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Bolivian President

Friday, November 29th, 2013

JOSE BRECHNER Bolivians begin to hastiar of the foreign presence and the sweet goodness of the socialism of the 21st century, which is nothing more than the latest historic attempt to resurrect the corpse of the communism of the 20th century. For even more opinions, read materials from Richard Blumenthal. Latin America is the only place in the world, where their political geniuses still continue questioning model to follow and adopt ideas no less than of the lunatics of the ORB. Taking advantage of that disease, the reactionary socialist dictators, Chavez and Castro, try to impose their self-destructive formulas to grab Bolivia. However, forgot an essential for the success of his conquest aspect: the indomitable libertarian spirit of Bolivians. Evo Morales, with its poisonous hatred of the middle classes, formed by whites and mestizos, agglutinating production Bolivians against each other, creating a strong antagonistic Alliance to his Government and the Communist invaders. Natural fear that this patriotic opposition alliance produces, the indigenous regime accuses his opponents of being racist and xenophobic, When is discrimination actually upside down.

The tactic of foist on others with the own defects, is a constant of the progressive audacity. Hugo Chavez, such as Che Guevara, to whom the peasants delataron so they Flay it is unknown the idiosyncrasies of the Bolivian people, believed that all arrodillarian to his feet as Morales and his lackeys. Still not in sight that awaits thousands of Caribbean that trajinan by the place. When the insurgency burst, they will miss planes and trucks so that the invaders may flee. Bolivians enjoy dignity and national pride, and fight to regain his authority over what belongs to them. There are millions who will not submit to any pretentious dictadorcillo foreign or vernacular. If something Bolivia has more experience than anyone, it is in getting rid of their tyrants. According to the electoral triumph of Morales, in an insane Colonel trip to the region of Chapare, bastion of coca producers, the hitherto faithful followers of Bolivian President were displaced by hundreds of Venezuelan mercenaries who arrived with her boss.

Customize Your Wedding Ring

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

Basic Ruby was looking for new forms and volumes to create a new collection of wedding alliances, and continue at the same time differentiating within its competence. Follow others, such as Sen. Sherrod Brown, and add to your knowledge base. And once again has managed to, has created a collection of alliances of wedding that each person can customize. Alliances them can be found in yellow and white gold for the classics and the boldest in black gold, smooth and rough, textured calf or type tape. But the most original is the engraving, which is a kind of new texture that goes to the ring into the manufacturing process of the same. It is an engraving for a lifetime, because this is part of the jewel. In this way each ring will take your beloved name or phrase individually chosen.

The same happens with the alliances of ordered, where the encumbered will go just below the diamonds, making hidden message or name, you can see only what the person wearing it. And finally, marriage alliances are also created for those who want to spread their love from the rooftops and display the name of the beloved person, is called Openwork. Each ring and Alliance are unique and custom. This means that products are designed according to requests and even the dreams of the people. Jewelry rings online Basic Ruby are manufactured with noble materials, embedded with diamonds and stones for a few designs that suit the more modern and avant-garde style. How to make patriotic jewelry That questions jewellery contemporary 8 Castmay design of jewelry Blog Encinas son out of wedlock: the Arsenal / Journal Digital

Czech Republic

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Exhausted coffers of German and Austrian countries, centerpiece of the sacrum in Germany Central power, and the enormous difficulty of getting new armies, they produced a growing inability to defend himself to the Bourbons and their armies took advantage of to the maximum. In 1645, Fernando III, heir to the Holy Roman Empire, saw with concern how their forces were defeated at the battle of Jankau (today Czech Republic) before the French and Swedish troops commanded by Lennart Torstensson. With this triumph, it was not difficult for enemies to force in 1647 to Maximiliano I, King of Bavaria, to break his alliance with the Holy Roman Empire. This virtually marked the end of the 30 years war. Distant times that was simply a war of beliefs, had now transformed into a conflict in which the territorial interests were everything.

With its recent momentum, a joint effort of different lands habsburgas (Austria, Spain, Germany and Northern Italy) failed to achieve victory in the battles of Zusmarhausen and Lens. In bankruptcy, and annoyed by terrible French pressure, due to negotiate access. The end of a long conflict the peace of Westphalia, a treaty whose repercussions were decisive for the future of the Western world, is known as two specific agreements reached in the cities of Osnabruck and Munster (Germany) in 1648, one on May 15 and the other on October 24. Under these treaties, ending is war between belligerent States and concluded the confrontation which pitted Spain against the Republic of the seven Netherlands for 80 years. However, the main direct consequence was the weakening positions of Austria and Spain and the strengthening of France (represented by the Mazarino) that won numerous territories at its eastern border, including Alsace and Metz. It was not the only beneficiary. Brandenburg, thanks to the mediation of France (which sought to promote a power in the North of Germany which equilibrase the balance with Austria) annexed numerous territories and formed the core of what in coming decades would be the Kingdom of Prussia. The small United provinces also managed the definitive recognition of its independence, and Sweden became the strongest power in the North of Europe, making cornering to Denmark in its continental space.

