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Good Service

Sunday, March 18th, 2018

Meetings exist in which we would wish to offer the best class of wine, cheeses, sandwiches and aperitives. Not only desire is enough, it requires of many resources and knowledge to obtain it. Due to the excess of work that implies to organize a familiar event, social or enterprise, many people resort to the hiring of services that have cocktails to events sandwiches and aperitives. Companies that provide with these services with budgets for all the pockets, with complete and coarse menus exist that offer to please to any palate. Nowadays a variety of elegant, cold, salty, sweet aperitives exists, that combine the creative style, technical, quality and flavor. The selection of a menu of aperitives and sandwiches toast of businesses, inaugurations, closings is chosen according to the event, graduations, among others, and by the economic budget. It has aperitives handmade with fresh ingredients without addition of colors and artificial flavors.

It is recommended to maintain logistics of sandwiches, wines, cheeses and aperitives, with a minimum of 3 by person like point to begin with. For the election of cocktails and aperitives it must feel frees to mix and to combine each category to find a range balanced, to satisfy so much the taste and budget. The service aperitives and cocktail for events is the tendency for the social events and its popularity is growing due to the economic saving and of time that its consumption represents. With all the range of possibilities to choose the best service you can realise his simple or outlandish event, without having to lack the elegance or rules that previously were followed. The service of wines and liquors, cheese for source and wines, usually last of 4 to 5horas. The benefit of a service of sandwiches is in the creation of an atmosphere of total coexistence between the guests, is disposition of no seats generally, allowing to develop the social atmosphere.

Institution Intentions

Sunday, March 18th, 2018

We could not leave to cite the history of a brave northeastern called PABLO Rglus Snows FREIRE that if considered to fulfill the same mission to some decades behind and took the same route of the Jesuits. It really is not newness for that they really know our history. To take initiatives of this transport is the same that to walk scaffold and to deliver to it decollation to it. It is to candidatar itself perpetual rejected it. It is to compromise its conditions of work and survival. Amazon has much experience in this field. It is to place the familiar stability at risk. E, finally to lose the last thing that remains a complete man: its honor, without speaking in the possibility of being taxed of insane person.

But a flame will remain lighted inside of the spirit of these leaders who we call of AUDACITY. When we cite the term CHARACTER I mention myself ahead to the spirit of responsibility of the moments of crisis and the pressures that the men force to give up its intentions. The cowardice is the food of the irresponsible ones. It is not enough that the man is imbudo only of the feeling of audacity to transform the world, therefore we have many and many examples of brothers who had been audacious and failed in its intentions, without speaking of the historical damages that they had left. To implant a IES – Institution of Superior Education in one region that presents a great potential of economic and social development is the same that to remake and to transform all inside the structure politics conservative with the formation of new leaderships of each community. Although the great effort of the team to take care of to all the legal requirements for creation of the FACIB, initiated through events aiming at the awareness and mobilization of the local community, we cannot deny that in the same way contrary forces worked to hinder the advance of the proposal.

Internet Today

Saturday, March 17th, 2018

One of the greatest obstacles to achieve the success in the life is the human apathy. It is an attitude towards the life that is very frequent, unfortunately also is often in young people. Basically it is a lack of motivation that does not allow that our genius is pronounced. Simply we stopped waiting for more for morning than we lived nowadays. The life is transformed this way into a gray sequence of monotonous events with a sudden dye of color and over there, – if we have luck. This one mental state is product of an extreme passivity towards the life.

Sometimes it is caused by the hopelessness, but the majority of the times is product of an erroneous education. It is a typical mentality of a person who lives according to exigencies other people’s to him or she. The motto is: " It tell me what I must do and when to do it, I I will follow the instructions, you pay to me and both we will be contentments. What has of bad that? Much. This one type of attitude never is going to achieve the success.

