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Alexander Martins Relative

Sunday, October 11th, 2015

It was the electoral corral. The clientelismo also can be associated with this process. The families of the hinterland were numerous, had little access to the education and served of familiar man power since small. They learned to obey very early and they took the lesson for the life measures. They had low auto-esteem and when they ascended to a public office or they were successful in the businesses if they felt in the duty to favor its clan familiar. A numerous and joined offspring was basic for the poor person, whom it needed employees. Stimulated for the farmers, who also needed servile arms and votes.

for the rich one, that it needed children to marry or to fight. Arranged marriages were basic to guarantee the magnifying of lands of the clan and in arrangements politicians. For example, Pious Grangeiro Relative, son of major Joo Relative and Ana Grangeiro? of a traditional family of cariri pertaining to the state of Cear? it was married Painful Maria Filgueiras? granddaughter of Antonio Filgueiras Sampaio, leader politician of Barbalha? its cousin in according to degree. The father of it was a federal collector, Antonio Leather strap, had as medium brown. Orphans in infancy, it and the brother, Leather strap Grandson, had been created by the maternal grandmothers. Alexander ' ' Jeremias' ' , brother of Glicrio Relative, was married Solina, its barbalhense relative, richer. These marriages influence assured it of the pertaining to the state of Cear clans on the pernambucano hinterland, hindering that the familiar ancestries if distanciassem. The socioeconmico delay of the region also was provoked by these customs, a numerous offspring without access to the education made it difficult the capitalist development and transformed the northeastern into little qualified man power in other regions.

The inverse one also is true, the interest lack politician and economic in the region it facilitated the development of a culture of resistance, on to the tradition. According to Manoel Leather strap of Andrade, the technological innovations arrived more quickly at the coastal northeastern, and only much more late to the interior. I fall the Prado Jnior tells traces of the primitive colonial society (1500-1650) that still they seem gifts in the society sertaneja of the period between wars: The cities were inhabited by the farmers who kept temporary residence there. That more supplied they kept military services with which they dominated the region. The effective norms benefited strongest in detriment of the small proprietors. Few related families withheld the local power all and the remaining portion of the population was total dependent. (1994). This analogy suggests to more than calculate a social delay of three centuries in this region the interest of the oligarchies sertanejas in this isolation. It was in this context that Alexander grew. It was distinguished for the avantajado transport and its courage. The family Relative, of which its parents descended (they were relatives in room degree) were distinguished in the commerce and farming but they were not brave. The prosperity took Aristides to also extend its country property, the aristocratic culture of the family made with that monarchs in its territory felt themselves. The Aboboreira small farm is inherited of the father-in-law, Alexander Martins Relative, ' ' doctor and aviador' ' (healer and manufacturer of used leather clothes for the cattle tenders) or bought of the brothers-in-law. This process generates