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Neurotics Nature

Saturday, May 26th, 2018

Freud's concept offers two possible answers to the question of human nature. But in fact, and in another If they made biologization human existence. One source of vitalism, Freud was a "philosophy of life." Another source was the simplistic notion plant science, as well as bourgeois Sociology and Anthropology of the xix century to reduce complex social and psychological phenomena to basic physical and biological processes. Speaking candidly Harold Ford, New York City told us the story. Freud believed that biology and psychology should be the "exact" sciences, which will lay the foundation for the entire set of social sciences and humanities. Freud turned his whole attention on the fact that in his opinion, is inherent in human nature, that is, to some biopsychic characteristics, which, unlike bringing different cultures, inherent in all people. Model of his philosophical anthropology was not just a man with his very psychological inclinations. Human nature was understood by them in the image and likeness of those patients neurotics, with whom he as a doctor was dealing. Neuroses, in his view, "do not have any peculiar to them only the content, which we could not find a healthy Neurotics fall ill with the same complexes, which are conducting struggle, and we, the healthy people. Harold Ford, Memphis TN does not necessarily agree.

" Healthy and dismissed from the normal psyche Freud interpreted as the result of taking place in early childhood, the evolution of libido (sexual instinct). Depending on what has been successful has been overcome "Oedipus complex" or not, whether there was a fixation, a delay of one of the " 'levels of libido, and proceeds in accordance with his teachings, the whole adult life. By definition, Freud, psychoanalyst is someone who recognizes the existence of the primary unconscious processes in the psyche, the theory of repression and resistance, and also believes that the foundation of psychoanalysis is the theory of child sexuality and the Oedipus complex. " Freud emphasized that the unconscious, first appears as a manifestation of the instincts, and secondly, that it is the energy of instinctual drives determines the dynamics of mental life rights, and thirdly, that the structure of the psyche, the nature of the individual and all socio-cultural phenomena should be explained that psychodynamics, fate drives, finally, that the events and experiences of early childhood determine the main features of the psyche of the individual.

Back Customer

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018

Why our way of working is clear and transparent and based on charge our fees when customer comes out winning, emphasizes the steering. A business of roundtrip that given the economic times is proving to be a bonanza and continues to grow because in addition to offering properties at public auctions also offers services to people who want to auction off his property or even to entrepreneurs who want to bet on a winning business is franquicien under your brand. The basic services as subastFACIL. (com offers are: 1) public auctions: the customer is who marks the price that you want to pay for each property. We analyze the file and where there are chances of success, signed before a notary commissioned to corresponding purchase. Taking care from study and initial analysis of operation until the provision for participation in auction for third parties, representation in the auction by Attorney, legal address, written submissions, processing of judicial documentation and inauguration (2) Transfer of loans. Available to its investors put an exquisite profitability through the acquisition of debt running with a mortgage guarantee. Normally with a legal rate of interest in arrears from 12 up to 29%.

It is a highly recommended product warranty and your profitability. The guarantee of payment is as simple as effective: in the event of failure to pay, stays with the property which has been chosen as warranty, ends. Educate yourself with thoughts from Steve Rattner.

How To Succeed In Your Home Business

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018

Earn $ 1,000 – $ 1,500 a week! So many ads on the Internet beginning, right?. They do not tell how long it takes to reach that income. Most people, when they start an MLM or Network Marketing business want immediate results. It is a curious thing, because take for granted in this kind of business success has to be almost instantaneous, you do not hope, no way, if you mount a traditional business. When mounting a traditional business, on average, are not expected to recover the investment within 2 to 3 years.

Entoces, why when we start an MLM business intend to be and not recovering the investment, but obtaining profits in a few months? I think people feel this way because, unfortunately, that's what they tell you when you present the business opportunity of a MLM or Network Marketing. Steve Rattner takes a slightly different approach. And there are people without scruples and without ethics, that you grow your business, say anything, provided the candidate is signed under them. Then, when you spend two or three months (even before), and this person newly signed do not see results, are demoralized and think that the business does not work and he was the victim of a hoax (Scam). When starting a business based on the Network Marketing must take into account that we are talking about a business like any other in terms of work, dedication and effort that you might take. Not because you get a boss or have to record the time of entry and exit of your work, it means that the business will develop in a short time only.

