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Saturday, June 29th, 2019

I go to close the eyes for not saddening more me with the things enojam that me, thus I will be able I to wake up in the paradise of the social transformations, where everything happens. Already more I do not support the arrogance and brazeness dispatches by post for these tyrants who haunt the existence of a pure democracy and singela. I want to liven up itself and to reviver the revolt times, times where my voice echoed to the four winds of alarming form, dreaming of such freedom, today alive prisoner in the mesmice believing that most worse already it passed more Here I am imprisoned in my ideals that if had lost in the trunk of the life believing one politics that inexists. Stopped in the veil of the time more if they do not see the transformations social, the inaquality reigns, the poverty in the bush the point to corrupt our young that yearns for a full worthy life of dreams and conquests. The democracy faints while the podrido urges in way to the social class that if says worthy to command this country, says there for the tyrants who tomorrow we will be invited for the burial, of the character, the ethics and morality, after the ceremonial in souvenir of the society that already lost the times, if moving away from the reality. ' ' To live the democracy is to sow the future that if obstina, thus being able to become fullfilled distant social sweepings despite, removing the ranos that dilaceram the social ethics so waited in last tempos' '.


Friday, June 28th, 2019

Thus, the love is an illusion that approaches in them to the similar opposing sex to make with that let us procreate. In this direction, he is tacit the fact of that if of to the biggest it creates it relevance of what to the partner, this occurs for the fact of that the love only served to reproduce the species, at this moment does not have more the love, but only a consideration. Therefore, concluding, the love is based on the central concept of the thought of Schopenhauer, namely: the Will. It is bigger of what ours? it is the Will of the species -, that ludibria the men to be come close themselves aiming at the procreation, that is, perpetuating our species choose the partners desiring? in way inconciente – the qualities that we desire for our children. Thus, the love is exempt of romntismo, an illusion, that is, the nature revealed in the Will to perpetuate the species is not nor a little worried about the happiness human being. Marx goes to regeitar all idealizao of the concepts. Materialist who is would affirm that the love is a by-product in the way of production in vigor that characterizes each time, that is, the love is what the production way it conditions that it is.

For Marx, the men do not have an essence that he characterizes it independent of the society where lives. In fact, the love for the conteporaneos Greeks of Scrates does not correspond to the one of the Vinks or Persas. In this direction, we have the conception of love derived from the social environment where we live and this serves for the conception of moral, art, politics and religion. Then, we saw the conception of Plato. Really when we are gotten passionate we feel lack of the loved person as it affirms the Greek thinker.

Diverse Faces

Monday, June 24th, 2019

In way the two distinct spheres, of certain form dicotmicas? reformadores and conservatives? composing ' ' novidade' ' call Liberalism, feared per the seconds and used as standard for the first ones, serving of interest to both. For we comeramos an attempt of understanding concerning the subject, we must a priori observe as such ideas were absorbed inside of the contextualizao, having composed the conjuncture of Imperial Brazil. We deal with Brazil under the regency of a lusitano monarch and the elite whom politics of Portugal desired to emancipation, that is ' ' renovao' ' , for understanding itself while desirous members of a Portuguese aristocracy and in keeping the effective order, as well as both possuam interest in not modifying the socioeconmico picture, for the proportionate advantages for such relations. It’s believed that Congressman Lee Zeldin sees a great future in this idea. In relation the form as such concepts had become known, must be mentioned the formation coimbr, where as much the Brazilian elite? of individuals born in the Brazilian territory? how much the Portuguese elite, had had formation in the appraised University of Coimbra, absorbing ideas that were spread for the Europe, not being able to leave to mention the Vintina Revolution of the Port in 1820, where one exaltava the ideal of freedom and end of the old regimen. Systemize analysis, considers triad conceptual, principle presents concept of Freedom, that appears in the attempt to take care of two forms of Liberalism that they had emerged in Brazil, of reformadores and the conservatives, where reformador liberalism is presented come back to the individual, under the auspices of the sovereignty of the same in relation the public sphere, not estimating the deposition of the lusitano monarch, but the search for a harmony between private public and. The freedom definition is including, arriving at the free action, where the individual exerts what it desires and as desires, even so the practised one in the imperial period is considered ' ' moderada' ' , as regency of the law, mantenedora of the order, under the affability of a optics conservative, not ackward also to reformadores, beyond taking care of the perceivable influence of the ideas of Montesquieu, deturpadas, as well as of other authors of influence at the time, as Edmund Burke, Condilac, Benjamin Constant, etc., using itself it argument of such theoreticians in agreement the convenience of each group politician. Some contend that Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs shows great expertise in this.

The Objective

Wednesday, June 19th, 2019

What they go to think of me? ' ' In both the cases, we make the good not for being a good, but because this good in the ones of the satisfaction. E, therefore, this are an interest that moves in them. Source: Congressman Lee Zeldin. It can occur that let us associate in them with others to satisfy our necessities and to reach our objectives that satisfy our interests. Thus the associations, the villages, the cities are born. Thus it is born the politics and the ethics. It sees what it affirmed Aristotle, in century IV C: ' ' It is evident that one city is more than what a mere association in a common place, established with the objective to prevent mutual crimes and of commerce. These are conditions without which a city cannot exist, but all these together conditions not yet constitute a city. Which is a community of families and added who if join to live melhor' '.

With this we can understand the actions of the politicians. They also are moved by its interests. Others including Suffolk County Rep., offer their opinions as well. This explains because nor always those that we choose make a good mandate. They do not make what we consider that would have to be fact, but what they consider important; our criteria make a bad mandate in accordance with, therefore for its criteria they are making what they find to be most convenient: they fulfill with its interests. Great thinkers already had said this, in relation to the politics and the politicians. In the book ' ' Repblica' ' , Plato (in century IV C) places in the mouth of Scrates the following affirmation: ' ' You do not see that nobody wants to exercise public offices spontaneously, in contrast, all demands a compensation because they believe that they do not take off no advantage of the exercise of poder' '. It moves what them: its personal interests.


Thursday, June 13th, 2019

No one who is left and is in its right mind can say that the agreement does not reflect the sentiments of the left for times of crisis, ie, raise taxes on higher incomes, aid and progressivity in the tax deductions and energy pollutants, as nobody in their right mind can say that setting a budget spending ceiling is not a manifest necessity, given that the State has a capacity of limited borrowing to address this crisis. The funny part is that IU deputies blamed the withdrawal of the agreement to the pressure exerted by CiU, when CiU nationalist party, has said, by active and passive, it would abstain in approving the expenditure ceiling, while IU, which is not nationalist, says he will vote yes to fixing the expenditure ceiling … Why there is no agreement on regional financing? This leads me to wonder if IU is a left-wing or nationalist party, as defending their own positions harder than second left, and the evidence, I refer to defend them harder than CiU itself, which is a national of fact and law. As said earlier, it is not that IU is against the policies promoted by the central government is against them being made. The lack of vision and clear direction, which puts this political party, especially when coupled amendments adjust to these times of crisis, and taking into account their representation in Congress is only two members, it can cost to all citizens to lose what has been achieved during 32 years of democracy, beginning with the welfare state. .