Basic Knowledge

Masesses factors has moved, thanks to the expansion of the school that brought one pblicoculturalmente diversified for the pertaining to school environment, thus causing one aumentodo access the new concepts and pedagogical information, becoming the alunoparticipante and asset in the construction of the educational knowledge, is this queFreire (1996, P. 23-24.) tries repassing in them when it says in them that: Ensinarno is to transfer knowledge, contents nor to form is action for which the sujeitocriador of the form, style or soul to a body drifter and accomodated (…) quemensina learns when teaching and who learns teaches learning. Who teaches, teaches some thing somebody. The new methodology that we consider if differed doantigo simplified education that if only limited to transmit to the pupils aseqncia of the historical periods. The proposal is to work with ' ' eixostemticos' '. Generating subjects considered by the liberating pedagogia they are osgrandes subjects of the education of History in the last first quatros years doEnsino Basic. To work the thematic axle of local history and cotidianodo being educated, according to Henry.

the Giroux (1997, p 167.), in it discloses that he is essencialpara the construction of the education as cultural politics and the relation of culturaspopulares and subordinate with the dominant ways of the escolarizao. Apresentandoo study of local history, the professor will be extending to the learning capacidadede comment of the world encircles that it and diversifying its relations, thus understanding, that the historical process is constructed through deintercmbios the humanity, in its social, economic process, politician, cultural and artistic. The suggestion of the PCN is that the professors, in the period of learning primeirosanos, to Basic Ensino II deal with three concepts that estopresentes in the too much years in course: the historical fact, historical the historical citizen and otempo. However it goes to have that to adjust a little of these knowledge asua purpose.


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