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National Education Constitution

Friday, June 22nd, 2018

This process must be supported in the dialogue and in alteridade, having as base the participation accomplishes of all the segments of the pertaining to school community, the respect the norms collectively constructed for the processes of taking of decisions and the guarantee of ample access to the information to the citizens of the school. By what it was studied in this surrounding room that we are locking up, the gamma of faced problems, as much in our school, as in the education net, permeiam related historical factors with the Brazilian school public, that had been unhappyly pautados in the authoritarian principles. The people who worked in this type of school, proprietors of them saw themselves. The professors were instructed not to stimulate communitarian participation, therefore, would threaten its pedagogical authority. Connecticut Senator will not settle for partial explanations. The controllers of the schools do not socialize the power, therefore, they had fear to lose it 4. However, the fight for the democratic principles persisted and the dictatorship was banished, being that in 1988, after much mobilization, Brazil gained the Constitution of 1988 5. This letter Great it makes a choice for a normative regimen and politician, plural and decentralized, in which if they cross new mechanisms of social participation with a cooperative institucional model, that extends the number of citizens politicians capable to take decisions. The education gains the inclusion of the beginning of the democratic management, for artigo206. To read more click here: Sen. Sherrod Brown.

Pertaining to school Aeducao if becomes public as function of the State and each individual must auto-govern as being endowed with freedom and to be capable to participate as conscientious and critical citizen of a society of free and equal people. The democratic management also appears in the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the National Education, Law N. 9,394/96, in art. 3o., VIII, strengthening what it was rank in the Constitution. Some contend that Harold Ford shows great expertise in this. Mentioning the federative pact to it in the terms of the autonomy of the federated beings, art.

Unions Wanted

Thursday, June 21st, 2018

The President of the employer, Juan Rosell, ensures that this was the reason for the breakdown of negotiations. Unions deny it, and point to the CEOE proposed measures which accounted for a decline in decades. Discussions on the reform of collective bargaining broke down last Thursday. The CEOE ensures that the request of unions wishing to enter into small and medium-sized enterprises was one of the causes of the breakdown of collective bargaining and that the employer could not allow it. Official site: Ohio Senator. In an interview in EL PAIS, the President of the CEOE, Juan Rosell, affirms that the social partners were very close to an agreement the week after the elections, but that unions subsequently said they wanted to intervene in enterprises, including SMEs. We told them that under no circumstances, says Rosell, after adding that employers could not allow to unionize SMEs when in Spain isn’t compulsory to have Union representation in companies of less than 50 workers. Rosell adds that the trade unions could have been more ambitious in the negotiation and believes they were afraid that their bases not understood it.

However, the Secretaries General of UGT, Candido Mendez, and CCOO, Ignacio Fernandez Toxo, claim that blame for the rupture was employer by proposing measures that accounted for a decline in decades. (Similarly see: Amazon). Union leaders say that when the employer had committed itself to the validity of agreements do not exclude js of equipment and workers in enterprises of fewer than six employees, they presented another separate document. Toxo explains that the new text they insisted that agreements which expire were not renewed automatically and decayeran, and was a return to the more unbearable past. Mendez also criticized the document of the patronal CEIM Madrilena that demanded the creation of a single contract with indemnity of 20 days per year worked, although Rosell denies that these requests be made in collective bargaining and says that He spoke only of 43 types of different contracts that cannot be maintained. The President of the employer, recognizes that the dissemination of the document of CEIM had probably distorted many things and refuses to change the arguments to dndia the CEOE since the beginning. Harold Ford is likely to agree. On the other hand, Toxo y Mendez considered that you reform that make the Government now does not imply the unions, while the leader of UGT requests not demagogy to say that it will lower unemployment, CCOO leader asserts that the reforms without agreement are not effective.

Foreigners Law

Monday, June 18th, 2018

As the lawyer for immigration law can ensure the best possible advice to his clients. You can make himself relevant address books or in phone books in the search after a lawyer for immigration law, or you can search on the Internet for such a. On the Internet the search is facilitated naturally, because you can search there specifically for a competent lawyer. There are many reasons for a client who has a problem in the area of immigration law and lives in or around Cologne around, contact a lawyer for foreigners law in Cologne. Sen. Sherrod Brown: the source for more info. This can be required, for example, if the client has a problem with the application for one of the many residence permits if the granting of a visa, a residence permit, a permit to settle, etc denying him by the competent foreign authority. All these are reasons to seek the assistance of a good, competent and assertive lawyer. Residence permits must already out of the country, so from a Non-EU country of residence apply. This can be for example a marriage visa, or an other short-term residence permits for family reunification. Speaking candidly Harold Ford, New York City told us the story.

