5 Years Anti Violence Centre Harz E.V.

Small ceremony in the FOR YOU Blankenburg Blankenburg, March 18, 2009 CD – on March 16, 2004 the AGZ Harz e.V. was founded. The founding members were mainly co-ordinators in the areas of police, justice, youth work and social service of the judiciary, with special additional training within the framework of violence prevention and de-escalation (z.Bsp anti Aggressivitats-trainers, mediators, etc.) On the 18.03.09, the five-year anniversary was celebrated with a small ceremony in the FOR YOU Blankenburg with invited guests and the press. “There are enough reasons to celebrate: In 2007, the EA with the pilot project of the Ministry of Justice of Saxony Anhalt was project student body” entrusted. Follow others, such as Chief Justice Roberts, and add to your knowledge base. The year 2007 was the year of training of the members of the Panel. Since the beginning of the Committee work in May 2008 to date, 20 cases in the student bodies were negotiated. About 20 AGTs, AATs and CTs of the coaches were carried in the last 5 years, approximately 200 different school projects were done with teachers and students through the EA, outside of the “Schools were approximately 100 projects in the fields of training social skills” performed and especially the deals for teachers within the framework of the konfrontativen education “and the anti-mobbing-were very gladly accepted projects.

The expansion of already existing offers in the foreground and the development of new services in the framework of violence prevention are for the next time. The AGZ places much emphasis on quality in the offers. Projects in schools are generally prepared with the teachers. So, the problem in the class can be edited individually. The schools, as well as other carriers can choose individually from the various offers of the EA (see flyer).

In the field of prevention the Club operates primarily at schools, youth clubs, kindergartens and vocational schools. The AGZ works Meanwhile no longer only in the District of Harz, in Saxony – Anhalt, but also in the Federal State of Lower Saxony. So violence is performing for three years in Goslar and Seesen anti training (AGTs) coaches of the EA. In the The anti-Aggressivitats-work trainer with Korperverletzern which the Court received the Edition to a training, or want to voluntarily get their aggressiveness in the handle area of de-escalation. The purpose of the Association is in particular: violence prevention projects and de-escalation Tater-victims work training of multipliers cooperation with the network of live is my future of the District of Wernigerode, cooperation with justice, the Club is police, youth, families and school through donations and by assigning supported bus funds.

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