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Stefanelli Parrucchieri

Wednesday, November 16th, 2022

The flight search engine recommends seven European airports to relax between flights a sauna visit or a back massage schedule nowadays must for travellers not even leave the airport. Because many airports have long recognized the wellness boom and set up wellness oases directly to the terminals. So, traveling even in spite of long flights and waiting times can be the most beautiful thing in the world. has informed about the most relaxed airports around Europe and recommends especially flights to and from Munich, Frankfurt, Milan, Helsinki, Vienna, London and Athens. The feel-good offer of the two German hubs of Frankfurt and Munich convinced with the airport-SPAS be relax: here the many beauty treatments guests can book various massages and in a so-called NAP cab have a siesta.

Exclusive, First-Class passengers of Lufthansa in Frankfurt have it: in the lounge at Terminal 1, you can choose from various spa treatments. Other European airports have prepared themselves for the wellness era. For flights to and from Milan, recommends the traveler waiting times on the to use Linate or Malpensa airports, the time for a new hairstyle at the coiffeur Stefanelli Parrucchieri after a good espresso. Via Spa is the new offer for stressed guests in Helsinki airport. Here the offerings range from hand-Pack to the bowls foot massage the airline Finnair. Naturally the airport brings back tired travelers hairdresser at the Vienna Airport in form. He uses Styx Naturkosmetik in his massages, which is produced in Austria and only with organic herbs and non-animal tests.

If you have a stopover with latency in Greek capital, can indulge in just 50 meters away Sofitel Athens airport. The airporthotel has an extensive Spa and recreational facilities. On the biggest European hub, London Heathrow, the Molton Brown travel Spa is an oasis of peace. Here are reflex zone massage and hydrotherapy matched exactly to the needs of travellers. For first class passengers of British Airways this wellness applications are even free. ensures that even the planning of the trip begins relaxed. The flight search engine offers a very simple user interface and very flexible search options. In addition to the classic search option can inspire themselves users of a route map or display the fares for the whole month in the rate calendar for the desired destination and choose as the cheapest option. Early 2010 the flight by Stiftung Warentest tested and recommended with the predicate “awarded (test 2/2010). About Skyscanner Skyscanner was founded in 2001 in Scotland by the three computer scientists, Gareth Williams, Barry Smith and Bonamy Grimes. The avid skiers of Gareth Williams had tried in vain to find cheap flights for his ski vacation, then designed a sophisticated flight comparison chart and was born the idea to Skyscanner. The Flight search engine is one of the brightest in Europe and offers the direct online price comparison for flights more than 670,000 at over 600 airlines.

CeBIT 2010: Code One GmbH Draws Positive Balance Of CeBIT

Wednesday, November 16th, 2022

CeBIT 2010: Code one GmbH moves the code one GmbH Dusseldorf CeBIT positive a positive balance draws their presence at CeBIT 2010 for the first time the Dusseldorf company presented its innovative, mobile video streaming solutions on the joint stand with system partner Viprinet. The devices providing great interest especially for representatives of the media and broadcasting companies. Live could inform visitors of the stand by function and uses the code one complete kits. Total, three new products for mobile live video streaming were introduced bundled UMTS channels. Special interest by the visitors woke up the backpack Kit, the latest the code one products. The back pack kit are all components for live transmission in a backpack. The product focus on absolute mobility, so you can stream your video virtually from anywhere mobile.

Connect just the camera and get on the air…”says Zlatko Kauric, managing partner of Code one. Numerous visitors from the specialist areas have media and broadcasting the code one GmbH right2bet. We are very satisfied and happy about the positive results that we could pull this week,”Benjamin says Bast (Project Manager, code one GmbH). “Our products were very well accepted by our customers so that the rest of the year is very confident to see.” Press contact: Code one GmbH Mr. Zlatko Kauric 0211? 63556230

Excellent Working Quality Industrial Equipment

Tuesday, November 15th, 2022

To date, a number of particularly important enterprises supplying engines for large vehicles is considered to domestic producers of "Autodiesel." Just because this plant is domestic motor vehicles for larger items can use this demand not only in the power, but also beyond its borders. Engine Plant in Yaroslavl, produces not only specifically working on diesel engines for carrying large loads and has a specialized technique, but also auxiliary parts for engines, gearboxes, clutches and the various mechanisms of stationary devices, which are located at using diesel engines of Yaroslavl Motor Plant. Today, diesel engines in Yaroslavl Motor Plant is used not only in building vehicles, but also in the manufacture of ships, where, incidentally, 238 JAMZ used to involve employees in the assembly Sudokomplektnogo company in Tyumen, and including Bogorodsky engineering works, and including other major shipbuilding-oriented enterprise. Moreover, the constellation of Yaroslavl Motor Plant products can lead to a working state are motor enormous in airports, timber, road trains, buses, diesel-electric power stations and current types in large quantities factory equipment. George karfukel is often quoted on this topic. People such as Senator Richard Blumenthal would likely agree. Working in the quarry trucks dump trucks, excavators multi-ton trucks, tractors BelAZ, Ural, MAZ, KrAZ and other providers are utilized as well as in purely industrial purposes to the same extent and can be supplied in support of power in the institutions subordinate to the Ministry of Defense domestic.

