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The Palace of Dawn

Wednesday, April 18th, 2018

Being I in Brasilia, was to visit the Church Ours Lady of the Peace, that is part of the Military Archdiocese of Brazil, I was magic with the cupola much beauty really a work of art. I walked for the city I was admired with the distribution of streets and the art architectural, of the master Oscar Niemeyer I was only for the center of the city. The Palace of Dawn, the house of the politicians, was one day of week the guard was of promptitude, the beauty of the uniform, was everything very pretty, started to take off photo. In this I looked in direction National Congress and vi the Mysterious Young entering. As I was always running to its meeting. It was very happy to see me. I asked what you make here in Brasilia? Said it me: – I go to visit the senators of the Republic, because they are wanting increase of 60% in its together expirations with the others politicians.

While the pensioners and workers earn, 6%, in its wage of hunger. I asked: He knows some of them? It answered: Not, but I want to know it personally. In this height I was curious, and I asked myself: What this Young lode to make in the National Congress? It read my thoughts and said: Why you are worried, I you came in mission, as always. In this it was entering in the Congress and the Sarney came to receive it, after all it has status for this. I was observing and noticed that it seemed that already to know the Sarney, who presented the other senators, it was a very important meeting after all the Mysterious Young in the Congress, some thing would go to happen of good, for the people. It asked to the Senator Sarney which the agenda of the congress for the year of 2011? Sarney answered that the proposal of the congress would be to approve many diverse laws, reforms and constructions, as to finish the CAP and to implant the CPMF to have money for the health.

Earn Extra Money

Sunday, April 15th, 2018

In times of crisis, all we are looking for options to make a little money extra, in this article I will show some ways to make money online. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Richard Blumenthal. The purpose is not to make you rich, for that much work is needed, the purpose is to know how to make a little more money, to help cover expenses. If you were expecting the way to earn quick and easy millions, because I have not. Here, Amazon expresses very clear opinions on the subject. A way to make a little money extra is through the Internet. This tool of telecommunications to revolutionized the world, we have at our disposal much information and many ways to reach more people. Thanks to this means of communication we can make money from home, without having to be stuck in an Office, I know people who make a living on the Internet, and although they are not being and maybe earn no more than an average office worker, have one great advantage that the average white-collar workers do not have. Mobility and independence.

For mobility, I want to say that they do not have to be in an Office all day, you can work from home or leave and work from anywhere that has access to the internet. Even more important is independence, they don’t have to take orders from anyone, they are at the wheel of his destiny. This is very valuable. But to get to earn Internet life can take some years. For the moment let’s see some ways of you earn money and if you persevere and work hard someday you will reach the desired independence. One of the easiest is this, did you know that you can earn money answering surveys or emails? So. If you use Google you can find companies that are dedicated to this.

Is it because someone would pay to resolve surveys? Many companies conduct market research to be able to better position your product, and the best way to do so is through surveys. This information is very valuable because if they do not respond to the needs of the market may lose lots of money. But these surveys can remove them time to make other bounces, it is why they outsource companies to make them. What make these companies? Instead of looking for people to survey, people going to them, nobody likes to do surveys but with a monetary incetivo, saving people who have to be playing House by House to perform surveys and therefore money. You won’t earn much money with this, but a few extra dollars are very good for anyone. Don’t even need to invest much time, even can do them from work. BE honest how long miss a day surfing the internet and watching chain mails. You could take advantage of that time and make extra money. Go to your preferred internet browser and searches for this type of companies, so that you can start to earn some money by internet.

