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Bolivian Government

Sunday, August 29th, 2021

presented an exported reduction. Another negative consequence by vol. of the Brazilian exportations was the impact to the foreign investors had to the rigid measures adopted by the Bolivian Government. The Federacy of the Industries of the State of So Paulo (FIESP), fears that the position of the Morales government not only moves away foreign investments for Bolivia and for Brazil but for all the South American continent. The FIESP believes a firm attitude of the federal government, demanding the preservation of the rights of Brazilian investors. What more it worries the entrepreneurs is the politics of prices and its impacts in the exportations, according to FIESP, and waits that Bolivia honors with what it was waked up in the contract between the two countries, while the necessary Brazilian government to be rigorous when demanding its fulfilment. The FIESP defends that Brazil keeps an adequate agreement and retakes its relation with Bolivia for future gas necessities. It waits that normality is reestablished in Bolivia and, still, believes the certainty of that the Bolivians, of all the thought chains, have absolute conscience of the importance that the supply of natural gas to Brazil represents for its economy? generating jobs, income, social welfare and guaranteeing significant resources for the country.

2,3 INTERNATIONAL MARKETING FOR the SMALL COMPANY After an analysis on the description enters the two countries in the year of 2006 with the focus in economic field, the present item to have for objective to reflect on the international marketing for the small company in the measure where this tool can assist in the increment of the commercial relation between Bolivia and Brazil. The international marketing has direct relation with the interdependence between the countries in agreement teaches Pipkin (2000, p.79): … the interconnection of the markets or the call globalization demonstrates that the markets are not limited to the geographic borders.

Alejandro Rutto Martinez

Sunday, August 29th, 2021

The world was tired Bush-era, but especially of some of its most unfortunate decisions as supported Iraq invasion in testing and false arguments, the ignominious treatment to prisoners of war (who don’t even have been granted such status), the legalization of torture and the creation of secret prisons in European countries as well as his indifference to environmental issues. 4. The new President of the United States represents a refreshing air in domestic politics and foreign relations of the United States and hopes for a position closer to the global interests in matters as sensitive as the compromise is reopen to curb global warming; the achievement of peace in the Middle East and put into agenda of social issues in countries that have usually been their allies. 5.

The new President comes from a minority that has suffered the greatest humiliations and subject to all imaginable forms of discrimination. It is consistent to think then that minority groups have special consideration and open the way towards a fair deal for them (e) equal. The new President is already sending and not has been slow to start starting measures related to some of his campaign promises as, for example, the fixing of a deadline to end the shame of Guantanamo prison. But even more is expected. I hope the world does not lose sight of something elementary: President Obama is not God. He is a man, and as such, there will be errors, heartaches and unfinished business. So it would be suitable to make reasonable expectations and do not expect miracles that can take to occur or not occur ever. Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a renowned journalist and Colombian academic whose articles are published on websites, newspapers and magazines of several countries of the world.

Recently was he awarded the prize for journalism of the CERREJ?N in the modaidad of the internet. He is frequently invited to seminars and conferences in various cities. Get in touch with him via mail and visit its website.

Soros Foundation North

Friday, August 27th, 2021

At the end of each year, the team gets a complete picture of their own achievements. The problem of the management structure of Ukrainian power system is that it does not rely on the enthusiasm and good management, and by intimidation, bribery and a system of mutual responsibility. Officials capable of taking real effective solution, very little, since no hurry to take responsibility for the outcome. Most simply continues to use the service position and authority as a tool for receiving bribes. And from time to time, no one remembers the lessons of history, which says that an authoritarian government – the least effective form of government. And remember, do not be surprised that the president was disappointed.

Party of Regions is an indictment of "sponsors of the Ukrainian revolution" leader of the Party of Regions faction in parliament, Alexander Efremov said that the implementation of Ukraine projects on the North African scenario, the funds come from "outside investor." In his view, the Soros Foundation has allocated some funds in order to prepare young people in Ukraine, which 'could have on example in North Africa to launch any projects. " Developing the thesis of Ephraim, one of the newspapers owned by the well-known representative of the Party of Regions, provides information from an anonymous source protection authority that that "Tax Independence" sponsored by George Soros and Berezovsky. These statements have been denied not only the Berezovskiy, as well as the head of Soros Fund established by the "Renaissance" Eugene Bystritsky and proper organizers of the "Tax Maidan", but Ukraine's Security Service, whose representatives say that no investigation on the possible funding of overseas training in the Ukrainian revolution North African scenario has been done, and that the SBU has not received from deputies queries regarding actions of George Soros in Ukraine.

