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Parliamentary Secretary

Monday, July 29th, 2013

Malta and Hong Kong conducted a series of preliminary meetings to discuss bilateral agreements on avoidance of double taxation with a view to preparing for a special discussion, scheduled for March this year. This agreement will be a first for Hong Kong's double taxation avoidance agreement entered into with the State in Southern Europe. Meetings in Hong Kong on his discussions is Parliamentary Secretary to Malta on Taxes and Real Estate, Jason Azzopardi. Malta expects to benefit from entering into agreements with Hong Kong for the avoidance of double taxation, not only because Hong Kong is a major developing financial investment center in Asia, but also for the reason that Malta can become a sort of intermediate point through which Hong Kong will interact with its neighbors in southern Europe and northern Africa. Prior to June 2001 in Hong Kong has not been concluded agreements on avoidance of double taxation. Currently, however, the Hong Kong government finds a growing number of agreements on various types of taxes already independent from China. In this case, Hong Kong can not take advantage of the double taxation avoidance agreement entered into by China, because such agreements only apply to taxes, operating in mainland China. Malta signed over 50 agreements on avoidance of double taxation, including agreements with the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, Germany and Italy. All these agreements are built in accordance with Model convention on avoidance of double taxation, approved by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Information on the conditions of the proposed Agreement on Avoidance of Double Taxation with Hong Kong is still lacking.

Council Book

Friday, July 26th, 2013

Treatment to remove acne: after studying a lot of treatments against acne, many of them of natural character, first must admit that most came to my Office through my own patients, found one effective, natural and very simple to perform. It was this treatment pleasantly surprised, this mainly consisted of two basic tips (which were written in a book), which had an overwhelming effectiveness, each separately, one of the things that I caught my attention was the preparation of these (the result was similar to a cream compound). These two treatments against acne were based on two natural compounds that one (the affected person with acne) had to prepare in your own home. Then that one prepared it applied on the skin affected with acne. Those affected with acne had the freedom to choose which of the two compounds they wanted to carry out first, since the book said it was advisable to implement a Council at the same time and not both at the same time. These compounds were applied on the basis of a diet. The effectiveness of these was, as I said in the book less than 7 days, bone, that one as patient could notice that acne was disappearing in less than 7 days. Really is amazed and very happy that there was an effective natural treatment and minimally invasive to the body.

Tourist Quality

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

This demanding certification Mirones Miguel awarded on behalf of the Institute for Spanish tourism quality recognizes the quality standards of the Spanish beaches La Mayor of Gijon, Paz Fernandez Felgueroso, has received this morning from the hands of the Director-General of the ICTE, Fernando Fraile, flags Q attesting the quality of LArbeyal, San Lorenzo and Poniente beachesall them of the municipality of Gijon. Gijon thus becomes one of the few cities in Spain with three certified beaches, and the only one of the Cantabrian Sea. That puts Gijon as a major point of tourist quality, since none of the coastal cities of the North has its main certified urban beach, something that according to the director general of the ICTE is an important achievement that certifies the level of demand for this city. The standard Q tourist quality for beaches offers a quality system aimed at the tourist enjoyment thereof with respect to environmental values and the sustainability of the ecosystems. Rigorously differentiating with respect to other recognitions, that only focus on aspects related to the sea water or sandy areas. The Principality of Asturias has 7 certified beaches, placing nearly half of them in the municipality of Gijon.

So far only four beaches enjoyed this distinction in Asturias: the Santa Marina in Ribadesella, of Toro in Llanes, the of the cameras-Palombina in Celorio and San Pedro de la Ribera in Soto de Luina. This quality certification is in place in 9 autonomous communities: Andalusia, Asturias, the Balearic Islands, Cantabria, Catalonia, Ceuta, Galicia and Murcia. In this year 2010, received the Q for quality a total of 176 beaches, belonging to 75 municipalities, within the nine autonomous communities in which it is established. Since they began to certify the beaches under this standard in 2004, the year in which there were a total of 13, until today, the number of flags has multiplied, until reaching the current 176. With This remarkable increase in the beaches recognised with the highest level of quality, Spain consolidates global leadership in the segment of holiday tourism.

