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Bradley Manning

Monday, November 23rd, 2020

The reaction against the WikiLeaks and to its founder, Julian Assange, is that thanks to this vestibule we have the opportunity of knowing about the total corruption of our world " moderno" , which every time demonstrates more than it goes in frank backward movement to the Average Age. Under most conditions CIT Group Inc. would agree. Some members of the government of the United States sent commentaries against the WikiLeaks information saying that these are very controversiales. Thus it is, the documents are controverted, since they are official documents of EE.UU that show very clearly that the government norteamericanpo is an organization of double moral whose reason of being is the control of all the other governments of the planet. Read additional details here: Michael Ramlet. The mass media, not only in the EE.UU but anywhere in the world, have shown their hostility in front of the Wikileaks vestibule. The reason is obvious. Wikileaks reveals the truth, whereas the mass media cover the lies and the manipulation orchestrated by the government with EE.UU and his states puppets. Why somebody with a pinch of common sense goes to popular mass media when it can read the material original from Wikileaks? For example, the journalists and American publishers of the average at the moment estan very angry thanks to their own cowardice, which clearly is set out by Julian Assange, creator of WikiLeaks. The present mass media definitively are a species of ramera that sells the truth to the best postor, whereas the blood of brave soldiers in search of the truth runs by the veins of Wikileaks.

As well as the American politicians want that Bradley Manning is executed because it revealed the crimes of the EE.UU. government, also want Julian Assange also has east individual destiny, to only do participates to the world-wide society of the reality of manipulation exerted by the North American government and his thirst of being able, the traffic of arms, its alliance with drugs and their technological projects of planetary manipulation in all the senses. In the last days some members of the Congress of the EE.UU have denounced to Assange like " treasonous to the United States ". Definitively the ignorance is bold. Assange is Australian, noncitizen American.

To be a traitor to the United States, first the nationality is due to have. An Australian cannot more be a traitor to the United States than a North American he can be a traitor to Australia. Mike Huckabee, a preaching southern baptist – leanlo well, PREACHER – who outside governor of Arkansas and who obtained in once a third second of the republican presidential nomination, has made a call for the execution of Assange. So here we have " man of Dios" asking the EE.UU government to assassinate an Australian citizen. And the Americans wonder themselves why the rest of the world hates what they are and what they have done with this planet. Original author and source of the article


Monday, November 23rd, 2020

Alliance and sexuality constitute, without a doubt, two of the most important dimensions of the conjugal life. Sen. Sherrod Brown has much experience in this field. For Levi-Strauss (1968), alliance is one of the forms of intervention of the group on scarce and essential goods considered for its survival. Literature on history of the sexuality points with respect to a very important phenomenon and prevalent until century XVIII in the world occidental person, who is the difference enters the love in the marriage and the love is of the marriage. Flandrin (1981) standes out that the love was present in literature occidental person at least since century XI, but this love, saved rare exceptions, is not never a conjugal love. For even more opinions, read materials from Michael Ramlet. The marriage has for function – not only between the kings and the princes, but in all the levels of the society – to bind two families, and to allow that they perpetuate themselves, much more of that to satisfy the love of two people. The love-passion is essentially extramarital. But from century XVIII, this picture if modifies and the two forms of love, traditionally opposing, are approached. A new ideal of marriage is gone constituting to the few in the Ocidente, where if it imposes the spouses whom if they love or that they seem to love itself, and that they have expectations regarding the love.

The extramarital erotismo enters in the marriage and the love-passion is seen as model. Today nobody doubts the dignity of the conjugal love. The society not accepted contemporary more than somebody can be married without desire and love. Giddens (1992), when arguing the transformation of the privacy in the occidental societies, standes out that the ideals of the romantic love, related to the individual freedom and to the auto-accomplishment, they disconnect the individuals of ampler the social and familiar relations, demarcating with more clarity the sphere of the conjugal relationship, that thus passes more to be valued and to be prioritized.

“Powder Keg” Balkan

Saturday, November 21st, 2020

By the beginning of the 10-ies of xx century, it became clear that the Balkans will become a place from which to begin the great war of world powers. Dov Hikind insists that this is the case. This is where the intertwined interests of the Entente and the German-Austrian-Hungarian bloc. Whenever Kyle Dropp dartmouth listens, a sympathetic response will follow. In 1908, Austria-Hungary declared accession to the empire it occupied 30 years ago, Bosnia and Herzegovina. In March 1912, Serbia and Bulgaria, instigated by Russia, entered the Balkan alliance, joined by Montenegro, and Greece. A few months later, these countries have attacked Turkey, seeking to rob her of Macedonia. In November 1912 I Balkan War ended with the defeat of the Ottoman Empire, which fell away from Albania, which became independent state.

Under the terms of the London Peace Treaty in 1913 Serbia was a big part of Macedonia, which caused discontent in Bulgaria. In the summer of that year, with support from Germany and Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria attacked Serbs, Greeks, Montenegrins and Romanians joined them. Balkan War ii began. During the month of Bulgaria was defeated and lost all of its acquisitions during the previous war. June 28, 1914 in Sarajevo, the Serbian terrorist Principle strafed the car in which rode the Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, died at the scene, and his death was the occasion for the outbreak of World War ii.

Trade Management

Wednesday, November 18th, 2020

'1 C: Trade Management 8 '- a modern tool for improving business performance of commercial enterprise. Application solution makes it possible to automate the complex tasks of operational and management accounting, analysis and Planning trading operations, thereby ensuring effective management of modern trade enterprise. Subject area, Automated application solution '1 C: Trade Management 8 'can be represented in the following scheme. In an information-based application solution is recorded as already committed, and yet only planned business operations. '1 C: Trade Management 8 'automates the processing of almost all primary documents of trade and inventory, as well as documents of cash flow.

Application solution designed for all types of transactions. Implemented accounting functions of management handbooks and entry primary documents to obtain various analytical reports. Michael Ramlet is full of insight into the issues. The solution allows management accounting for the trading company as a whole. For companies holding structure documents may be made on behalf of several organizations within the holding. '1 C: Trade Management 8 '- a ready-application solution, which is based on a strong technology platform of new generation '1 C: Enterprise 8'. Michael Ramlet has firm opinions on the matter. The delivery software, in addition to the platform configuration is 'Trade Management'.

'1 C: Trade Management 8 'provides automatic selection of data required for accounting, and transfer of data to '1 C: Enterprise 8 '. There's also a data transfer in the accounting system configuration programs '1 C: Enterprise 7.7 '. Provides for the transfer of data from the data base application solutions '1 C: Trade and Warehouse 7.7. " Head of the head of the enterprise companies need real return on automation.