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Saturday, March 22nd, 2014

What about professionals who are within the category B (2 points)? Not avanzan? Yes they progress! Progress. Advances. She is perfect. Provided are willing to submit to the same rules as those in category C (1 point) go to Civica-democratica education schools. Being a professional does not qualify them to let them know of governmental views, i.e.: political (esta being a set of pure principles which serve as the standard for the Government of a country) is for this reason that they will have to take exams to be able to have your vote qualified (by 3 points).

And then Yes, all prepared, two for any kind of civic elections; whether municipal, provincial or national order. Without an extensive list (call sheets) with names of illustrious unknowns and we understand chantas, tricksters and opportunistic than aprovechando a current electoral system by others of dark gloomy and dark don’t help anything and anyone from todos citizens of our beloved country. Do not you think that your essay or proposal, given the current circumstances by which flows through our entire society, are too many lyrical ideas?. It is true. It is not wrong in that term, since the adjective says in verses which are not epic or dramatic, and works in that the poet sings her own affections and ideas.

And there lies the key to the qualified vote. In the wonderful world of the affections (towards our fellow citizens) and precious universe of ideas. In total, freedom, fair minded, fine thoughts and imaginations brillantes. We should (and can) be aware. That by our natural feelings, by the intelligence and the Studio acquired the good and evil, of just and the unjust, the good that we do and the bad that we must flee, which is usually called conscience. Well, in all its expression man has need to know, reasoning and judge tambien.


Sunday, March 16th, 2014

However, it is rare that the communication follows for this way. Almost always, it deals with episdica form these questions, when they assume the format of the catastrophes, accidents of great ratios, and with little frequency if its abrangncia argues the relations of these problems in all. In a previous document on> implementation of the Convention of the Climate, Born (apud SOUSA; FERNANDES, 2002)) it writes that to have greater social pressure and politics around the subject it will be necessary to guarantee, the public, through the media, access to the information for the understanding of the aspects technician, institucional and social. It recognizes, however, that the call the great press has not played a function continued in the question of the change of the climate, but it believes that as well as it occurs with other sectors of the civil society, the media also can be enabled to deal with the ambient questions in a support perspective. Although it admits that the medias of mass have not looked for, throughout the years, to translate the association of the man with the way where it lives, Ziggiatti (2000) detaches that the communication is essential for the public awareness of segments of the society on as to act for the promotion of the sustainable development.

Plato Woman

Monday, March 10th, 2014

It was the appearance of Aniquirona, a woman who dictated me verses and saw that without seeing. I could never see his face. I say could because years ago I do not see it, I even suspect it. That dream woman is not if anything more real than who writes it-, it had a physiognomy, but I could never see his face, his face. Once I saw her with an amulet and she conflated it with wood, with a wooden table. They were a single. I can almost see it in its entirety, it had an indigenous appearance.

I think that is love, the love that stands on reasoning cultural mode of Plato. The rest is caprice, passion, desire. And stating that I felt them many times. I have felt them and I’ve enjoyed them, lived, drunk. I have drunk from their mieses.

And I’ve seen the light many times. I have played it. I think that all women are in one. When one kisses, caresses, loves and possesses a single no matter be the less beautiful, according to the Western concept of beauty – them is loving, as a genre, all. When one outrages, the offense, the ignominy, will be for all.Don’t need that I already tested it-, that mouths will strive for transmute. The woman is dynamic, mutable. Today is not that of yesterday; Today won’t be tomorrow: feminine is in all and as a force, as energy, as a download, lives in permanent rotation, translation by a shaft that will never be the same: this woman I love and perhaps know, maybe hold back – every night is another. That illusion of Don Juan who really was looking for a woman and not to the feminine – is attired pain impotence. It will always be that energy in our hands when a single is at our mercy. Man has the age of the woman who caresses, someone would say. Dare something different: the man has the age of all women. Juan p.: If you had a political or religious leader facing you would what you say you? Winston: Nothing, they don’t listen, and, worse, do not understand. The ego of a politician makes them wise. And give advice to a politician is a boberia. A religious leader, which is almost the same, do not receive tips, teaches them. Juan p.: leave a message, if you want, for all those human beings who will read your words at our El Cultural Magazine profile Latinoamericano de the city of Nuremberg-Alemania. Winston: Brother, the Councils give them psychiatrists, and am far from fact me them. Juan p.: what does an interview? Winston: An interview is used for many things. To lie, to speculate, to show me, for projecting me. An interview is a mirror: reflects real things and monstrous. It reflects my vanity, my superiority, but it also reflects my nakedness, my inner fiber. And it is very likely that this nudity not like many, as you may like my vanity and they accept it as an exordium, as absolute truth. An interview is dangerous like a knife. But also the mirrors are usually helpful. Juan p.: tell me the true poet. Was this a rigid, absurd and without flight questionnaire? Winston: Long flight. The interviews will never be rigid, rigid are the answers, the soul of one who responds. Original author and source of the article.

The Predominant

Sunday, March 2nd, 2014

Green person whose predominant color of the aura is green, has a special charm, something that makes you feel very close to others, being common to find in people who possess this color of how dominant aura, a clear inclination toward professions such as medicine or healing. They suffer a lot if they cannot help anyone else, why put endeavours to achieve what can be a help to others, and usually get. If the green color of the aura, is not the predominant, he will be showing us a stage of some sensitivity at the universal level, where the greatest illusion lies in being able to do something for any global cause, in addition to manifest greater security at a personal level. On the downside, the person whose predominant aura colour is green, it could become a person lacking all sense of piety, as well as manifest an elevated selfishness and irritability. Blue person whose predominant color of the aura is blue, presents great capacity for interpersonal communication, as well as demonstrate your high-level idealistic, and sincerity, though this might cause you some inconvenience. They are extroverted people, and possess certain intuitive faculties. When the blue color of the aura, is not the predominant, you will be indicating that you go through a phase of maximum personal safety and well-being, as well as sharing with others all what may be of interest. Conversely, the negative aspect of the color blue, the person could appear as highly unstable, from happiness to sadness, and in cases where they can be influenced, appear related to depression or stress stadiums. INDIGO the person whose predominant color of the aura is indigo, demonstrate great ability of affection and understanding towards others, being their greatest quality the ability of understanding and the Council to others, made that worth the affection of all who surround him.