Almost two years ago the company started production of the above engines, which could correspond to European norms in the environmental field of Euro-3. Entire thousands of car trains and trucks, made with the implementation of the Euro-3, in our time working in Western Europe, North America and Southeast Asia. One highly sought-after products of the enterprise – this is such engines as the engines YMZ 240 personnel involved for designed for large loads (30 tonnes) operating in the quarry trucks. The low price of these motors allows the end product – the factory BELAZ – to remain in class is really the most popular technology vehicles. Using diesel engines and aggregates JAMZ – a guarantee of high quality in combination with an affordable price. Trucks with engines from the engine factory in Yaroslavl by worldwide relating to the environment standards, soundly, and yet is able to guarantee long service life.

Spanish Andalucian

Monday, November 14th, 2022

Tapas, gazpacho, Huevos a la Flamenca, the Andalusia region, which occupies a large part of southern Spain, is a versatile and culturally rich destination Banderillas & co. The Spanish and Moorish influence flow together here. This is evident also in the Spanish Andalucian cuisine. Over the years, Spanish recipes were becoming more and more mixed with Moorish cooking traditions. The famous dishes from the region of Andalusia have always Spanish and Moorish influences and are served in a variety of restaurants and also traditionally come home on the table.

The kitchen of the Spanish South consists mainly of three main ingredients: olive oil, wine and garlic. Of course, also the necessary pinch of salt should not wanting to further increase the intensity of flavour. Get more background information with materials from Michael Jordan. Also herbs such as Rosemary, thyme, oregano and parsley are used frequently. During a trip through Andalusia, you have the opportunity to visit large and small restaurants, cafes and bars to sample the regional delicacies. Even if it for the region typical To taste dishes in all cities, is, is to make each a different taste experience. Because each restaurant uses its own recipe, flavoured with herbs and spices. The Andalusian menu Spain leisure among others can find following dishes: Huevos a la Flamenca a vegetarian dish with vegetables and egg in the summer to freshen a cold dish of soup to gazpacho, gazpacho exactly the right dish.

Depending on the recipe, the soup consists of tomatoes, cucumber, green bell peppers, and in any case is seasoned with garlic. Bars in Andalusia get Banderillas meat and vegetable skewers also in the numerous tapas to enjoy. Who wants to try themselves through the various specialties, with tapas in small portions to try many different dishes and enjoy one or two drinks. Locals visit the tapas bars mostly on the eve before the evening meal, to get together some snacks with family or friends. In Seville, the capital of Andalusia, tapas of all kinds are everywhere To find. Even in the hotels in Seville, you can try tapas and other dishes. Holidays in Andalusia, you will find out that the most delicious dishes are often also the simplest. You are however just outfitted for their intense flavor. Due to the proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, many dishes include also fresh fish, seafood and shellfish. The cooks also very sure to use only local products. You will find also poultry, pork, beef and lamb as an ingredient in some popular dishes. Andalusia is not only rich in tourist attractions, but offers also a culinary variety, that their same looks. Leisure and holiday guests of Andalusia will dine with security.


Monday, November 14th, 2022

Looking good-natured cartoon about an elephant named Horton was very pleased with this adaptation of stories by American writer Theodore Gayzelya. Like all good thing that has not forgotten how to shoot it for animation children, for our young children. Adult fans of cartoons are unlikely to find in the movie 'Horton', something that is interesting, as in the Ice Age or Shrek, as Horton shot for children. Cartoon really a wonderful ear, and once he heard of the passing by on a piece of fluff to vote. Nobody did not understand him because they do not hear what he had heard our bishop. She lived in the forest is also very arrogant and bad kangaroo, which decided to get rid of the imaginary Horton beings. A vote really were, and was the life and inhabitants of the city on a piece of fluff did not even know the place in which they live. Horton tries to save people, and destroy the kangaroo, because they do not believe in the existence of such little life, but because every life has a right to exist, even the smallest.