Political Motivation

Saturday, April 14th, 2018

The period of training has as objective to propitiate conditions and chances so that, as trainees, let us can construct our professional autonomy in the educative field. Thus, we had one real experience in the education process and learning, by means of activities that make possible a direct contact with the field of professional performance, subsidizing our work in classroom, giving to us it chance to investigate the reality, with sights (reverse speed) the critical construction of the knowledge. It disciplines it of Geography is important for the formation of the pupil, for favoring its familiarization with the geographic questions, identifying the actions for which the man modifies the natural space and transforms it into geographic space. It fits to the professor to transform this importance of Geography into motivation pupils to study them, therefore, the mobilization of the thought is generated by the motivation, that is, for our desires and necessities, our interests and emotions. In this direction, we present, to follow, reflections on the work that we carry through in room, to start of the planning and the effort in transforming the contents of Geography into motivation to help the pupils to give one meaning to the studied concepts and geographic processes. Using of the content of in agreement population the program of the Project Pedagogical Politician of the school and of it disciplines, we place in the paper of the education of Geography, not to adjust the individual to the way where it lives, but yes, to instrumentalizar it to develop the critical sense, allowing to the linking of the concrete real life with the analyses and information learned in classroom and with this to interact with the society which belongs (CALLAI, 2001). Transforming basic and deepened contents into daily subjects, but without leaving to run away the theoretical, basic bases for the agreement of central focus of the quarrel. .

English Courses

Friday, April 13th, 2018

Have how many times we have registered in online courses for learning English? Or how many times we have attended a local Academy to refine our knowledge? When have result given these methods? It is clear that the approach that we Spaniards for teaching and learning English is not adequate, because this language remains our great unfinished. The only way that really works is to learn English abroad. English courses in London with a different approach if there is something that has proved to be the real solution to this problem are the English courses in London. These courses are not like the Spaniards, they are designed especially for students who do not have English as their mother tongue. Are the English courses in London taught by expert professionals specialized in the teaching of this language as a foreign language. They also encourage communicative student ability, so that oral and auditory aspects are constantly practiced.

Courses General, intensive and business English there are many types of courses, such as generals, the intensive and business English. In the first case, the courses have a generic approach and include numerous types of communicative situations; in the second, the workload is greater and more depth on concepts. Additional information at Connecticut Senator supports this article. In the case of business English courses, dedicated a substantial part of matter to training in Linguistics and lexicon commercial or business. This course aspires to greater specialization of the student.

Cuban Hospital

Thursday, April 12th, 2018

Bad news also influence also in the process the same decision under pressure from the media for a quick reaction of the authorities. This definitely affects the quality of the decision must be aware that actions taken daily by the State are never going to meet the needs of all sectors governed, there will always be sectors that feel affected, without having the political component that is always present in all the big decisions. Other leaders such as Paulo Coelho offer similar insights. We add to this that many of the institutions of public service (telephones, potable water, police, electricity) not providing a service as efficient, which translates into complaints and permanent complaints generated inevitable negative perceptions. If there is someone who has to count with a team of crisis management, that is precisely the Government. The actions to be taken should always have a strategic vision that contemplates all the scenarios that you can present as a result of any decision or action and be prepared to resolve it within the framework of crisis management strategies.

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Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

More than one person have found us desperate to find a cure migraine, got to try amazing things, from tea of strange herbs that gives you the Naturopathic medicines until extremists that only cause more complications than what heal. But do they really work? In my only experience some. Extremists who cause you vomiting, there are medications diarrhea just calm down a little pain, if one fails to have another option to test whatever but I think that there are better options. If I have written a life without migraine method it is because I agree not to take drugs in order to be better. An alternative therapy is conceived as an alternative to medicine to which we are accustomed, one option to that image of the doctor with bata, twenty thousand diplomas to its back and prescription drugs purchased from a pharmacy. Most have been educated to veto any theory that come to discuss what we have learned in the school of imaginations and even stupid, I myself was so, but being already in this way I can tell you If there are things beyond traditional medicine, and in many cases gives a better result than the legal drugs. The only thing you need to do is try and test in correct places it there just as in traditional medicine just charlatans who only want to get you your money. An alternative therapy is from Grandma to spiritist sessions herbal tea to take away migraine xD.

As their name implies they are alternatives that you have to take away the migraine, I myself to traditional medicine catalog as an alternative therapy because she has neither a cure. The only thing you could advise is to try and try and it that it works for you use it. You don’t close to more possibilities, the human from a long time ago tends to not be questioned things and assumes taught in society, an example was very clear that at a time when the ninety-nine percent of the people of the old continent swore that the Earth was flat, nobody questioned him, to those who claimed that he was not killed them.

