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Karl Marx

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Culture is born of social facts, i.e., in the history of the peoples who manage to find settlements in different parts of the mundo.Como we can see, the primitive man has begun to use its rationale as a response to a need, that need is what makes that societies have as main purpose, multiply the human species, you can only do this through the domain of nature, she gets all she needs to survive.Within these societies there is a form of hierarchical organization, ranging from the leader to subordinates, certainly grow the need becomes necessary to have a leader who will lead them to the realization of its goals as a group within each tribe: survive and only a high degree of adaptation within the medium has allowed that the man can follow each lifecycle.History has allowed to look through the times, as it has influenced the transition from one society to another to build much larger and mature societies. The historical materialism of Karl Marx unveils the next thought based on sociological studies on the productive apparatus: in the social production of their existence, men enter into relationships certain, necessary and independent of their will, relations of production which correspond to a certain degree of development of their material productive forces. The set of these relations constitutes the economic structure of society, i.e., the real basis on which stands a legal and political superstructure and to which they correspond certain forms of social consciousness. In general, the mode of production of material life conditions the process of social, political and spiritual life. It is not the consciousness of men that determines their being, but, on the contrary, their social being is what determines his consciousness. At a certain stage of its development the material productive forces of society come into conflict with the existing relations of production or, by using the equivalent legal expression, with the relations of property inside of which had moved until then.

Clio Carlos

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

Rose: – its son of puta! Hell goes pro. I do not give more the minim pra you! Rose leaves and Carlos is drinking! Carlos binds for Clio and Luiz. Colloquy between Carlos and Clio: Carlos: al! Clio Cilo cries! Clio: – Carlinhos its excrement! You remember that she has friends? Now he is the owner of the married city and with the woman of its dreams. Carlos: – it is not well thus Clio. I am fodido. In the politics children of puta are all, my woman is son of puta and puta at the same time. Clio laughs.

Clio: – therefore it is my good. I also was married a son of puta. But it is the life. In so he is tchau! Luiz: – tchau! He helps me to Clio. He cries and he disconnect the telephone. (let i touches music be). Penultimate act Clio talks with Clio Luiz: it knows Luiz, my husband beats to me very! Luiz: because you do not break fuas of it? Clio: I am not more the same one.

Before I could finish with it with one alone blow, but I cannot. I have attemped to find diverse ways to move away to me from the Carlinhos, I fall and it is something holds that me it arrests and me so that I do not make besteira! Luiz: – I understood you has fear to be alone with the Carlos and if to leave to lead for the passion. Then it comes the question: – because not to invest in this love? R: – Fear of the language of the people. Clio: Worse it is that it is blind of loves for that one zinha. Today it bound asking for aid to me. Luiz: it also bound to me. I felt an order of aid in the voice of it. Sincerely Clio, it does not respect the Carlos!

Latin American Knowledge

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

In this dialogue Plato concludes that if there are multiple things should be no differentiation between them and in this sense is no dissimilarity, but to the extent that there is a dissimilarity, these things have a same condition and are therefore similar. Hence, according to Plato, in the solution that offers at mouth of Socrates, there no problem for one thing simultaneously possess opposite properties, in this case, the Parmenides, the similarity and dissimilarity. The complexity is to understand reality from what is woven together, what is interdependent, interactive and inter-retroactivo 9; Therefore, inseparable even being formed by elements different, which in turn constitute a whole. In today’s Latin American societies policy is not the same as religion, these are two different social systems that interact in a way, the vast majority of the times, antagonistic but at the same time complementary. By this, the complexity is a letter of the world in phenomena, events, actions, and hazards that constitute it. Complexity is the relationship between the unit and the multiplicity, is a dialogue between opposites, since it understands that in them is the quidque can allow us to find new paths of understanding (educational, ideological, political, social, etc). The complexity has within himself the disorder as a moment which provokes a new order 10.

The complexity is not everything, is not the totality of the real thing. Complex thought may not reveal knowledge or reality in its full form, because if it did it would be denying any possibility of advance the same understanding of things and, in turn, would lead to affirm that the knowledge itself and of the reality that surrounds it not could know nothing more than. On the contrary, complex thought behaves inside a principle of incomplete because he knows that full and finish knowledge is impossible. Complex thought is not the resolvent canon’s thinking, but a proposal and knowledge to develop strategy.

The Development

Friday, May 9th, 2014

Beyond that plays a basic role in the urban landscape, because they inside constitute a space of the urban system where the ecological conditions if approach to the normal conditions of the nature. Although the innumerable functions of the green areas, its offer are very little in relation to the search. Today, for example, the green, the proximity of the nature, the lack of areas children to be played, make to appear to the creation of services as schools of languages, ballet, jud, gymnastics, shoppings, everything this to supply the necessities of the population in relation to the green areas. (Carlos, 2005, p.55). Old, the green areas were the center of the events politicians and the religious festividades, of civic and social acts. In the week ends, inhabitants of the urban zone directed it the squares, therefore he had there diversion, the leisure of other times and meeting, and this does not exist more with as much intensity, therefore the population grew and the areas destined to the leisure no.5. The relation between public politics and the areas verdesMesmo the green areas having much importance for the city and its population, forces second see the socioeconmicas them in plain, therefore what it is I publish as much does not have importance for the economy. Beyond that playing its role fully, the urban green areas need to have a good planning, that the planning of these areas never was only a point of much importance in the platform of the main politicians of our country, therefore they had always had in sight the development and the growth for one better economy, and as already we saw to the top, the partner-economic questions and the partner-ambient questions enter in confrontation, and there what he is on to the economy always has more emphasis, therefore a planning is necessary, therefore the development of country is important and the quality of life of the urban population also.

The Policies

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

Applicable it would be to follow the word democracy of some other than it gave a outside apt sense him new and different that to describe the specific situation of the society which it is dominated as in this case our country. Before, a democratic system did not exist real therefore it is of assuming and the facts speak by themselves, for example, the elections gained by forceful majority and nobody could complain, the opposition parties, by all means, did not take place some, the positions different from the one from president of the republic negotiated and therefore to have good treatments with people era of extreme importance. Throughout century XX the authoritarianism existed which was accepted of unanimous way, unanimous since nobody complained officially, they did perhaps it in his social surroundings but until there, and this because in spite of to displease to many or few, apparently worked of wonderful way, was until this century when people now yes, I conduct battle so that what it did not seem to him it changed and it went when Mexico began to take another course being begun to so modify the ones in charge of the power using called and yearned for democracy, nevertheless to conceive a democracy as so in Mexico it is not possible, throwing a look to the theory we can be given account that so that it exists must have certain and diverse guarantees as much in the political order as social within the constitution and not only to have them in paper so that tuna is seen, but being carried out and being respected, the guarantees to that I do reference is: – Freedom of association and organization – Freedom of expression and thought – Straight to vote – Straight to compete – alternative Sources of intelligence – Possibility of being chosen – free and correct Elections – Institutions in charge to depend the policies on the government of the vote and of other expressions on difference. .