It only looks for to please and to satisfy the requirements with others. And it is not going to take to the personal development that is necessary to reach a total life. If You are tired to live a mediocre life, can take a step today and begin to be developed. It allows that its creativity arises by means of a process of independent education. It follows these 7 steps and it returns to bring kaleidoscopio of colors to his life: 1. – It unearths those dreams. Educate yourself with thoughts from Amazon. All great profit began with a dream and at this moment there is one in his heart. 2. – It discovers his talents and unique abilities. It will find probably them in the activities that choose in their free time. Near friendly also can help him to identify their strengths. 3. – It finds out as it can develop to his talents and abilities still more. One does not worry if it seems to him a mammoth task, simply takes a step. But it begins today! 4. – It is arranged to work hard. The success will not fall of the sky. Each change that one wishes to do in the life means a effort. It takes the determination from being diligent. It thinks that it will enchant to him to learn something on the area that gets passionate to him more. 5. – It finds by except a good mentor. It can be in the form of a book, a course or a personal mentor. The Internet is an excellent source nowadays. 6. – Fjese I put of medium and long term that wanted to reach. A goal is only a dream with a date top. Antelas! 7. – One approaches his Creator. That is it will maintain what it with the eyes put in the goal with faith when the things are put arduous. In summary: it takes action today! It visits. com and will immediately obtain e-book inspiring gratuitous with valuable data about how teaching to its children (and to You) to think different to be able to arm a business own. Also it will obtain the support, the necessary inspiration and tools so that the personal accomplishment is not only a dream for You

Social Criminalisation And Political Crime

Saturday, March 17th, 2018

Social criminalization and Young political crime the Gallegos With the economic crisis, the landscape of the drought in the prey and the field, and basic, the year the 2012 of the Mayan prophecy and presidential electoral process sprout again-the bounce of influenza more human than pig, the war antinarcotics detective have been transformed into a televised saga, in the Red Mexico of the Red Note, by means of-a-annexation that comes to us with the fear, the fear and the horror, almost in the horror of an Apocalypse Now, to the Mexican, although still need. While and in as much or meanwhile, we are being sensitized very mediatically to understand that all social movement of protest is perhaps a terrorism act, that the attacks and crimes related to people who are against the policies of the government of the Republic, are crimes executed by sicarios of the drug trafficking. Something insinuated with the execution of Colosio in Hills Bullfighting with the solitary revolver Taurus of Aburto, because perhaps the narcotics detective, and nonSaline of Gortari. Speaking candidly novelist told us the story. A The Lopez Obrador, did not assassinate it they fraudearon but it electoral, and from before the fraud, they disqualified with the one of the Tropical Mesas and the Messianism to the Chvez in its aspirations of competing leader to all official and institutional leadership of the Mexican political system. The salinistas crimes against militant PRD members, the Water massacres Blancas and Acteal, the repression in Atenco and Oaxaca as social criminalization and the political crime has been a constant in the last four presidential presidential terms of the PRI members and the panistas, without descontextualizar them of the rise of the EZLN, in 1994. The political dissidence and divergences in a state of things with the desmadrado state of things in the Mexican State, have been described and stigmatised like rebellious , subversive , dangerous, and, terrorist, is of the simple protest to the complex multitude of protests, stretching itself or being contained in always the social censure that the means of information and communication judge and they apply of partial way and until totalitarian, using the mediatic invisibilizacin.

Prime Minister

Saturday, March 17th, 2018

Hunger breaks into presidential palaces, overthrew the dictator and to dismiss the government. Paulo Coelho may not feel the same. Hunger took to the streets, burning tires and attacking soldiers and police. Hunger, Mr. Prime Minister, accept and sign it! International media (NY Times) full reports of famine in various parts of the world: hunger brings tens of millions of people bellies in Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa. 'It's the perfect storm – said the president of El Salvador Elias Antonio Saca at the World Economic Forum in Mexico. – How can we survive? We have to feed our people.

This storm could become a hurricane, capable of destroying not only economy but also the stability of our countries. " Waves that shake the fragile economies of developing countries, already dokatyvayutsya and to countries with stable economies. Even on the shores of Albion experts are alarmed by Research analysts from the British news agency Telegraph, over the past year food basket price in the country grew by 20%. International experts will find the cause of crop failures caused by climate change, in the transfer of agricultural land for growing commercial crops and a sharp rise in price of energy. 'How do we cope with the threat of global hunger? " – Ask the government, representatives of international humanitarian organizations, journalists, world press, commentators and analysts. While they have not found an answer to this question. Kabbalah says that the reason for the suffering of hunger, epidemics, natural disasters, which are said to Kabbalah sources, will fall upon mankind today – in our opposition to the law of Nature.

