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Electronic Scale

Thursday, January 26th, 2023

Libra counting. Counting digital scale designed to measure the mass, as well as calculate the number of specimens weighing products on gruzopriemnoy platform. These scales are used to determine the amount of hardware, buttons and other small parts. To calculate the number of specimens weighing products during the mass measurement, all samples should have the same weight. Counting digital scale calculates the number of samples for two principles: the introduction of weights in memory of the mass by weighing the product or the introduction of a known mass of a unit in memory of the balance by typing. Many electronic scales have the function of counting mode, but the scales are originally developed for use in counting mode more user-friendly thanks to three indicators, which shows the total mass of the weighed product, the weight of one unit that previously entered into memory weights and number of units of samples on gruzopriemnoy platform.

Accordingly, you see all the parameters of weighting whereas in conventional electronic balance with counting function of the operator will monitor the weight, or number of samples on the platform. Some manufacturers produce counting scales with RS232 interface by default, which makes it possible to connect them to a computer or printer, depending on production needs. Complement accumulator counting scales virtually all manufacturers, since this is not the most expensive segment of the market weight and lack of independent power supply is often the cause of failure consumers from buying. Counting Electronic Scale is a modification of floor up to 300 kg, some manufacturers have similar models, but on the Ukrainian market, these scales were not recognized by the consumer as opposed to the desktop. This is due to the fact that to obtain the required accuracy over a large gruzopriemnoy platform that would count the number of nuts M4 is possible but very expensive, whereas you can use the desktop to 3/6/15/30 kg weights and still get accuracy to 0.05 g. If a sample weighs more than 10 grams and weigh them to the hundreds, then in any case, you have to use floor.

Helping Mexico

Thursday, January 26th, 2023

Helping Mexico, we help ourselves. An example of how we can overcome the current crisis would be imitating the Koreans in the Asian crisis. Its plan of action was the consuming most of the products with Korean development, i.e. consume products made in Korea. This is a good example of what we could do to help our country, Mexico. Thanks to Koreans applied this technique to consume only Korean products, could overcome the crisis suffered by, and its development was completed and grew in its economy. Where has been the feeling of helping our compatriots?, do you leave and give preference to overseas that puts his factory and his only interest is the increase its capital and not our country? Buy products made in Mexico will help a number of things such as revive the economy of the country, explode the national raw material, create new jobs for the society, reduce the rates of unemployment and poverty that eventually will be made that it would help the development of the country. The vast majority of people consider that products made in Mexico are you crimp beads or of dubious origin, i.e.

are of poor quality. Another majority only cares the brand, if it is good, bad, fine, not realizing that many of the products the only thing that changes is the name most not the quality or how to do the product, the only thing that are charging them of most these people is the prestige of the brand. Overcome this recession process by which we are going through, is everyone’s job. Contribute to society to give support to our country is the responsibility of all those who live in, consuming products made in Mexico is something that benefits us all. Original author and source of the article.