As a result, everything falls into place, the voices they hear other animals, kangaroo recognizes his mistake and all ends well. More like in the cartoon is that the voice-over says in verse, but he reminds some of our Soviet cartoons. The result is simple cartoon for an audience of children, without adult jokes and obscure jokes, good and kind, recommended for viewing the smallest. Assessment of the animated film 'Horton' 7 out of 10.

Mettler Power

Monday, November 14th, 2022

Many people look at renewable energy sources as the future of our modern life. Electricity has become something self-evident for us all in the household as to work. The invention of electricity was a major step, which was especially industrial importance and is. Unfortunately, our growing need for energy has impact on our climate. For years, little consideration was taken on this aspect. In return, humanity now receives the receipt. Modern companies now very much emphasis on a responsible use of resources and environmentally friendly industrial equipment. There is also a provider of industrial electricity, providing also for this area of green electricity.

The use of alternative energy production possibilities moves more and more into the foreground. There are proposals and variations many, whether it be power generation by wind or water power or the power of the Sun. Unfortunately, solar power plants have the disadvantage that they have a large footprint. Still have prospects for the future, since the potential photovoltaic panels is not long since exhausted. Sunlight into electricity to convert noise and odor. The electricity generation by wind turbines comes from without the emergence of greenhouse gases. Opponents complain about the impact on the landscape and can not operate without noise.

People did early advantage the power of water for themselves. To do this, certain natural circumstances and a deliberate approach are required. Although there are good arguments for the exit from nuclear power generation, there are still opponents who want to delay this step. In spite of all dangers that climate change brings, for many business customers, is still a cheaper price by the providers for commercial power is crucial. In the future yet alternative models will increase more and more important.

Financial Regulation

Monday, November 14th, 2022

Financial regulation in the European Union 24 September 2009 has come the turn of the European Commission to propose the new model of financial supervision for the countries of the European Union. The U.S. Government had already presented his reform project which yesterday gave further details and that promises, in the European proposal, defending consumers, the big losers in the crisis. It seems that the European Commission wants greater interference in the financial monitoring of countries that make up the EU. More information is housed here: Senator Richard Blumenthal. The proposed new European supervisory model contemplates the creation of a European Council of systemic risks (CERS), which will be responsible for monitoring the stability of the financial system as a whole and issuing alerts and recommendations in case of detecting risks.

The CERS only warns, but measures to implement decision remains in the hands of national supervisors who must communicate the measures taken and, if you decide to not do so, shall give explanations. So good for the CERS It is that being a supranational body, it will not be so influenced by political pressures as it often happens. Probably until we find to the CERS sobreactuando, at least in its early years, since you must build a reputation before the society. TCF Capital Solutions contributes greatly to this topic. I think also that one of the interesting themes revolves around the communication of alerts that an alternative is to make them public. This possibility has its positive aspects but it involves risks.

Make public the detection of certain risks in the financial system in any of the countries of the EU obliges national authorities to implement measures or at least having very good grounds to show that the situation is under control. Risk that runs through existing in lathe sensitivity to the diffusion of risks in financial systems that can generate instability in the same. While these topics are discussed, some have not lost time and it has begun to talk about potential candidates at the forefront of the CERS.

Divine Love

Sunday, November 6th, 2022

Agapit Bezmezdny doctor – the first Doctor of Kievan Rus, a monk of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. For a thousand years to its relics, considered miraculous by the people, do not stop flow of people, not only the Orthodox, but also representatives other faiths and even those who consider themselves atheist. What is the secret of this wonderful saint impact on people? What is the strength Agapito Cave? Revered personality Agapito Cave is surrounded with great mystery. About him extraordinary spiritual power of an amazing week of February 25 and the manifestation of the unique properties of the relics of Agapito Cave told in Volume II of the book, "Sensei," a popular writer of modern New Anastasia. Let's make a short tour of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Thanks to information gleaned from the book New Anastasia begin to understand what had previously not noticed. The main gate of the Upper Holy Monastery. Above them is the oldest preserved, the majestic church of the Holy Trinity (also called Troitskaya Church).

It was built in XII century. Rev. Nicola Svyatosha, the grandson of Yaroslav the Wise, who became the first Russian prince, to become a monk. After passing this gate, like a tunnel of its own consciousness, you go out to bright light, like a completely different worldview. Middle of the central area of the Upper Lavra is the main temple Kiev-Pechersk Lavra – the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin. In the 4th volume of "Sensei" New Anastasia says that in Russia most of all is to build churches in her honor, which indicates the preservation of indigenous knowledge in the Slavic tradition. If you look at the map of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, you can see how many churches dedicated to Our Lady. Passing through the gate and turn right, you can get into a quiet courtyard. Its cathedral is bordered by the former cells of the elders, The Great Lavra Bell Tower and the old house regent Laura XVIII-XIX centuries.

