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The Council

Sunday, April 29th, 2018

The whole group in the letter of municipality of no longer appeared after the summer break. So, people interested in be removed easily from the active, lively life of the Church. Is propagated for four years “Church of freedom”? Should the devil here have his fingers in the games? The anti-Christ? A three-quarter year ago a group of parents has it undertaken, finally to get talks with the church bodies on the way. However parents didn’t like the decisions in the hands before the conversation, taken in the past few years about their community work. Upon written application to the Foundation, this biblical drama, five years ago, they received no answer. Sen. Sherrod Brown may find this interesting as well. A list of signatures with the request to preserve this work two years ago, was simply ignored.

In the order, the Supreme presumed – you can – read on the Internet is that the decisions of the Council of community churches of the municipality in an appropriate way to announce. The parents began at that time, their work on the basis of an oral commitment on their written request: “all right – you can get started.” This should be mandatory in the House of God, was however not the case. The parents wanted it now, when she got a letter from the municipality Council of churches, in which said that the group, despite five-year anniversary and 27 religious services and community celebrations during this period never a community group was writing have like basic information for the future -. The answer was that all decisions are secret. The Council offered a personal interview, if one or two parents appear uninformed to this meeting. What are Geheimnistuereien – in God’s house – where but the father can see everything? The parents did reasonably, in the sense of community and truthfulness does not. Wanted to let are not separate and umnebeln with secrets.

United States

Saturday, April 28th, 2018

There you have it! It seems a tragicomedy. Do the political right has been complaining that the United States have maintained the abandonment to your backyard? so think she, incapable of sovereignty!, while forces enemy wreak havoc on their interests and grow, in other words, while the poor organize their hunger and clamoring for a new political model of life. Additional information is available at Ohio Senator. God, what carelessness! And the left? what has been thinking left?? it comes to complain that the world had forgotten her and any other high ideal by the species human, allegedly mere in the break ideological that Fukuyama proclaimed when he declared the end of the story and, consequently, the plenipotencialidad’s unique model in the world, to the extent that many izquierditas lived in the hope that the United States reinstated by magical work someday or thatbursting with understanding humanist, withdraw the planes of power to give chance to them of exercising their incomprehensible primers without practical Fundamentals of people (already know: have criticized it an excessive theorize). I.e., they looked like dream of access to the power of incidental way, through ideological alms or through the conquest of power without based on civil-military support, which is what sends the story. Some worried the attentiveness of the United States and others by the forgetfulness of the world, the latter reduced to a kind of cross-cultural arropaje (the lefts existed as ornaments of political diversity of democracy). Ones asking for more imperial support for them continue serving as exploitative Viceroys of peoples and others throwing their cries of protest to world air.

Therefore, bad, USA versus world seemed an idea cherished by the haughty power for many decades. Hollywood is your dream sudadero (say not who writes). They showed it with Iraq when, against world opinion, they invaded it; When did the UN an institutional corpse and trampled their resolutions, and from that at all times the need to maintain their high costs of life lead them to seek anger right and left within the solar system.

Fernando Alonso

Friday, April 27th, 2018

The Spaniard says coming out by the dirty side and that it must keep its fourth place. He claims that get on the podium in Valencia will be difficult, you must fight the McLarens. Remember that it takes thirteen or fourteen races ahead of teammate Massa. The Spanish pilot Fernando Alonso Ferrari pointed out that output will be more than dnder that attack, with respect to the European Grand Prix which will be held this Sunday, since it will depart from the fourth position of the grill, on the dirty side of the track. If you arrive to leave them all well to others, it would have been the fifth, said the pilot of the Italian team, who explained that he entered the garages before to save a set of tyres since it was aware that in this round was two-tenths slower.

