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Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

Only the municipality of Puente del Congosto, apparently, has what you need to have so that people can bathe in its municipal district. It is not much, however, that are demanded today the peoples of Salamanca so the staff can take a public bathroom in the countryside. Just a few neighbors are willing to take the dip, that there is a kind of accessible beach where to do it, otherwise a sign as well, and that made the relevant analyses of water safety. There is the mother of the Lamb, in the cost of such analysis. It is not that they are expensive, but with an economic crisis in which councils soon not may pay the sewer or street lighting, who dares get into more trifles? Previsoramente, less than two years ago the Board has removed the requirement of having a first aid kit and a lifeguard. Someone should perform a calculation of probabilities and concluded that the achieved savings was well worth the risk of having a dead man from time to time. And it is that, I am sorry, but people are dying on the beaches.

And in swimming pools. For this reason, the requirement for lifeguards. For that, and the natural propensity for recklessness of our species, in which there are always individuals that a red flag, rather than deterring them, stimulates to go offshore. Our beaches, both maritime and fluvial, are becoming better and more quality services. But there are also more and more victims.

The same thing happens in climbing, the extreme sports and other activities conducive to excess. So much so that he has due set more stringent rules to practice them and a protocol about who has to pay the costly rescue of the imprudent. In addition, clear, budgetary scarcity reduces the number of lifeguards and hourly coverage of its surveillance. For this reason, I understand the wisdom of our province councils, who prefer neighbors duchen at home into a trouble. And it is that the oven is not for buns. Original author and source of the article.

Gambia Payments

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

One is reader of almost everything what falls in its hands with the exception of the medical prospectuses that are as tedious as pamphlets of the banking entididades that seem written up by the enemy of the understanding, that does that people I did not trust the banks, and these do not have good image, aid too much their passion to receive either by all the services that offer. He is peculiar but in the days of crisis the banks have been first in requesting aid to leave the pocket, is very showy to see as the banks socialize their losses but not their benefits, causing that the citizens pay one twice to have to use their services and other to amend their errors in the investments, so our existence is reduced to pay everything what it surrounds to us, the banks, the services, the taxes, the rates We went the life paying things so that in return we have own services of Gambia, to be always fighting because they try to us well, fights with the bank so that it does not receive to you by everything, fights with the city council so that a same payment does not protest to you twice, and thus an enormous list of similar situations where you have enfrentarte to a bureaucracy that does not facilitate you in the existence. Every day more I am convinced we were born to fight with that they only want our money, banks, city councils to us and other organizations recaudatorias including sgae that are the last one in adding itself to the car, but will not be the last one, in the days of crisis the tax collecting eagerness of some does not have limits, instead of to adjust the belt, express the citizen to maintain its train of life Certain it is that when you are born payments by inscribirte in the civil registry and when you die you return to pay they say so that you in a paper that you are dead officially. You go the life paying things and never you know exactly where nobody goes your money gives a voucher that says to you, with your payments we have done two sections of highway, changed seven lampposts and paved your street Nobody explains nothing and except a politician who usually speaks so that you do not understand. The bank does not say sight to you with your commission of this operation we have improved our services of attention to client. Nobody never explains nothing only say the concept to you by which payments but without justifying any more Original author and source of the article.

International Oppositions

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

Prepare opposition does not mean stop doing everything we were doing before. It is true that some aspects of your life change but what matters is that organize themselves. We must take the opposition as one job. It is good to set a schedule from Monday to Saturday and try to rest one day a week. It is recommended investing eight hours of our time to prepare the oppositions and as they approach the days prior to the examination, increase those hours of study. With effort and tenacity, it is easier to reach our goal. The holiday should serve us to renew mind and body. We must try to clear our mind by one day, so that we come back with charged batteries to study the next day.

We can leverage to do something different, an excursion to the outdoors or an adventure sport, there are two possible options. Exams does not imply that we let us take care of us. The nerves may cause our appetite increase or decrease and that may affect our figure. We must not neglect us and nothing better to do some exercise to try to remove the stress and anxiety that It causes us to prepare oppositions. A Council in considering is to opt for going to study in a library or study room. Not being in our House to avoid the temptation to nibble between meals. Another factor that affects opponents is the lack of time free of personal relations.