Anne Buttiner

Thursday, March 15th, 2018

Of this form, from the decades of 60, 70 and 80, especially from the development of ‘ ‘ Radical’ geography; ‘ , of marxist matrix, that adopts a refuting and critical positioning how much to the organization and production of the geographic space, that is, it is come back to the politician-ideological enrollment, in search of a igualitria society, considering transformations of the social reality. Geography was extremely come back toward the critical one of the capitalist relations of production, however it contributed very little for the thematic quarrel of the ambient one, revealing when it made very poor and limited (MENDONA, 2002). Second still Mendona (2002), is not possible to affirm that it has ‘ ‘ one total similarity between critical geography and geography ambiental’ ‘ ; thus, the ambient perspective seems not to have taken one so marcante feio to be considered as a new segment or a new chain of the geographic thought. The humanistic chain of the geographic thought has as base the works carried through for Yi-Fu Tuan, Anne Buttiner, Edward and Mercer and Powell, and possesss the existencial fenomenologia as the underlying philosophy, possessing older roots, in Kant and Hegel. See more detailed opinions by reading what Richard Blumenthal offers on the topic..

They study the aspects of the man that are more distinct human: significaes, values, goals and intentions (ENTRIKIN, 1976 in HISSES; OLIVEIRA, 1998). From the half of the decade of 1970, some gegrafos had started to together present concerns with problematic of the environment, denouncing the progressive desenvolvimentismo and defending with the ambientalistas movements, one politics more ecological human being and. In this context of concern with the problem of the environment Ecological Geography appears. Many gegrafos of the area of Physical Geography had passed of specific works of morphology, climate, hydrography etc, for research on the way environment, or had remained in its especificidades, however using the knowledge specialized in the studies on impact of the natural elements for the society (ANDRADE, 1987)..


Thursday, March 15th, 2018

Wednesday, everything is more or less calm, politics is continuing corruption progresses in all orders of life’s inevitable and unstoppable manner, without that nobody moves a finger against it, the social prestige of politics gradually to more, there is corruption in the Government, the opposition and political charges, which will fill the pockets with the borrowed moneywhile others offenders or favor to their families. Everything less favour the common good that is for what you actually pay them, but as nobody complaining is everything always remains the same, only will protest at the bars that is not the site indicated precisely. Then everyone complains that everything is wrong but nobody does nothing to change that surrounds him, it is as if a layer of resignation had invaded our society. It seems that everything boils down to assume that we can’t change what surrounds us and limit ourselves to watching things without a fight to improve any of the political aspect of our society where the powerful once in place begins to do and Undo to your free will regardless if It is right or wrong what makes. No one will oppose the powerful, because you are always thinks that he can not fight against the established.

While we continue this way corruption continue to rampant at ease by all social strata. People continue to think that politicians are beings from another world against those who can not fight and much less change, everything will continue as before and the mass will continue to genuflexa and thinking that politicians are out of this world and not going with them, big mistake because the policy is part of our life and is everywhere. National, international, local, economic, social, policy also could follow in a long endless list that abrumaria many and does not plan to. Policy it inundates everything and marks our lives for better or for worse, although I suspect that always to bad, because many times politicians make decisions without consulting those who represent or say represent. The difference between the political and the citizen is living in different universes that do not reach to touch ever, only four years original author and source of the article.

