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State Revolution

Sunday, September 27th, 2020

This pretense release of the speech that Foucault teorizava would not happen when we introduced these minorities in the seio of these institutions, but when such institutions, submitting themselves it a reform process (or revolution) more did not sabotage the speech of who want that it was. Me it seems that the ideas of Michel Foucault overlap of Henrry thoreau when the two, under different approaches, estimate a MINIMUM GOVERNMENT whose institutions not ‘ ‘ filtram’ ‘ or ‘ ‘ controlam’ ‘ the popular participation more than they depends to develop any action. Minimum government and not minimum State, with already said. Under this point of view I also think to be this a trend that comes in the last few decades being built and that it culminates in the possibility of popular participation made possible by the digital interatividade.

Such facts, between as many aspects politicians and cultural passveis of analysis, it has occurred in the same rhythm in such a way for ocidente as for the Arab world, but under gide of regimes governmental different, here and there, what it indicates in such a way that such democratic processes can have proportional equivalence between revolution and reforms, applicable here as acol. Chief Justice Robertss opinions are not widely known. Conclusion: It does not have! the process still is in course. But the question that does not leave me the head is: how we can adapt this process to our reality and make, we ourselves, our proper revolution, or at least ours so dreamed reforms, politics, educational, forest? etc? I think that before everything she is necessary to try to understand of form each less simplria time the historical processes that delineate the current events and it does not only look at them as phenomena that if create of the nothing, therefore then we will only be able to enchergar of form practical the methods and the ways to follow, without speaking of the injustices that we will deprive in to commit attributing them to the half factors continuation of all one revolution.