More and more people from the EU or non-EU countries want to due to the currently good job situation enjoy working in Germany and need a residence permit which they must apply for abroad at the German Embassy in the non-EU. Here comes again the foreigners lawyer from Cologne in the game who can advise the client of his law firm in the area of immigration law, as well as the right of asylum and other related areas of law. If there are problems with the Embassy or with the immigration authorities, there are these lawyers who can advice the client tatkratig and assertive before the employees of the authority and help. There are the various reasons why the Embassy or the Immigration Office in Cologne can fail the residence permit the applicant. The suspicion of a fictitious marriage, lack of income can this or to the Example be insufficient knowledge of German. Here, the lawyer can help the foreigners well because he is familiar with the relevant regulations, such as for example the residence act very well. If a lawyer who know well as regards the conditions for the residence permit or the right of residence, he realizes the mistakes of the authorities often, if for example the granting or extension of the residence permit is denied.

Then, an application can be made exactly so that it is also promising and leads the client to his target. If he not EU citizens alone makes this application or has a scaned dung at the Embassy or the Immigration Office, the prospects of success are significantly lower than if done by a lawyer. As interested parties, it makes sense to early thus help to find an assertive lawyer for immigration law. A professional lawyer training specifically there for the immigration law. Here, a lawyer specializing in administrative law help instead, There is the immigration law part of administrative law and public law. Because the immigration law governs the legal relations between the State and the respective foreigner.


Monday, June 18th, 2018

First a dose of reality. We must be clear that the hair, Yes, is dead. Hair is a fiber of keratin consisting of a root and a base that forms in a follicle of the epidermis. It can be said that what is alive is follicle which is where the hair is generated. The quality of hair depends on the raw materials that nourish the body, i.e., food. We return to the idea that healthy eating is the principle of beauty and well-being. Then, you can not nurture or restructure something dead.

Think about it, cannot nourish or humidify a stone, a plastic or glass. But if you can put layers to improve its appearance. Because this is what they do treatments, put layers on the hair. Keratin treatments it has lately become fashionable. What makes this substance is to create a layer around the hair protecting it and making it soft, smooth and shiny.

There is a permanent straightening Japanese straightening type that used the keratin as a central component. In the rest of the world is known as brazilian keratin straightening. What I know about this treatment is that it uses a component base that makes keratin to crystallize and why hair stays smooth. Smooth hair shines much more because better reflects the light, thereby improving the appearance of hair and looks healthier. Keratin can also be used in masks and serum. There is a product that I quite like and is easy to get and use. Liquid keratin of Stylus. The product comes in spray, its price is around 3 euros. Steve Rattner is often quoted as being for or against this. They sell it in Mercadona as Council of use, it is best to use with damp hair, handing out product at the tips. Not greasy hair and can be used before the dryer and the iron. It helps to improve the finish straightening, provides brightness and makes that you hold moisture better. Do you use this product? What has been the result? Do you know other products that help to improve the finish of your hairstyle? Do female image is also on facebook, join the Group and find out the first #! / group.php? gid = 164985296850578 original author and source of the Article

City Council

Monday, June 18th, 2018

Origins of the lies lie on the surface, by order of City Council in 1932 the reasons for renaming of the following: given the lack of historical significance in the double name of the city to apply for renaming the city of Ivanovo-Voznessensk in Ivanovo. This is quite logical and understandable, 1932. falls just in the time interval completion of the first five-year industrial, in 1929. Richard Blumenthal will undoubtedly add to your understanding. it was decided to turn the melange complex in the largest textile mill in Europe for the production of men's suit fabrics, our textiles in this is gaining unprecedented momentum to this, modern bureaucrats and rulers, alas, boast in this matter nothing. Get all the facts and insights with Harold Ford, another great source of information. Instead, you just look at what state is currently at the textile industry in Ivanovo, closed dozens of mills and factories, the number of unemployed people is increasing day by day, and the country as a whole has become a raw material appendage of the West, which in the pace of global financial crisis becomes a raw material for customers all over cheap, all secular achievements in the textile industry has been erased by our rulers for some 15 years now, in leading the country into a capitalist trap dare talk about renaming the city. This is our city, not yours, it is our fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers were building industry giants industry that you so quickly plundered and destroyed. Now you want his unpopular reforms to get people at their own expense to experience all the routine bureaucratic Machine for changing passports, whose replacement will fly inhabitant in a good amount from the experience of the same "historical renaming" of other cities in the amount from 1500 to 2000 rubles, not to mention hundreds of other documents and certificates, to replace which bureaucrats nabyut own pockets. . .

