Bolivian Government

presented an exported reduction. Another negative consequence by vol. of the Brazilian exportations was the impact to the foreign investors had to the rigid measures adopted by the Bolivian Government. The Federacy of the Industries of the State of So Paulo (FIESP), fears that the position of the Morales government not only moves away foreign investments for Bolivia and for Brazil but for all the South American continent. The FIESP believes a firm attitude of the federal government, demanding the preservation of the rights of Brazilian investors. What more it worries the entrepreneurs is the politics of prices and its impacts in the exportations, according to FIESP, and waits that Bolivia honors with what it was waked up in the contract between the two countries, while the necessary Brazilian government to be rigorous when demanding its fulfilment. The FIESP defends that Brazil keeps an adequate agreement and retakes its relation with Bolivia for future gas necessities. It waits that normality is reestablished in Bolivia and, still, believes the certainty of that the Bolivians, of all the thought chains, have absolute conscience of the importance that the supply of natural gas to Brazil represents for its economy? generating jobs, income, social welfare and guaranteeing significant resources for the country.

2,3 INTERNATIONAL MARKETING FOR the SMALL COMPANY After an analysis on the description enters the two countries in the year of 2006 with the focus in economic field, the present item to have for objective to reflect on the international marketing for the small company in the measure where this tool can assist in the increment of the commercial relation between Bolivia and Brazil. The international marketing has direct relation with the interdependence between the countries in agreement teaches Pipkin (2000, p.79): … the interconnection of the markets or the call globalization demonstrates that the markets are not limited to the geographic borders.


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