Constitutional Court

Thursday, March 15th, 2018

10 In the relevant thing to the requirements of procedural character, these is going to affect to the subjects of the tie process by the substantial relation legal, that must have capacity to be material and procedural part, to contain the denominated conditions of the action, as well as unit and indivisibilidad; as far as the judge, this one must recognize the actions that correspond to each litisconsorte, and must procure the absence of reasons for abstention and rejection. Therefore, litisconsorcio in three cases will exist: a) When in a process are several people like demanded prosecutors or; b) When third parties concur to the process that meet the indicated requirements; c) When accumulation of processes with different parts exists and exists community of pretensions between some of them. 11 Litisconsorte and third parties For Escriche, mentioned by FLOREZ POLE, " litisconsorte is the one that litigates by the same cause or interest that another one, comprising with him a single or of actor. 12 Paralelamente, the Argentine doctrine illustrates to us of the hand of PEYRANO- that litisconsortes are parts, in strict sense, of the procedural legal relation, unlike the third party, that (.) it is nonnecessary the possible procedural subject for the benefit of the jurisdictional activity that, without being part, has " chance" to participate in a pending procedural relation in measurement of the legal interest that shows and through institute technically denominated intervention. 13 In a litisconsorcial process because appears so many pretensions or oppositions as subject litisconsortes. 14 This set of people integrated in a same position constitutes a unique procedural part, although complex, the main effect of litisconsorcio consists of which all the pretensions are discussed in a same process and they are solved in a sentence. Nevertheless, if a malignant tumor existed during the process and it is not fulfilled, in conformity causing defenselessness to one of the parts; on the matter, the Constitutional Court considers that the purpose of the invalidities is to assure the constitutional guarantee the defense of the judgment. .


Wednesday, March 14th, 2018

The history of SEAT begins in the post-war Spain, in an era in which the country had 3 vehicles per 1,000 inhabitants. In 1950, the INI (National Institute of industry) and the FIAT car company joined forces to popularize the use of the car in Spain. The result was the Constitution of the Spanish society of automobile tourism.The first model that came out of the factory located in the Zona Franca de Barcelona was the 1400, which was released in 1953. The success of this model is immediate and your demand grows rapidly, giving rise to new versions and an increase in production. In 1956 reaches a milestone in the history of SEAT: the production of 10,000 cars a year.Then SEAT started to produce cars aimed at the emerging middle class. Thus in 1957 was born the 600, an icon and the most emblematic brand automobile.

This model starts the authentic motorization of the country, which positively influences the economy by encouraging the proliferation of other businesses as gas stations or shops, where the first owners of vehicles come seeking help to solve the problems suffered by their cars, well outside an engine failure or a broken glass.The popularity and sales of the company, as well as the produced units, continue to grow during the 1960s, at the same time produced other models such as the 1500, the 850 or the 124.En the 70’s the company has faced major problems. The changes produced in the Spanish political landscape make it impossible to maintain the system of tariffs on imports, this encourages the entry of large multinational automobile in Spain, representing a strong competition. In addition, the automotive sector was shaken by the two energy crises suffered worldwide.With the establishment of democracy, the INI takes the decision to close or sell public companies that had losses, among them was SEAT.

UNESCO Educative

Wednesday, March 14th, 2018

Many of these schools had the knowledge and influences of other nonencyclopedic educative alternatives like those of Piaget, the New School, the sociocultural proposals of Vigosky and others more. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Sen. Sherrod Brown. Nevertheless, actually there was a coexistence enters of the educative alternatives mentioned with others more conservatives like elconductismo or the educative technology. The dimension educative CTS in different levels and systems in Mexico Next a brief analysis will become of approach CTS in some educative systems like the basic level (primary and secondary public) of SEP, the CCH, the Institute of Education Average Superior of the DF (IEMS), and others more. The basic education (Primary) In 1993 the Secretariat of Educacin Pblica (SEP) extended the basic education to 10 years, obligatory and gratuitous, changing to plans and training programs, which looked for one more basic Formation solid and greater flexibility to acquire new knowledge and to apply them creativamente" " (SEP, 1993), in agreement with you rule orchestrated by UNESCO and the OECD. These curricular changes influenced in other educative levels as it is seen more ahead. There is a vision of the technology like applied and neutral science, because one looks for that the students perceive that the devices and services have been created or adapted by the man by the application of principles cientficos" ". And so clarity is not on the differentiation between scientific and technological principles nor on the importance of its contextualisation, its evolution and functional optimization. Although the curiosity is stimulated exceeds how the devices work, is indicated that against each problem are solutions tecnolgicas" " , reason why one does not look for the reflection on causes and consequences outside the technological scientists or, like the social ones, the policies or the economic ones. The basic education (secondary) To contribute to lift the quality of the formation of the students by means of the fortification of contents, (knowledge, abilities and attitudes), that respond to the basic needs of learning of the young population of Mexico.