That constant commitment to quality fits the Plan of tourism Spanish Horizon 2020, which with the consensus of the Government and the autonomous communities, as well as the business sector, has laid the groundwork to achieve a greater tourism competitiveness. The Institute for Spanish tourism quality is formed by the most important tourist associations in this country, as well as the General Secretariat of tourism, the autonomous communities and the Spanish Federation of municipalities and provinces. It is headquartered in Madrid and is the representative of the quality of the Spanish tourism sector in all the actions that are developed, both nationally and internationally, in the field of tourist quality. ICTE is who awarded the Q for quality more than 2000 tourist establishments that boast of 17 tourist sectors.

Catholic Councillors

Sunday, July 7th, 2013

Philip II, was finally elected with a Catholic majority to the detriment of Maximiliano I de Baviera, trained and more tolerant of religious practices Catholic. After his election, concern spread like wildfire throughout the Protestant world, who knew perfectly the ideals of the new emperor. Here comes the spark of the famous war of 30 years. Philip was a fervent Catholic. Why you could never hide his contempt for the Lutheran or Calvinist aristocracy and their excessive appetites of power. Resisted, the situation became more tight when the nobility of Bohemia, became already aware of their intentions, was declared in open insubordination. This was the final fact of a long series of rivalries between Christian religions (a which had subsequently add Calvinism), between had the violent events in Donauworth (Bavaria) in 1606, and formations of Evangelical or Protestant Union leagues, and the Catholic League, for the common fight.

The Bohemians proclaimed as King Federico V of the Palatinate and disregarded his Royal authority Fernando. The Habsburgs, furious, calm their impetus and decides to submit peacefully to two Catholic Councillors (Martinitz and Slavata) towards the castle of Hradcany (Prague today). When officers arrive on the scene, the Czech nobility throws to Catholic authorities in the Royal Palace by a window, but without serious damage. Eastern made, known as the second defenestration of Prague (the previous one, which occurred 200 years earlier ended the life of 7 aldermen), was the point of breakdown in the relations of the two. Boldness occurring in Bohemia soon was imitated in other Protestant States, whose noble classes also rebelled. The ascension of Felipe II and the first phase of the new war Emperor Felipe II soon realized that without an army, his days in power were numbered. For this reason he decided to seek new allies to the Catholic cause. Thus, he demanded his aid to Maximilian, only German Catholic Prince with a regular army.

The Council

Monday, July 1st, 2013

Free yourself from the shadow of your former there are many people that when separated prefer to break any kind of relationship with the former couple and up to wish him evil. The Council is to release any tumultuous relationship, with betrayal or infidelity. Take off that weight above you will release of bad thoughts. Enjoy solitude if the relationship ends, no hurry, a time dedicated to heal. I.e., enjoy his solitude, have fun and return to old hobbies, friends and contacts, but keep eye on not finding a substitute in his previous partner, advised Segarra. Ends in private when decide to finish, not talk in public. If the relationship was two, it must continue to be so until the end.

Why, look for a quiet place and where them don’t bother to do this. Do not make this talk a fight, because while more calm and friendly is the situation, the better will be the end and the new future relationship. Preserves the good tries to keep the best memories of that relationship and forget about the bad times. Life has many twists and turns, and perhaps this was not the time for both to be together. Think positively of the former couple increases the chances of maintaining a relationship post break be calm and even of friends, than all the bad feelings that you ever could arise after the separation, have already been in oblivion, said Segarra. Ten strength if your former partner call again, assist you with kindness, but not break your principles. He or she must also overcome her pain and accept that all came to an end.

If you pass this test of fire will surely both in the future may be friends. It transforms the relationship once ended the marriage, immediately save all the memories, photos, letters and gifts that are related to your ex. And once healed, is looking at you as a friend who long ago do not see or talk to him. This is a good alternative for people who know how to forgive more easily, illustrates Perez. Reverses the negative the failure in a relationship, as failure in any aspect – and in life you have many-, you must transform it into victory, turn it into a force that encourage you to go ahead and motivates you to get new experiences. The negative can become positive only if you want it as well.