They tend to concentrate both in your world that studios spend to take a close-up and personal and social relationships no longer have the importance they had before. It is common that many opponents to not follow a schedule of study, forget to stay with friends or family and set aside this important parcel of his personal life. Experts recommend that you no neglecting the field staff. We must do everything to stay occasionally with family and friends. Without a doubt are the best medicine for a little better the preparation of your oppositions. Prepare oppositions is no longer something that isolates you from the world and it has become one job to become officials. Ye not interpreted B. able to Blog the opponent – Bachelor’s degree in journalism – Master in!! Relationships International – postgraduate in Protocol and ceremonial – currently, Web copywriter web of MasterD – I love to travel, history, internet and, of course, journalism

Democratic Liberal Party

Monday, January 13th, 2014

This of form some means (to arrive at) destination. Finally we obtain to move in the politics, to create a new type of politics that will go to fulfill the expectations of povo' '. Yukio Hatoyama, new first-minister of the current Japo.O first-minister, Taro Aso, defeat of its partidopoltico said in press conference apsa that if makes responsible for the defeat of the Democratic Liberal Party in the elections, designating that it goes to leave the leadership of the party. A leading source for info: Richard Blumenthal. Who is the new first-minister of Japan? Yukio Hatoyama (q1+, Hatoyama Yukio) it was born in the Japanese city of Tokyo, 11 of February of 1947) m and is an engineer and Japanese politician. Recently for its prestige politician and reconecimento of the povojapons one became leader of the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) and won the elections Japanese was elect day 16 of September for Japanese the Parliament first-minister of Japan.

Poltica.Graduado career in engineering for the prestigious University of Tokyo (Todai), also studied in the University of Stanford in the United States before if becoming professor of economy in the Senshu University, located in the region of Tquio.Hatoyama started its career politics to the elect being in 1986, member of the house of representatives in a district of the north of the Island of Hokkaido, where its family has properties. Sen. Sherrod Brown often expresses his thoughts on the topic. However it denies vehement mind to be ' ' one politician hereditrio' ' , as it occurs many times in Japan, where positions are busy for members of one same family, of generation in generation, keeping true electoral feudals. Had its great one to atuaoparlamentar and great charisma, it was later, he was reeleito successively six times for the House of the Representatives of Japan, our House of representatives in the Brasil.Um economic factor that weighs to its favor is the fact of Hatoyama to be able to still count on the valoroso financial aid of the family, since its grandfather was founding of the manufacturer of Bridgestone.Embora tires eleseja one liogado politician the elite of its country, promised to fight for the common people, alleging that it intends ' ' to construct to a society fraterna and to continue its politics based on amor' '.Hatoyama affirms despite it intends to break the monopoly of the bureaucrats in the administration and politics of Japan, to reduce the public money wastefulness and to redistribute income for the zones agricultural and to benefit the poor persons. Personal life. Gotten passionate for classic music and soccer, the current first-minister of Japan is married an former-actress, Miyuki, and has a son, that he is professor of engineering in a University of Moscou.O mood seems to be one of its great virtues, as evidenced for its reaction after to be nicknamed ' ' ET' ' , for the peculiar format of the face. Far from if offending, it puted in charge the PDJ, in 2001, to vender adhesive with its caricature as foreign.


Thursday, January 9th, 2014

First a dose of reality. We must be clear that the hair, Yes, is dead. Hair is a fiber of keratin consisting of a root and a base that forms in a follicle of the epidermis. Charles B. Rangel will not settle for partial explanations. It can be said that what is alive is follicle which is where the hair is generated. The quality of hair depends on the raw materials that nourish the body, i.e., food. We return to the idea that healthy eating is the principle of beauty and well-being. Then, you can not nurture or restructure something dead.

Think about it, cannot nourish or humidify a stone, a plastic or glass. But if you can put layers to improve its appearance. Because this is what they do treatments, put layers on the hair. Keratin treatments it has lately become fashionable. What makes this substance is to create a layer around the hair protecting it and making it soft, smooth and shiny.

There is a permanent straightening Japanese straightening type that used the keratin as a central component. In the rest of the world is known as brazilian keratin straightening. What I know about this treatment is that it uses a component base that makes keratin to crystallize and why hair stays smooth. Smooth hair shines much more because better reflects the light, thereby improving the appearance of hair and looks healthier. Keratin can also be used in masks and serum. There is a product that I quite like and is easy to get and use. Liquid keratin of Stylus. The product comes in spray, its price is around 3 euros. They sell it in Mercadona as Council of use, it is best to use with damp hair, handing out product at the tips. Not greasy hair and can be used before the dryer and the iron. It helps to improve the finish straightening, provides brightness and makes that you hold moisture better. Do you use this product? What has been the result? Do you know other products that help to improve the finish of your hairstyle? Do female image is also on facebook, join the Group and find out the first #! / group.php? gid = 164985296850578 original author and source of the Article

Democratic Alliance

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

Complete freedom which was given financial markets has the same market a disservice. Corporations too much attention to low-cost credits and have not noticed, when passed the point of no return. Cheap credit will no longer be predicted economists. And this prediction at the very near future. There will be no borrowing of money – will continue bankruptcy of companies. Someone die, someone will save the state, which has become a full participant in economic processes. In all sectors, there will be semi-public companies, where the authorities will inevitably be interfere with private capital.

