Bolivarian Alliance Countries

Patience in a moment of anger will prevent one hundred days of pain. Meeting in Managua, Nicaragua the countries of the Central American Integration System (SICA) issued a statement of support to the legitimate President of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, and agreed to ten points, among which is the instruct directors of accredited countries in the Central American Bank for economic integration suspend all lending and disbursements to that country. The President of the host country, Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua began the 34 Edition of the meeting of Heads of States of SICA, involving dignitaries from throughout the Central American region and the Bolivarian Alliance for the peoples of our America (ALBA), which also held an emergency meeting to assess the situation in Honduras. 34 Editing of the meeting of SICA, which involved numerous heads of State and representatives from the ministries of Foreign Affairs of the Latin American countries, began calling on the United Nations to condemn the coup of State against Zelaya. The call is inserted into the Declaration of the heads of State and Government of SICA, titled immediate political steps to be taken before the situation in Honduras and which are urged to call inquiry immediately to the ambassadors of the SICA countries accredited to the Government of Honduras. Also called to instruct the SICA countries directors before the Central American Bank for integration suspend immediately all loans and payments to Honduras, as well as to suspend all kinds of meetings of political, economic, financial, cultural, sports, touristic character and cooperation with the Government de facto established after the coup. SICA resolution demand that all Member countries suspend all kinds of political, economic, financial, sports and cooperation meetings with the coup, with the Government de facto. As indicates it, the Declaration that was reached, indicates that If constitutional order is not restored, the SICA countries take gradually necessary measures, including those related to interregional trade against the Government de facto of Honduras, until President Jose Manuel Zelaya be restored in his presidential duties and will re-establish institutional normality, warn the Member States.

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