroleum company and the creation of a central regulatory which develop sanitary registration of the ALBA (Albamed). All these projects are receiving same today the allocation of resources by the Alba Bank. It gave instructions to the Ministerial Council of the ALBA TCP, so that through the Executive Board of the Bank of the Alba promotes the establishment of a mechanism for cooperation technical – institutional with the Venezuelan Iranian Bank.

He also instructed the Bank of Alba to establish contacts with the Bank of development of the Organization for the economic cooperation of the Central Asia, with the aim of promoting a mechanism of cooperation among both institutional technical. Reiterated the willingness to join efforts for the construction of a monetary and financial system robust and fair, ruled by mechanisms for transparent and open decision-making that privilege the participation of all States in conditions of equality, independent of neoliberal patterns and the international model prevailing since the end of the second world war, whose very nature is co-responsible for the current imbalances. Presidents and heads of State of the members of the Alba countries signed the agreement under the unique system of compensation payment for the creation of a common currency, the Sucre. This initiative marks a new story. The Presidents of the ALBA TCP, solidarity with the effort of the Government and the Haitian people, agreed to allocate five million U.S.