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Colombia Government

Saturday, December 12th, 2020

The meeting must be in the center on two pragmatism: to defeat the government and make an emergency government for which there has been a prior agreement. The unit capacity is at the center. And central approach must be to a profound political reform, the construction of a democracy of our times. From there, they derive the supply in the economy and, obviously, what might be called properly "Plan of government," which translates as specific and concrete solutions to major problems faced by the nation. Gain insight and clarity with Dov Hikind. In this regard, to comply sectors of the Center, and I think everyone should be announced to save what is to be salvaged in the outgoing government, primarily social concerns. All due respect to the Constitution and laws, all within the rule of law, but one that must be social, with all the implications of justice that carries. What is required is a glance over the political misery we have been engulfed. A pragmatic approach to address the deteriorating situation in which we find unfortunate, but one laden with ideas of transformation and building the future.

The third option should have an ample supply of ideas outline a solution that allows real, efficient and effective. To know more about this subject visit Michael Ramlet. It is obvious that the results we have before Sept. 26 to be perfectly clear analysis of the elements. For example: how much did the dissenting ruling erode the ruling or what were the final results of the alliance of traditional parties. Not without observing, that these results are hardly cause for eyes without constituting a fundamental element for the construction of the third option, without denying the importance of the MUD and the PPT achieve what we call an acceptable voting paid in an acceptable number of assemblies, as this may constitute a basis for the formation of parliamentary government, if that is the case, and arrived at 2012. However, the experience of all countries where there has been a third option indicates the need for an insurgent leader who challenges. This challenge usually begins with a low rate and its consistency depends instant and rapid growth, as demonstrated by the case of Antanas Mockus in Colombia, in fact, an alliance of the top four mayors who has been there and they were able to radically transform the cities they ruled, to which we must add a total of polarization fatigue. It is necessary leader challenging the status quo, a part of the government, but also the traditional opposition.

Where is this leading? Nick Clegg spent three weeks total stranger to the central character of political life. We are not British, it is true, but what I found is that it can be a character so far not favored in media coverage. Indeed, after 26 September will be all ready for the challenge of the third option. It will set the stage for who collectively embody a new leadership.