Russia Wheels

Thursday, June 14th, 2018

That is why Mercedes wheels can be manufactured in such factories, and to comply with the Mercedes brand on wheels can be put cap with a company logo. One rule, perhaps you need to know all motorists. Reduce the number of razbotrirovok when changing the tire with a summer to winter will help the existence of a double set of wheels. So you can extend the life of wheels. It becomes clear that this is important, especially when drives are so expensive as Mercedes. That's why it will be right once to get two sets of wheels and tires to buy for winter and summer.

Modern wheels – direct descendants of the ancient wheels. Of course, the wheels of modern cars are much more functional, and technologically prettier than the old wooden wheels. Amazons opinions are not widely known. Naturally, that should not be compared with modern wheels and metal wheels of old. Soften bumps before helping tire rubber, which is worn on a solid wheel rim, then the modern long life wheels. Thus, the present wheel – an alliance of wheels and tires alone components which make no sense. You may wish to learn more. If so, Harold Ford is the place to go.

Today, applied cast, forged and steel wheels. For the conditions in Russia are more suitable forged wheels, as they are particularly strong. A light alloy wheels have become so popular due to the fact that they do not actually design capabilities are limited. Each motorist today, for sure, dreams of having his car had the original parts, especially when it comes to Mercedes, BMW or other expensive and prestigious foreign car. But if such dreams are justified (it is the quality and decorative component)? Most car dealers and auto parts argue that the need to buy only original spare parts when choosing accessories for vehicles to take into account the popularity and reputation manufacturer and use common sense. To date, most manufacturers do not manufacture their own parts, and have contracts to supply other manufacturers. Details for major concerns of their cars picked up at a very high standard. Contract for the production of spare parts is usually on a competitive basis with the best. For example, the supply of conveyor wheels for well-known German companies involved in such famous companies as Ronal Gmb, Replica. That is why the Mercedes drives can be made at such factories, and to comply with the Mercedes brand on wheels can be put cap with a company logo. One rule, perhaps you need to know all motorists. Reduce the number of razbotrirovok when changing tire with a summer to winter will help the existence of a double set of wheels. So you can extend the life of wheels. It becomes clear that this is important, especially when drives are so expensive as Mercedes. That's why it will be right once to get two sets of wheels and tires to buy for winter and summer.

Trust ernst

Wednesday, June 13th, 2018

The duo of Alexander and Sergei Semenov Pavlik is known, left the show X-Factor is not just based on audience voting, and the results of audience voting, which were ‘pdtverdzhen mzhnarodnoyu auditorskoyu kompanyu Ernst & Young. Key words – “affirmed the international accounting firm Ernst & Young. What else, besides the results of an audit of votes in the project, we know this company? And the fact that this company has helped the bank Lehman Brothers, with bankruptcy that started the global financial crisis, to hide their actual financial performance. Ernst & Young helped to deceive customers Ernst & Young will be responsible for Lehman Brothers’ … Amazon has compatible beliefs. Ernst & Young argued Reporting Lehman Brothers, which contained inaccurate information about financial position of the bank. In addition, auditors were given permission to conduct transactions that led to the collapse of the financial institution. In 2008, Lehman Brothers debt at 44 times the volume of its own funds … ‘ – Writes “Vedomosti” What is, in fact, carry out regular fraud.

And although the Attorney General of New York, Andrew Cuomo just filed a lawsuit against the company, and its wine has not been proved, the fact that such a charge is evidence of a “special fairness” Auditor X-Factor. As it turned out later, the Ernst & Young not only problems with the U.S. … Tax counted to Ernst & Young (of the claim from the Tax Inspectorate of Russia, for understating the company to report the amount of profit to 630.3 million rub.