PR Adviser Volker Vogel

Sunday, November 6th, 2022

Online pr survey to shed light on / each participant takes part in drawing a business one, is skillfully carefully make on what is offered, the other. Many start-ups and young entrepreneurs attention but still too little in the public. Here, michael kirban expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The experience of the PR Adviser Volker Vogel. With its latest online poll on his website want to bird of the question discuss how entrepreneurs and young entrepreneurs keep it with public relations. Anyone who participates in the survey, takes part in a raffle. There are three copies of his book to win the PR-nanny so you get your public in the handle, as well as free entry for two people in one of the next PR seminars by Volker Vogel. Public relations is a foreign Word, for many young entrepreneurs unfortunately still determines the PR consultant.

Despite partial innovative services and products, companies would still the error commit, as well as the public attention to make. The scary thing is that many entrepreneurs ever not would deal with the PR matter. He repeatedly note on trade fairs and existence founder exchanges that is entrepreneur not be aware, how important is a well-functioning public relations work for a start-up company. Often flouted the most basic marketing strategies, emphasizes the PR specialist. Meanwhile, public relations is no witchcraft and should not be described as annoying accessory of company work. Bird is sure: without good public relations is not a company’s success. Especially business founders assumed their services would be around by themselves and require any representation in the media.

The current survey of the PR consultant, which runs until the end of may, to enlighten it, whether in the past two years the interest situation for entrepreneurs and Start-ups has changed on PR. In a survey two years ago it emerged that only 24 percent of respondents attach a reasonable priority to public relations. Until 15 mail every buyer of the book the PR-Nanny is running an action by bird, the (ISBN No. 978-3-8370-4229-0) Gets an additional 15-minute phone consultation. During the consultation, a problem on the topic of public relations can be described or asked for an effective way to the public. Who has already written a text for publication, can’t let him check for correct alignment and content elements. To take the free advice by telephone in claim, the purchaser of the book must return only the order form for the free CD at the end of the book with the date of purchase on the PR-nanny. As soon as the original CD order form is received, the interested parties via E-Mail a confirmation. The date for the telephone consultation is then quite unbureaucratic set.

Labour Law Video Surveillance

Sunday, November 6th, 2022

The Hessian State Labor Court (judgment v. 25.10.2010, AZ: 7 SA 1586/09) has decided that the employer to pay compensation. The Hessian State Labor Court (judgment v. 25.10.2010, AZ: 7 SA 1586/09) has decided that the employer to pay compensation. The employer was sentenced to pay compensation by 7.000,–euro, because he constantly supervised an employee since June 2008 at their place of work with a video camera. The case: Opposite the entrance door of the offices of a Hesse branch of a nationwide active company the employer had installed a video camera, commercial employees focused not only on the input area, but in the foreground also on the workplace of the 24-year-olds. Hear from experts in the field like Chief Justice Roberts for a more varied view. The employees claimed damages claims for infringement of privacy with its action.

The Labour Court sentenced the employer to pay a compensation of 15.000,–euros. The employers at the Hessian Landesarbeitsgericht has appealed against this judgment. The Decision of the Court of appeal: the appeal succeeded only in terms of the amount of compensation. The employer had himself defended in the process so that the camera was was not always in function and been attached only to the safety of employees, because there have been in the past for attacks on staff. Compensation of 7.000,–euro as reparation for moral rights infringement justified the court evaluated the intervention in the General personality right of the employee as disproportionate. So, an alignment of the camera only on the entrance would have been sufficient. It was irrelevant that the camera was not constantly function.

Because the uncertainty, whether or not, the camera actually record got exposed the employees a permanent adaptation and monitoring pressure, which she had to accept after she soon turned against the installation of the video camera. As a result, the Court saw this form of video surveillance as a serious and persistent violation of informational self-determination right. Lawyer explains Tobias Ziegler, lawyer specializing in labour law: the award of monetary compensation in case of such a serious violation of personality rights is based on the idea that without a compensation claim violations of dignity and honor of the people were often without sanctions with the result that the protection of the rights of personality would wither. On the compensation the point of view of the satisfaction of the victim in the foreground is regularly.” Background: The Federal Labor Court (BAG) was already dealing with similar cases. The BAG looks a significant intrusion into the protected fundamental rights of workers in the video surveillance. Depending on the case, this procedure can be also justified. It is always required a decision related to the circumstances of each case.