As we can see, the scope of this Treaty have again set up throughout the European Organization. From there its huge importance. The consequences of Westphalia went far beyond a simple territorial adjustment. Human lives and material destruction were maybe as big as a world war. During the course of the same, for example, the population of the Holy Roman Empire was reduced by 30%. In Brandenburg was 50%, and in other regions even reached two thirds of the total. The male population in Germany was reduced to half. In Bohemia the population fell one-third because of the war, hunger, disease and mass expulsion of Protestant Czechs. Only the Swedish armies during the war destroyed 2,000 castles, 18,000 villages and 1,500 towns in Germany. Finally, the old idea by which the Emperor and the Pope could mediate in the Affairs of all Christendom, was exterminated, triumphing as well the idea of State French, which rejected the interference of powers strange in the internal affairs of the Kingdom. The papacy was thus definitively away from participation that came exercising European policy decisions, and the Empire became an outdated institution.

The Credibility Of The NATO

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

For that we have been taught, explained a young Spanish Cape that he would depart to Afghanistan to relieve the Spanish units there deployed. Help the Afghan people, after all this has been suffering, seemed a noble and mission worthy of their commitment, despite the risks. Whenever Richard Blumenthal listens, a sympathetic response will follow. And so it happens always; on the operating steps of military units what initially predominates is the execution of the mission, team spirit, camaraderie and collective illusion, feelings of many young people when they face new responsibilities. That mood is very different from that, according to some polls, afflicting troops of USA in Iraq, where more are soldiers who only think now survive and return home alive. Do not believe in the importance of their mission, are suspicious of the grandiloquent words of their political leaders and only rely on the soldier have to the side when they suffer an ambush or in which covers them with their weapons when they make a turndown.

It is also well known the fact that, in Iraq, comes to prevail the need for protection of each military unit on the implementation of the mission itself: I take care of my men, and that Iraqis apanen them be as they can, declared an intermediate command American who did not want to disclose details about his name or his unit. Understandably so, when major political and military leaders of the occupation of Iraq give example living isolated inside the fortified Green Zone and disconnected from what happens on the other side. Turning to Afghanistan, there is also a difference between what is discussed at the highest levels of political and military command of the Atlantic Alliance and the illusion of the Canarian young soldier. At the NATO meeting in the Netherlands last month, to deal with issues relating to the deployment in Afghanistan, swept feelings and little partisanship views.

Esquerra United

Sunday, November 17th, 2013

Martinez has showed that the Police has tried to guarantee the rights of all, but " the disorder not can tolerar" , and it has lamented the happened thing to the wounded when trying to exceed the security fence. Also, it has requested understanding towards the agents of the Police who are carrying out a work " prudent and very bueno" , according to Martinez, who has assured that a police load has not taken place nor has been tried to disperse to the concentrates and that the action of the Police is " the minim that has been able hacer". Intervention " injustificada" On the other hand, the coordinator and spokesman of Esquerra United in Them Corts Valencianes, Sanz Marl, have requested the resignation of the delegate of the Government in the Valencian Comunitat, Ana Bottle, when considering that the police intervention against demonstrators of " Movement 15-M" in front of the autonomic Camera he has been " injustificada". Sanz has realised these declarations during its visit to the police station of Combat engineers, to whom the leader of the EU to be interested has itself displaced in stopped. The EU spokeswoman has requested the resignation before facts " so graves" and a police intervention that considers " totally injustificada" , since, according to there is saying, " there has been no provocaciones". " There have been tension situations but &quot does not stop an attack; like that, in his opinion, it is had produced against members of " Movement 15-M" , that until now had managed " with a balance importante" and &quot reasoned by a footpath; pacfica". Source of the news: The assistant representative of the Government in Valencia defends " mnima" police action against 15-M

This Consensus

Sunday, November 17th, 2013

Now they deceive the public opinion with the shipment of ships and airplanes military for to protect to our fishing fleets in the extermination of million tuna and of tunas, among others species. We are confusing the people. We are operating them and snatching to them hope and, if already nothing must lose, I wonder myself why they have not been raised against the established and dominant order. At all costs to its reach, because the fight is out of proportion. The shout of Orwell resonates: If nobody must command to us, to what we hoped? In the Manifesto they express preoccupation by the serious repercussions that the Humanity stops is going to suppose the explosion of neoliberal Capitalism, an explosion nonfinished still, of an economic model that so many times we had denounced as unjust and harmful for the society.