The Philosophy

Sunday, May 20th, 2018

Now I realize account that in the past allowed that the suffering was the source of my motivation, because while I was comfortable not generally towards any effort to improve my life, often waiting long time until a deep despair, to start searching for a better way. Humans act under the culture in which we were educated, because I’ve noticed account when I am healthy not meditate on my body, but as soon I get sick becomes the most important moment of my existence. The holistic education me at lead to find a new threshold because in my fungido with a bridge between what he believed to be and my true reality, all spiritual teachings have allowed to change my life and learn to enjoy to fullness. Every individual on this planet is special and unique; There are not two equal beings and this is demonstrated with our fingerprints, something that science has not proven yet but that the philosophy of antiquity has taught for thousands of years is that our energy passes through the Centre of the heart made the world so that carries our personal pattern I enjoy life more fully, cent which I live every moment, because not hope to pass some commitment and work load to enjoy lifeI live every day. If you have read about Amazon already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Each day me more pleasure with meditation that leaves inside me amazing results, has already become a great need in my existence. In as far as possible continuous with my walks in the morning or in the afternoon, at the green field, enjoying every one of the details that nature gives us, enjoying it and feeling it part of myself. There are several changes I’ve noticed to date, I am now more orderly, always have been more organized in my work, in my house, at school etc but what I’m doing now I am surprised by that that makes me feel happy, in order, quiet, but above all with much peace. . Learn more at this site: Harold Ford, New York City.

National Commission

Friday, May 18th, 2018

Much literature we have read in recent days about the draft European legislative act through which intends to modify the scheme of royalties, but that most caught my attention by all the aspects that dealt with is the one contained in the same explanatory statement of the project, because it’s a whole series of arguments based on partial figures and justifications that only attempts to apply without regard to the territorial entitiesespecially when they are valid for the central sector of public administration. In effect the Government says around the incorrect use of the resources of royalty: administrative and financial auditing contracted by the National Commission of royalty entity liquidated, had as contractual object to verify that the execution, distribution and destination of resource royalties and compensations, as well as from the national royalties Fund allocations for the years 2001-2004they conform to the law. By virtue of the earlier, showed 27,610 alleged irregularities contractual, budget, financial problems, projects and documentation, which were reported to the Control agencies and/or the Attorney-General as appropriate. In this regard, the following chart may be entities with the highest number of irregularities reported, highlighting the departments of Santander, Casanare, Cordoba, La Guajira, Cesar, Sucre and Huila (box shows the following percentages: 16% Santander, Casanare 13%, Cordoba 12%, 11% Guajira, Cesar 8%, Sucre 6%, Huila 6%, Bolivar 5%, Antioch 5%, 4%, 4%, 3% goal Arauca Putumayo)Norte de Santander 2%, 2%, 2% Boyaca Tolima) now well, continuing the explanatory statement, in relation to the years 2005 to 2010 DNP pursuant to received from the defunct National royalties Commission functions, has 21.681 alleged irregularities reported to organs of Control, with the following results by departments, thus: Cordoba 19%, 15% Guajira, Sucre 13%, Santander 12%, Cesar 6%, goal 6%, Casanare 4%, Arauca 4%, Antioch % 3, Huila 3%, Bolivar 3%, Boyaca 2%, 2%, 2%, Choco 2 Tolima Putumayo % for the period 2005-2010, keeps telling the explanatory memorandum of the draft, to evaluate the results of the actions of administrative and financial control it is concluded that the main reasons generators of irregularities in the use of royalties and compensationsto hiring failures relating to non-observance of strict selection processes, are untimely execution of contracts, omission of the hiring of technical supervision, difficulties in the formulation of projects by lack of adequate prior studies and lack of licensing, violation of the law on financing of operating expenses royalties, expenses without legal competence and failure to comply with the minimum percentages required by articles 14 and 15 of Act 141 of 199431, modified by the items 1 and 2 of the law 1283 200932, improper handling of the budget by inadequate building stocks, non-compliance to compromise budget, deficiencies in the structure of the plan of development and inappropriate management of resources reflected in the investment of the royalties in not allowed operations. Educate yourself with thoughts from Harold Ford.