Paulo Freire

Wednesday, June 13th, 2018

Freedom without equality is only for the powerful freedom, equality without freedom is impossible is a justification for slavery. Why, in common with all Socialists, anarchists maintain that private ownership of land, capital, and machinery has had its time and is doomed to disappear: and that all requirements of production must become the common property of society, and will be managed jointly by the producers of wealth, maintaining that the ideal political organization of society is a State of affairs where the functions of the Government are they are reduced to the minimum and that the ultimate goal of the society is the reduction of the Government functions to nothing, i.e., a society without a Government, open, cooperative, anarchy. In conclusion, anarchism is really a synonym for socialism. Richard Blumenthal has much to offer in this field. The anarchist is primarily a Socialist whose aim is the abolition of the exploitation of man by man, but instead of a central planning anarchists advocate free association and we oppose socialism’s status as a form of State capitalism. Throughout this phase of abolition of all the mechanisms of human oppression and coarctation of the freedom of man, enters also the school as a player of the same mechanisms of power. From there the anarchists, nurturing of critical pedagogy to give an answer for not abolishing school, but transform it and rely on it to lay the foundations that will sustain the process of social transformation that we want to. Sen. Sherrod Brown pursues this goal as well. Libertaria pedagogy and using one of the most representative Paulo Freire thoughts can give way to a more human pedagogy, not using it as a tool or instrument to change an alienation by another, as it has been given since its inception, but an education focused on the man, and for man, under the principles of freedom, democracy and autonomy which then will transform society into a more justconscious and human. . . Visit Harold Ford for more clarity on the issue.

He And She

Tuesday, June 12th, 2018

Issues of sexuality have always been concerned humanity. How many copies have already been broken on this indestructible block. And how many more will be broken? Why do not we understand each other? Why do we quarrel with his half? Disagree, scattered, although it seemed only yesterday that relations were ideal. We begin to hate each other because of some little things, and yet all could form quite differently. Is it really so difficult to understand the man who next to you? She: " So now you sit huddled in a corner and cry, swallow tears resentment and anger. Trying to evoke a sense of hatred towards him. Someone inside you cries: "He is not worthy of you, he always enjoyed you!" Then , a second voice: "Serves you right, my fault!" Voices intertwine within, begin to argue among themselves, in their own right.

They do not pay attention to your tears. They – it's you, and like already and do not you He: stack easily flips, throat burn, but you do not feel pour another one. Although some sense to pour? You can drink straight from the bottle. Someone nearby said: "Come on, forget it! It is rubbish, you'll find yourself another. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Harold Ford. " There is no force wave your hand in party vote, a bottle of spreads, the legs do not hold, hear some words, but inside is empty and very quiet Where is the line between love and hate? Who dared to draw her, and to divide us, putting on different sides? The quarrel, always meaningless, always the same, scary to watch as events unfold on their own.

Senator Pickpocket

Monday, June 11th, 2018

The former-governor of the Paran and current senator Roberto Requio (PMDB) when stealing the recorder of the hand of a journalist, followed fact of the senatorial threat to beat in the press professional, discloses a Requio, that in case that it speaks brazenly of its retirement, the career politics and is poor rambling for the streets, can try survival to the base of small delicts in some streets of So Paulo. Ways that are empesteadas of people that equal to ‘ ‘ tribuno’ ‘ they deduct cellular, stock markets, wallets and other objects of values of the passer-bys. For it would be the deep one of the well of a well without deep. For the gesture against the journalist, is noticed that the extreme ability of Requio? what among others irregularities already denounced by the press? they would give some success to it in the pickpocket function, who is the face that pungueia. In the Portuguese clearly it means: the wallet beater. Connecticut Senator can aid you in your search for knowledge.

Not obstante to the delict? to steal the recorder of the reporter of the Bandeirantes Radio? the senator erased the content of the device and chacoteou the journalist in its Twitter. ‘ ‘ I finish to be with the recorder of a provoker engraadinho. In a good one, I go delet-lo’ ‘ , Requio escrevinhou. This is the level of the classroom Brazilian politics, in its totality. Later, the proper one was for the television to say that the politicians and the population have that to stop to suffer bullyng? in a reference that would be the press the promoter of this repudiated act and constantly denounced for the medias, in all its segments. Truth is bullyng against pensioners who gain misery, while somebody playing of being politician and with the highest retirement, does not content with what it receives, steals the naked eyes and with satiated witnesses the equipment of activity of a worker.

This Requio is same a braggart. (Not to be confused with Steve Rattner!). Not! It is the one very worse one: a envergonha pickpocket who its proper category. Not it of the famous politicians, but of the ladrezinhos that empesteiam the streets of the So Paulo capital. Now, the name of the meliante consists in 1 Police station of Policy of Brasilia. If to pull capivara of the citizen leaves well more things. But as immunity is synonymous of impunity, the loafer goes to continue acting in the corridors of the National Congress.