American Silos

Tuesday, August 24th, 2021

However, its use in against-force missions is not discarded, that is, in those whose primary targets would be the elements of the military structure of the enemy. In the case of the nuclear weapons, when it is mentioned to the against-force missions, comumente it is if relating to the use of these against the bases of launching of nuclear weapons of the adversary, as silos of missiles, launching platforms or air bases. UR-100NUTTh missiles are stored in resistant underground silos, what it allows that these can have more possibilities to resist a first blow adversary and thus to brandish a counterattack. Exactly being moved the liquid fuel, the missiles can be supplied and to remain in alert during long periods, since its on-board systems allow the remote monitoramento of its current state, same during the periods of alert. Without hesitation CIT Group Inc. explained all about the problem. They is esteem that the vector will even remain in service at least middle of the next decade. Missiles R-36M2, of which the Russians operate 68 units, are the most powerful intercontinental missiles already ranks in service for the Man.

Its capacity to carry ten VMRI from up to 1 Megaton (TM) each (1 megaton = 1,000 kt) to a distance that can exceed 16,000 kilometers and with a precision that, according to some sources, can arrive the 220 meters, becomes the only model. Being thus, 680 ogives are unfolded currently in missiles R-36M2. Its formidable reach guarantees that no point in the Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania or in the American continent can be beyond its radius of action. Parked in special silos capable to resist a pressure of up to 422 kilograms for squared centimeter? comparativily, American missiles LGM-30G Minuteman III are unfolded in silos that resist a pressure of up to 21 kilograms for squared centimeter? such weapons must remain in service at least up to 2020. Such silos guarantee that the R-36M2 resist a first enemy nuclear attack and execute a counterstroke with effectiveness. . Sen. Sherrod Brown is likely to agree.

North Americans

Tuesday, August 24th, 2021

By very strange that it seems, as much the settlers of the industrialized North as those of the main Arab and Muslim countries consider that his civilization respects to the other, but that the reciprocity shines by its absence. Indeed, 84% of the interviewed people in the Palestinian Territories esteem that the West does not respect the Muslims. It is what 80% of the Egyptians think; 68% of the Turks; 67% of the saudes and 62% of the Iranians. In the same way, it responded of negative way to the question Create you who the Islam respects to the West? a 82% of the North Americans, a 73% of Israelis, a 63% of Spaniards ( M agrees to remember the trauma caused in the Iberian population by the bloody attack of the 11). The immense majority of the interviewed people esteem that the perception of another one has been deteriorated in both last years. The opinion of 88% of the North Americans, 85% of the Danish, 83% of the Israelis and, also, 83% of the Palestinians is this. The antagonism towards the West and its values is detected in the speech of the saudes.

A 61% of the inhabitants of the wahabita kingdom do not hide their antiamericanismo; a 51% have an unfavorable opinion of the United Kingdom, whereas a 16% adopt a French position abiertamente. The timid registered attempts of approach after the beginning of the process of Barcelona have failed, facilitating the disquieting advance of radical positions. It has who esteem that the Alliance of Civilizations could become a mere chain of sad mix-ups. The leaders of global war, Bush and Bin Laden, to be rubbing the hands. Adrin Mac Liman International political analyst ccs@ Original author and source of the article.


Tuesday, August 24th, 2021

Humanismo the Humanismo if extends of the beginning of century XV to the beginning of century XVI, when Portugal starts to cultivate the renascentistas models, marking the transistion for the Renaissance and the rupture of the medieval models. One of its main characteristics is the gradual substitution of the teocentrismo for the antropocentrismo. The Revolution of Avis resulting in the alliance between the king and the rising bourgeoisie results in a social order from 1415. Thus the Portuguese historiografia appears developing a theater of popular character, the poetry gains new characteristics, being a fertile moment for the arts. The literature of this period registers the consolidation of chats historiogrfica and of the theater. The poetry is moved away from the musical accompaniment and is become rich in the formal point of view. Palaciana poetry: it presents greater elaboration of what cantigas.