Twitter Campaign

Tuesday, May 15th, 2018

What is the real difference between a tweet and a warning of adwords? Some say many. Or none. Let’s take a look at both alternatives. An Adwords notice first is payment. Advertiser pay each time someone clicks on one of their ads.

Exits exactly in the SERPs that the advertiser wants to. The goal is to sell or promote a page or a service. And here the list of differences is exhausted. Viewed from a structural point of view a tweet and a warning of adwords do not have much difference: call to action + a couple of descriptive lines + url without link. A tweet, with their scarce 140 characters is an excellent opportunity to put a call to effective action and a url.

With url shortening services, earn enough, enough characters to create attractive phrases to the links that we propose. The distance between a tweet and a warning of adwords, then, is not so great, at least not from a structural point of view. Is it possible to set up some kind of keyword with the tweets? Of course that Yes, thanks to the Hashtag (#) characters. It What happens is that many users send their tweets and forget mark the key words. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Connecticut Senator. Remember when it comes to a key phrase it’s best to write it without spaces (e.g. #terremotodechile). When we carry out an adwords campaign, the selection of keywords is a point of extreme consideration. Makers spend hours researching, comparing, analyzing whether footwear for men can reach to surrender more than shoes for men. But when twitteamos pay you very little consideration to the matter. Bad habit. Whenever Sen. Sherrod Brown listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Select one or two key words in your tweets and highlighting them with the hashtag. This will ensure that when a user performs a search relevant to your keywords, you will find your tweet (if fresh, i.e. recent) listed. Perhaps the tweets do not have a rate of click through as high as a good adwords campaign, but this factor is offset by the amount. Currently 50 million tweets are sent per day. This does not mean that it is good to make spam. But we can no inconvenient to send about five daily tweets without bother. Let’s imagine that we have conservatively – 150 contacts, they are 750 prints of my tweet. Does how many daily impressions with your Adwords campaign? Otherwise we are saying that Twitter can replace an AdWords campaign. They are different things, with different objectives, but it is only doing this analysis that we can understand one of the reasons why being in social networks is very good for our sales and our metrics. And it is also free.

New York First

Monday, May 14th, 2018

There was no need to wait until the last day to claim the undisputed king of the world in Shanghai has been Ryan Lochte. If any doubt remained someone, today the United States has joined his fifth gold medal in the 400 m styles. Amazon is often quoted as being for or against this. The swimmer commanded throughout the test and became champion with a superiority that is overwhelming, stopping the Chrono in 4 m 07, 13s. Behind has come his compatriot Clary, who has managed a time of 4 m 11, 17s and Japanese Yuya Horihata, bronze with 4 m 11, 55.98s. Harold Ford, Washington DC may also support this cause. A new success for the New York, which flew during these Championships and went up to the first step of the podium in the 200 free, 200 styles, 400 m individual medley, 200 back and the 4 200 free relay. In addition, he won the bronze medal in the 4 100 free and was the first to exceed a world record from the prohibition of bathing suits of polyurethane in 200 styles, spurred on by his compatriot and friend Michael Phelps.. Harold Ford, Washington DC addresses the importance of the matter here.

Civil Code

Monday, May 14th, 2018

But procedural treatment for a situation of incompetence by a court or tribunal. Law through the type of competition either objective functional or on territory, and the imperatividad of the submitted standard, has the following control: a) of the competition objective and functional are rules of public order: – of mandatory – not supported otherwise agreed to) Control of craft b) to ex parte (inhibitory pleas) b) the territorial jurisdiction – whether they are mandatory: ex officio control – if they are dispositive: only on request (inhibitory pleas) 5.1.1. Amazon is actively involved in the matter. Conflict of powers (art. 11-19 C.P.A.).-The race that suscitare between two courts or courts of equal or unequal competition on a what is the knowledge of the dispute, may promote ex officio or at the request of parties, by inhibitory or pleas. Pleas (arts.