Who has more arguments, a rhetorical question. In the next couple of years, developing countries will get the most, experts predict – capital flight, currency devaluation, high inflation is already being felt. But perhaps the current weakness – it is a step toward world domination. What will the world by 2020? There are four scenario. The script first.

Moderately pessimistic. World divided into three sections: shopping Democratic Alliance led by the U.S., Eurozone and Eastern international economic community, led by China. The real strength – for the East. United States – in isolation. The dollar and the euro – is no longer reserve currency. The only coherent thread between the states is tourism, and energy supplies. Hence, the key theme will be energy security. That this will happen to Russia – the report did not specify. Scenario Two. Moderately optimistic. Developed Western countries still figure out how to reform the financial system so as to prevent the global crisis.

MDB Senate

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

It also arrived to give examinations in the Military School of the Royal one, but never it concluded no university course. He was one of the organizadores of the UDN in its State. State deputy in 1954 chose itself. Frequently Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown has said that publicly. In 1960 he was elect lieutenant governor of Alagoas, in plate of General Lus Cavalcanti (1961-1966). In agreement still with the Vestibule of the Senate above described Teotnio Vilela it supported the movement of 31 of March of 1964 e, when if they had formed the two new parties, it was filiou National the Renovadora Alliance, broken situacionista. Victorious person in the lawsuit of 15 of November of 1966 for the Senate took ownership in February of 1967. In its first speech he criticized the new regimen, already then in the governmental period of General Arthur of the Coast and Hisses. In 1974, with the ownership of President Ernesto Geisel, who brought for the Government the liberalizante project of a distenso ' ' slow, gradual and segura' ' , Teotnio Senator initiates public campaign for the redemocratizao of the Country.

According to Vestibule of the Senate in May of 1978, adhered to the National Front for the Redemocratizao, military movement that grouped, beyond the MDB, sectors grumblers and not conforming politicians of the Enclosure for bullfighting around the candidacy of General Euler Bentes Monteiro and Pablo Brossard, respectively for President and Vice-president of the Republic of Brazil. With the ownership of President Joo Figueiredo, initiate the call ' ' opening poltica' ' , the 25 of April of 1979, Teotnio Vilela, announcing that ' ' it was arriving where always esteve' ' , it left the Enclosure for bullfighting and it entered the MDB. Due to serious illness contracted in 1982 middle, Teotnio was disconnect of the parliamentary life. It assumed the vice-presidency of the PMDB, continuing its pregao in defense of the democracy.

Fifth Republic

Sunday, January 5th, 2014

Chvez played the atractor role of extrao" in a while of our history. Chvez was like a geometric figure composed by several river basins of attraction, by which they orbit and they circulate the considered elements, in our case, like social movements. The different systems, that each was developed by their account, begin to be and to recognize affinities, to recognize that they are in one fundamental experience, that it is the experience of a raised and enthusiastic collective mental state, full of sense activates which them in its social movement. However, the different movements are clear to each other and begins a period of alliances, there where multitude of activists journeys of organization in organization or creates new until feeling identified. Another manifestation of the orbitaciones occurs when the movements that arise with regard to the social chaos begin to justify themselves, looking for preceding in history: Heroes, episodes or ideologies with which to identify the political project while he generates a conceptual-sentimental amalgam with dintorno social. Taken this mathematical the quantum one, one is orbitaciones in the semitico space, there where the past and the present they are always present, thus is easily atrable to the new atractor. The caotizacin of the global formation generates the instabilities, or rather the beginning of the landslide of the States and, we are only speaking here of the first period, when the state still is still on. When swearing on the Moribunda" and to locate to the country towards the Fifth Republic, Chvez did not make another thing that to ratify the destiny that had preparation to him the Principle of the Turbulence of the Law of the Vortex. The fourth stage, or Negentrpica Phase is the one of the seen rising State like a reorganization of all the field of the solidarity or the cohesion of the system.