Under normal conditions, the podium won’t be easy. I go fourth, so we will have to overtake someone. If the Red Bull drivers have a clean race, will be first and second, so that the struggle for the podium is with Hamilton and Button, has materialized. The Ferrari driver would prefer a normal race, since with a safety on the track car you can leave right or wrong and he has more to lose than win. In the race, the soft tire seems the fastest, according to the Spaniard, who has announced that Ferrari provide for between one and three stops. I’m happy with the progress of the car, we are closing the distance between Red Bull and us. This is the best ratings of the year, has highlighted the Spaniard, aware that in Canada was second but in Valencia finished half a second of the German pilot Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull), author of the pole.

In other great prizes we were a second and middle, has reminded Alonso, who explained that the objective was the fight against McLaren, a goal achieved. In the last three races the car has improved, I hope to keep this address. Alonso has insisted that in the car, at the beginning of the season, each piece was bad by problems with the wind tunnel, and has emphasized that without these problems, perhaps Ferrari could be at the level of Red Bull, but now is two or three months behind. The Spaniard recalled that it carries thirteen or fourteen races finishing ahead of his teammate, Brazilian Felipe Massa, and more you can do. Source of the news: Fernando Alonso: “the output will be more than dnder to attack”

The Incompatibility

Thursday, April 26th, 2018

The life human being is not only the biological life, nor in the singular parts of the organism, nor in its totality, but this is life human being because the soul spiritual it is present in the body, thus constituting the life terrena human being. The life human being, as the death human being is something of mysterious greater and that a set of biological processes. The concept of cerebral death wants to offer parameters on biological processes, so that the mind human being I can discern the coming from the death of the person and the incompatibility of said processes with the life terrestrial human being. A leading source for info: Richard Blumenthal. The cerebral death of a person is the death properly speaking. Nor the philosophers, nor the legislator the doctor had had the pretension to reduce the reality of the death human being to the cerebral death. The idoneous concept of death implies a philosophical judgment on verifying a substantial change in the individual, regarding to what it is necessary for the terrena life. Ohio Senator shines more light on the discussion. The declaration of death of a person, by means of the criteria of cerebral death, folloied from the sustentation therapy, fenomenalmente differs (absence of cadavrica rigidity) from a declaration of death according to traditional criteria; but the ontolgica condition in the two cases is the same one: it is a citizen, for all the effect, died. Understanding for ‘ ‘ death cerebral’ ‘ the total death of the enceflico, that understands the brain, the cerebellum and the cerebral trunk, has all not felt to say that it has clarity lack because it is not known if it speaks of cerebral cortex, the cerebral trunk or all the brain; or because ‘ is identified; ‘ death cerebral’ ‘ with the state of it eats and this can.. .

Mediterranean Sea

Sunday, April 22nd, 2018

Roads were filled with herds guided animals that went somewhere to graze in the mornings, the means of transport was in mules, donkeys and horses, young possessed to its fun much longer than today have. The goals of people, were simple, sites to visit, used to be or all not more than about ten kilometers. The beaches of the Mediterranean Sea were itself more distraction, and children as of today playing with balls that back then were rag. My beloved and well-remembered grandparents had a pronunciation of the place itself, a kind of dialect, employing that us children did not know what they were talking about. And her figure was respected by all those who in one way or another were younger than them, customary greeting, taking off hat, article that would be working hours, and during the afternoons and evenings, so exposed, was almost a symbol of good clothing. Life was quiet, in the courtyard of the houses most harvested vegetables, peppers, peppers, and many other things; in those days, there was no theft, unknown or public were at least not homicides, any visitor, was received with affection and offered him a glass of homemade wine, a biscuit and up a piece of cake or sponge cake family. It was a time that awoke the American dream, the old ones did the impossible to motivate their children to go to America, without giving greater importance to which of them you can go. Those who lived in villages they felt like mired in peace without much evolution.