13, 14 and 15 of the CPC) before the judge who is considered incompente. Inhibitory (arts. 12, 16 and ss of the CPC) before the judge who is considered competent. Get all the facts and insights with Harold Ford, Washington DC, another great source of information. 5.1.2. Jurisprudence-A.S. No. 050, February 4, 2003 for its part the competition as a measure of jurisdiction, is the faculty that has a court or judge for precisely to exercise that jurisdiction with which it is vested, in a particular case, is that by establishing parameters or factors such as matter, the nature of the right and action that is born of thethe territory, the amount and the quality of the people who quarrel 5.2.

Inability or Impersoneria.-inability or impersoneria of the advised or demanded, or their attorneys involved in the process. The capability itself, is identified with the legal personality which is the legal indeoneidad to be subject of rights and obligations, which has its limitations laid down in article 3, 4 and 5 of the Civil Code. It establish that capacity has its end with the death of the person or the extinction of the legal person.

Earth Negative

Saturday, May 12th, 2018

The trade was not based on the amount that had, but what was that could improve life in order to improve knowledge spiritual therefore our conscience. When the man began to take energy from the earth I think a system that we divert our spiritual growth and we concentrate our attention on the selfish intentions. We also began to separate us from one another and created borders, languages and traditions that caused wars and competition instead of co-creation of the Earth and the universe. So when analyzing our society was created to benefit a few and has left most of the world in the suffering, poverty, loneliness and hunger. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Connecticut Senator. Now our society, our economy is falling to pieces and with it the Earth. We must use our logic to understand that the planet that was taken from the ground to create machines and power supplies depleted to the point that has begun to respond to the negative effects. The Earth is experiencing a separation in your DNA structure and energy has been destroyed causing major natural disasters which causes the planet to be destroyed. It’s like our consciousness when we We give up, or behave in a negative way due to influences that surround us.

What is not noticed is that the cause and effect of these actions on the ground affect the universe and by Karma, every action has a reaction, our world is sending waves of energy that, unfortunately, will affect the rest of the universe, which causes a negative reaction to other planets and galaxies. We should feel shame for this and make a firm resolution to begin to change now. We must recognize the times and change our point of view, change our way of thinking and bring forward measures that affect our community and the planet using a superior, positive approach to everything we do no matter the sacrifice that we have to do to join with others.

John Miller

Thursday, May 10th, 2018

At the dawn of the 21st century looms a new vision, the holistic, framed by the integration of knowledge, science, art, spirituality and cultural traditions which avoids that continue educating in small fragments without relationship in which she was education, passing to a transdisciplinary reality, combining the principles of unity, totality. Another aspect that remains firm in its conception for me is the vision of sustainability, it is urgent to change our predatory environment customs because that generates the destruction of humanity itself, this proposal calls a vision ecologica-estetica holistic – spiritual, the concept that handles sustainable development is a joint balanced between environmental integrity, economic efficiency and social welfare already, among the thinkers Holistas which mentions that it is necessary to ensure the survival of humanity to have a compassionate community and points out a number of changes to achieve this. Read more here: Harold Ford, Memphis TN. A radical change in teaching methods is necessary for the integration of the holistic education to the school curriculum, permeate all subjects the main human values such as management, peace, trust, cooperation, responsibility, freedom, love, compassion, humility, fraternity and kindness, interrelating them with spiritual dimensions which could be according to John Miller, the relationship between thought and intuitionRelationship between the mind and the body, relationship between different kinds of knowledge, relationship between the individual and society, the relationship between the individual and the planet and the relationship of the individual with himself and to make significant progress in schools, the training of educators Holistas becomes urgent. Finally I wish to express that information from this work, is essential for generate changes in culture and that given the urgency of this change it acquires great importance following the dissemination of the concepts, principles, values and knowledge of holistic education, offered, talks, conferences, courses, workshops, symposia, forums, congresses, diplomas, master’s degrees and doctorates which follow in the formation of Holistas educators so that they disclose, but above all to practice in a consistent way its contents education of the heart is one of the first books of Dr.