Teddy Roosevelt

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

Wexler seems to forget that before Buchanan showed its extremist face, was one of the political commentators of greater hearing in the North American television and enjoyed million supporters until it removed his Nazi tendency afloat. Barack Obama is the Pat Buchanan of the left, whose winding trajectory is worse than the one of the rightist, is full of dark passages and personages, and no profit. More info: Connecticut Senator. In his present campaign it counts on the support of Hams, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the Nation of the Islam, Hugo Chavez, and all anti-semitic radical psychopath of the planet. The idea of Wexler was to show compatible Palin like to the ideas judeofobas of Buchanan. For its misfortune, Palin SARAH is a Christian Zionist pro, and like good observante Christian that it knows his roots Jewish, a flag of the State of Israel in the window of its office shines from long before that was chosen like candidate for the vice-presidency. Looking for to enlodar the faultless trajectory of SARAH Palin, the democratic press escaza of elements to disqualify the governor, is questioning who a woman with five children dedicates itself to the policy. The great defenders of the feminine rights, suddenly are against to a woman taking part in state subjects. They changed of position; they learned the mannas of his presidential candidate.

The Great Party of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Nixon and Reagan, whom the slavery abolished and obtained right equals for all; that it had to the first congressmen of black race and the first Latin senator; that envisti to the first Hispanic governor of California, as well as to the first Austrian immigrant in the same position; that it ended the War of Vietnam; that it defeated to the Comunism; that it appointed the first Afro-American Secretaries of State, and that is characterized to make the things instead of to announce demagogic, false and unreal intentions like their democratic rivals, return to make history. Palin avalanche is 44 years old, is the first governing woman of the State of Alaska, is married with Todd, a descending of Eskimo, member worker of the Union of Workers of the Steel and champion of races of motorcycles for snow. They have five children, the last one was born with Syndrome of Down and knowing previously that the boy would be born with the disease, decided to have it, thanks to its deep convictions that all life is sagrada. Attitude clearly different from which had the democratic clan Kennedy, who committed to their sister with the same disease in an asylum; they deigned to visit it, and never they treated hide-and-seek that was a defective person in the family. Original author and source of the article.

Republic Policy

Sunday, April 1st, 2018

The housing deficit in Venezuela has been increasing steadily as the years pass. Approximately two million homes are currently required to give amparo to the vast population that has suffered the rigors of the rains last month. It is palpable that requires the competition of the public and private sectors established a strategy for housing policy that has as an objective, in the medium and long term, achieve the massive construction of social interest housing. This will be achieved with a clear housing policy to clearly establish the rules of the game, where all economic sectors will have to intervene in order to achieve the desired goal. Achieving this objective requires: the use of unused urban land belonging to the municipalities, States and to the Republic, in order to devise a plan for housing policy that allows in the medium and long term the construction of 200 thousand units annually. The contest of the best architects, urbanists, developers and builders and communities to carry out a massive construction plan. The contribution gives the banks for financing builders and users of the system for the purchase of housing. The contribution of the State to meet the needs of those who cannot access the financial system, for its financial condition subsidizing the purchase of housing units.

The use of fiscal stimulus, applying direct and indirect tax exemptions to the producers in order to improve the entry to the construction business. Increase of affordable building materials and give ease to obtain foreign exchange for the acquisition of machinery abroad. Finish with the bureaucracy so that operations to obtain the permission is more expeditious, as well as eliminate unnecessary steps when it comes to drawing up the operations of purchase sale and mortgage documents. To solve the housing problem, the Government must devote great part of gross domestic product to investment in the construction sector and do so for a medium and long period in a way that in approximately ten years have covered housing demand. A well articulated housing policy would reactivate the economic system, creating jobs, activating depressed sectors of the economy, boosted the country’s economic and social development. Is time that the problem be put at its root and that together, public and private sector to feel to delineate a housing policy to the needs of the population that is at the end, which loaded with the weight and the frustration of not having a decent place to live. It has never been so important that all economic, social and productive sectors of Venezuela, to agree on a problem currently affecting the vast Venezuelan population that has as a priority to have decent housing, with the added value of family security. We must all contribute our grain of sand so that the solution is immediate and thus build the Venezuela that we all want. This will succeed it with a clear housing policy.