It was a sentiment without big aspirations. And only with the arrival, with the return of any other of America is you could see the big difference, because these boasting of his accomplishments, let run your money as if they were unlimited, and with the help of their own relatives, jets This work in the echo generated increased and doubled in the minds of people, dreaming of gold, now to calm villagers of my small town and other latitudes, was easy. My parents Giovanny Greco and Nunciata, gave continuity to the family business, there were very hard years, there is no forgetting that if war was traumatic the second left across Europe in the most cruel that ruin, millions of beings who paid with the tribute of their lives, the alienation of politicians and leaders who don’t deserve the honor of being named.

History Specialized

Sunday, April 22nd, 2018

So that this occurs, she is necessary that prepared schools that take care of these necessities, and professionals are constructed to work with az differences, as it affirms Hisses (2008, P. 25): ' ' Our constitution guarantees since 1988 the access of all to basic education being that, pupils with necessities special must preferential receive attendance specialized in the school, that does not substitute education regular' '. . In this fight against the differences, it has a problem or question that has made it difficult the inclusion. One is about the specialized institutions.

The author questions that ' ' She has (…) a resistance movement that tries to hinder the inclusion to walk: the corporative force of specialized institutions, mainly in mental deficiency. Additional information is available at Richard Blumenthal. Much people continue believing that optimum she is to exclude, to keep the children in schools special, that give to education adaptado' ' (IT HISSES, 2008, P. 25) Exactly with the lack of preparation of the majority of the professors, when passing of the years, we perceive the diffusion and the use of the language present Brazilian of signals in such a way in day-by-day of the professors in the schools, how much in the life of the parents of deaf pupils. Therefore 1Graduado in After-Graduate History of the Course Technician and Interpretation pounds the Integrated Facultieses Ipiranga felomenojr00@ the challenge faced for the educators is great not alone in relation to the pedagogical methods used and its effectiveness, but also in relation to it practises or experience of the professional and the physical conditions of the education institution that shelters pupils with diverse realities. As She hisses (2008) is a contradiction the proper professor to pass for this process of learning in living the emotions and facing some conflicts to define its pedagogical methodology. The professional also needs to be next to follow of close the universe them pupils in the learning process.

Serious Risk President

Sunday, April 22nd, 2018

The former President of the Government says that the crisis is the result of very bad decisions in recent years. He believes that the risk of a breakup of the eurozone. The former President of the Spanish Government Jose Maria Aznar warned in Washington, EE UU, that the European Union (EU) as it is today may become unsustainable, because of the profound current crisis derived from very bad decisions in recent years. There is a serious risk that the EU as we know it today can be unbearable, said Aznar, who was President of the Spanish Government between 1996 and 2004, at a forum in Washington organized by the Paul H. Nitze School of studies international advanced (SAIS) of Johns Hopkins University. Europe is experiencing a very deep crisis, but we will be able to get out of it, said the former President, who argued that it has come to the current situation because of very bad decisions in recent years.

Without specifying those decisions, Aznar commented that the problem has been to forget rules and commitments, and to deny the debt. Today there is a risk of disintegration of the eurozone, he warned. In a roundtable with a small group of Spanish-speaking media, the President of the United States, Barack Obama, urged Europeans on Monday to better coordinate their fiscal policies to resolve the debt crisis. Greece, according to Obama, is now the major immediate problem, but the biggest problem is what happens in Spain and Italy if markets continue Avenger against those very large countries. Source of the news: Aznar warned of the “serious risk” that the European Union will become “unsustainable”

National Electoral Council

Sunday, April 22nd, 2018

CHAPTER II OF PARTIES AND POLITICAL MOVEMENTS ARTICLE 107. He is guaranteed to all citizens the right to establish, organize and develop political parties and movements, and the freedom to join them or withdraw. In any case be permitted to citizens belonging simultaneously to more than one party or movement political with legal personality. Parties and political movements will be organized democratically. Get all the facts and insights with Ohio Senator, another great source of information. For their decisions or the choice of candidates may celebrate popular or internal consultations that coincide or not with elections to public corporations, in accordance with their statutes. The rules on financing and advertising campaigns and access to the media of the State, governing for the regular elections shall apply for popular queries.