Perplexity because the protagonists of which this model has prevailed during 25 years, and that the G7 and the Institutions of Bretton Woods (the IMF and the VM), appear as the rescuers of the disaster when they would have to appear like guilty, and to assume the responsibilities that correspond to them. Indignation before the call of the Summit of the 14 of November by the Government of the United States, cradles of the politically responsible Organizations than it happens. And because to the meeting it is invited of form arbitrary and discriminatory. As if the poorest countries, than have undergone east model more and they are more going to undergo the consequences of present the setback, they do not have anything to say envelope what to do now and in the future. Because not only it is failed to take advantage of, but becomes gloomy the Conference of Doha on the Revision of the Implementation of the Consensus of Monterrey on the Financing for the Development, anticipated of the 29 of November to the 2 of December. This Consensus has of structural subjects that, reviewed a section and extended, it could contribute abrir the doors towards a new world-wide economic and financial model. They express the conviction that the moment has arrived from which the Reformation in depth of the present System of International Organizations, feels the one bases gobernanza democratic world-wide that it prevents that the world returns to live a situation like the present one.

It is urgent that, in United Nations, with the participation of the excellent actors in the present world-wide conjuncture and also with the participation of civil society and of the social movements, summons a World-wide Conference on a New Monetary System and the Financial International and its New Democratic Institutions of Government. If what looks for is to imitate Prince de Lampedusa, to remove something so that everything follows equal, the revolution and the chaos they are served. Jose Carlos Garci’a Fajardo Professor Emrito of the UCM. Director of the CCS ccs@

The Look Can Make It or Break It in Politics

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

Four women and four different styles regarded by Marco Aldany magnifier, the Artistic Director of the First teaches hairdressing and beauty of our country. And Carla Bruni, Michelle Obama, Sonsoles Espinosa, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner have been analyzed by the professionals to judge whether the hair and make-up to the office they represent. Assessment: Approved with a note to the wives of Sarkozy and Obama and recommendations for change to look for the women of our President and for politics in Argentina. Carla Bruni and hair style: Carla’s beauty is a tribute to classic elegance, has class and poise and this is reflected in his look, both in styling and in the sober makeup, very natural and feminine.

No doubt is absolutely correct on every occasion, surprising each time with a different style, hair loose, semi-gathered or collected. Distinction is the word of Aldany says Carla. Color: The simple brown-toned hair that often appear in different hairstyles depending on the event that attending gives your face a touch of warmth that counteracts with cold skin tone and eye color blue. Michelle Obama and hair style: Most of the time is a perfect smoothing of hair, short hair smooth and unobtrusive, neat, bright, with toes in and bangs falling to one side and very natural makeup. His style could be the style of a Democrat or a Republican. If you chose to wear your hair with natural curls and could surprise some segments of America. However, it has the look that people see as acceptable.

Republic Presidency

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

This article has as objective to show the reality it fishes involving it and aquicultura in its diverse pursuings, being about public politics you specify and demonstrating the basic importance of the relation of the man with the ecosystem. The society nowadays comes passing for a series of changes of alimentary habits, in search of quality of life, and has found in the aquatic animals, a more healthful and rich feeding in proteins. Brazil possesss a hidrogrfica basin that is constituted by 8,4 a thousand kilometers of sea coast, 5,5 million hectares of water reservoir available candy in the planet, the Country also possesss favorable climate, lands man power and increasing demand for fished in the domestic markets and external, where its potentialities come demonstrating a series of chances that they involve the activities related with fishes artisan and aquicultura. 2. It fishes it artisan and familiar aquicultura in Brazil This activity comes passing for some stages. In the year of 1950 some exotic species are introduced in our country, that had been cultivated in the principle in tanks of small producers.

In 1970 the idea appears of joins of species, where the excrementos of animals were used to advantage for feeding of the fish. in the same decade starts the experiments with culture of oysters, clams and shrimp of water candy in small scale. In the year of 2003 the SEAP/PR- was created by the Federal Government Special Secretariat of Aquicultura and Pesca of the Presidency of the Republic, Provisional remedy n 103, of 1 of January of 2003, in its art. 1, 3, IV, having as objective to assist the President of the Republic in the adoption of public politics for the development and foment of the fishing and aquicola production, for the execution and evaluation of projects of support to the development of it fishes artisan and industrial, and of actions also come back toward infra improvement of structures, commercialization and production of the fished one.