Throughout the existence of Armenian studies the question of The Name of the Armenians did not cease to be the object of attention. "We can not say that at the present stage of scientific development, we have generally accepted by all solution "- defines the current state of affairs prominent Armenologist and since he said it was another twenty-odd years, but things have not moved the ball rolling, but here and now we reveal the sensational secrets origin of the name of the Armenians. Deficit views about the origin of the names of hay and armen we have not experienced ever seems not enough of a plump that all these views to list, but still before to provide our readers their own version, we simply must at least briefly recall the existing still conjecture all the more that we give ourselves no memories of idleness, but because of the fact that the truth sometimes You have to compare with the errors and furthermore it is a good excuse last look at something that is prepared complete oblivion in the very same blind spot about which we have already mentioned. It all started back in the 19th century, when Jensen hypothesized about the origin of the Armenians from the Hittites, who from somewhere in Europe, arriving in Asia Minor, a little unceremoniously devoured indigenous Hutt, adopting their name and their pantheon, and everything else on his mind felt subject to forfeiture. Based on various references to the Hittites (ht, hate, hatti, hati), Jensen suggested that the name is due to the transition t> y naturally formed a self-Armenians – hay. . By the same author: Sen. Sherrod Brown.


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