Who participate in the consultations of a party or political movement not may enroll for another in the same electoral process also guarantees social organizations the right to demonstrate and participate in political events. (Article amended by Legislative Act No. 1 of 2003) ARTICLE 108. The National Electoral Council will recognize legal personality to parties, political movements and significant groups of citizens. They may obtain them with voting not less than two percent (2%) of the votes cast validly in the national territory in the House of representatives or Senate elections. They will lose them if they don’t get that percentage in elections of public corporations. Exception of the exceptional regime which is concluding in the law for the constituencies of minorities, in which simply have obtained representation in Congress. The political parties and movements with recognized legal personality can register candidates for elections without any additional requirement.

Such registration must be legalized for the same effects by the respective legal representative of the party or movement or who delegated by him. Social movements and significant groups of citizens may also register candidates. The law will determine the requirements of seriousness for the registration of candidates.

The Names

Saturday, April 21st, 2018

My friend lawyer, his partner also lawyer, the farmer possessor of the legend, and a servant like aggregate to culturar, decided to begin the search of the treasure, previous agreement of distribution in case this outside found. Here story the experience to look for and to find a treasure to them that it had hidden more than one hundred years. In order to maintain in secret the names and the places, to protect to the involved ones of this real fact, I will omit to appoint the people who participated in these events, which I hope that it does not reduce at any moment the credibility of the here counted thing. A day Wednesday, in which the lawyers altogether had to meet in the community of the farmer, for the relief of a test in relation to the case of this last one, decided to agendar the search of the treasure when finishing the mentioned diligence. We had ourselves to approach the vehicle 4 xs 4 filled with detectors treasures, tools to dig, chamarras, antigas water, masks, cigarettes, hats and everything what my friend considered opportune to support in the work. The farmer was guiding to us by dirt roads, apparently little journeyed by the evil been in which they were. We circulate with difficulty around space of two hours, whereas the Gentleman in detail told to the origin and the details us of the mysterious anecdote that were counted their grandparents to him on the existence of a great treasure hidden in the case of the property. I must to them confess, that derived at the reduced cultural level from the farmer, to its little lexical one and the place by where we traveled, seemed improbable to me the history that it related to us and still more the real existence of a treasure we buried, so without expressing it, I maintained east feeling in my mind, without questioning nothing of which the q listened.

Perogrullo Question

Saturday, April 21st, 2018

I have been forced to participate in what is happening in my country even though I am one immigrant, I also want to hear my honest opinion. Once a friend told me that every Cuban who count with a minimum of political consciousness and love of his country is obliged to be a chronicler of the time that he lives. Source: Connecticut Senator. As a more lively Cuban with expectation and a little optimism the present times and treatment from my own experience to understand the past and present. Of course not let me ask questions, of which some have a Perogrullo response, at least from my point of view. For example, do have comrade Commander Fidel, promoted some of the changes, up to now made by his brother Raul? This question is worded this way, with every intension. First I declare total mentioned, titles and positions of Fidel ever mentioned him disagree. I understand that when he found an official act is done but not on other occasions, I smell the personality cult, or how you can say in good Cuban to widespread chicharoneria, as for example, when in each international sports or cultural event all obedient sheep dedicated his success the glorious Commander. We agree that is a personality and all that, but when repeated so much and for so many years lost direction and these words begin to sound hollow, as slogans so much I’ve had to repeat all my life in Cuba.

I think I’ve deviated a little question, I’m looking like Fidel. My discretion Fidel would not have made them ever, by I think this, because in my opinion the fact of having been so long in single power has made grow arrogance and obstinacy characteristic of this character. We try to do a little serious analysis in this regard. We could ask ourselves for example, which is one of the facets that most characterises this character? Any Cuban can answer this question easily and fast, his endless speeches.