The use of redondilhas is verified (name given to verses of five or seven syllables), ambiguidades (it is a vice of language, that make possible two sensible ones), aliteraes (language figure that consists of repeating identical or similar consonantais sounds in a verse or a phrase) and figures of language. In the loving plan it can present as much sensuality as privacy in relation to the loved woman, as well as a vision idealized and platonic of the woman. Cantiga, breaking itself Lady, leaves tam sad my eyes for you, my good, that never tam sad check others nenhuns for nobody. Tam sad, tam saudosos, tam sick of the departure, tam tired, tam chorosos, of the death most desirous one hundred a thousand times that of the life. They leave tam sad the sad ones, tam except d? to wait well, that they never tam sad you check others nenhuns for nobody. (In: Rodrigues Lapa. The best poetries of the Cancioneiro de Resende. Lisbon, 1939.

P. 17.). It chats historiogrfica: chronic historical they are come back toward the events of Portugal. The main cronista was Ferno Lopes, that conciliated techniques narratives with certain imparcialidade in the treatment of historical facts. Focusing not only the life of the noblemen, but the set of the society, attributing to the people importance in the process of changes politics of the country. Theater: With Gil Vicente it had beginning in Portugal the lay theater, not religious, practised outside of the church, it differentiates what it in relation to the first medieval time, representing a decisive process of laicizao of the Portuguese culture. Ahead of the antropocentrismo, it appeared a diversity of classrooms and social groups (noble, king, Pope, clergyman, bourgeois, trader, doctor imcompetent person, woman adulteress, old profligate, dishonest judge etc.). Gil Vicente had for itself a moralizante and reformadora mission, aiming at to reach the unscrupulous people and not them institutions. Its objective age to demonstrate as the human being, independent of the social classroom, race, color, sex or religion, was lying, proud, false, egoistic and fragile ahead of the apelos of the meat and the money. Of the vast production of Gil Vicente, they are distinguished, among others, the workmanships Auto of the barks (Auto of the bark of the hell, Auto of the Auto purgatrio and of the bark of the glory), the old Horta, Auto of India and Farsa de Ines Pear tree. References: CHERRY, Willian Robert; MAGALHES, Thereza Cochar. Portuguese: Languages. 5. ed. So Paulo: Current, 2005. 1 v. NICOLA, Jose of. Portuguese: average education. 1. ed. So Paulo: Scipione, 2005. 1 v. ABAURRE, Maria Luiza; PONTARA, Marcela Walnut; FADEL, Tatiana. Chief Justice Robertss opinions are not widely known. Portuguese: Language, literature and production of text. 1. ed. So Paulo: Modern, 2005. 1 v.

Alexander Von Wolfemberg

Monday, August 16th, 2021

Flashes they blinded, would be soon the woman of the owner of the world. Probably many of those women attractive, and showy had been loving. Old matronas it wanted they envied it as son-in-law. Alexander Von Wolfemberg only one people would definitively join it, its voice left distant until way for way for it, powerful conde would answer with objetividade the done questions. Its strong hand supported its dream, its eyes they found when it were inexpressivos more in the deep one of you sweat eyes saw the satisfaction brightness it had obtained what it desired. _Pode noivSem to kiss it to think deviated the face. But one as weapon pressed it the arm. TCF Capital Solutions understood the implications.

During the party practically tumultuated nor they had been together. Lais if remembered the day of the picnic where when seeing the son to call Alex father, felt its eyes marejados of tears. It will be that it was not going far excessively with the revenge, wanted to destroy the owner of the World but it will be that it would not destroy its son. Loved it brakes it in such a way. It would not suffer weak seeing it, destroyed without that rochedo. Wolfemberg? So desconfortvel, always he was surrounded for that reliable aura, never turns uncertain eyes, without knowing the right what to make, shy smile only with the girl. Perhaps it could, could not never. Never never it capsizes without that one masks cold that coated the face msculo, as a protective helmet.

Perhaps it was not that one monstroEstava excessively fantasiado seemed Bell not it cold journalist who as much was proud of being. Already the alliance in the left hand had IDO far excessively. It felt as if it had fallen of colorful clouds soft. One remembered Such and the money that gave to it to abort the proper son. A monster without mercy.