Looking good-natured cartoon about an elephant named Horton was very pleased with this adaptation of stories by American writer Theodore Gayzelya. Like all good thing that has not forgotten how to shoot it for animation children, for our young children. Adult fans of cartoons are unlikely to find in the movie 'Horton', something that is interesting, as in the Ice Age or Shrek, as Horton shot for children. Cartoon really a wonderful ear, and once he heard of the passing by on a piece of fluff to vote. Nobody did not understand him because they do not hear what he had heard our bishop. She lived in the forest is also very arrogant and bad kangaroo, which decided to get rid of the imaginary Horton beings. A vote really were, and was the life and inhabitants of the city on a piece of fluff did not even know the place in which they live. Horton tries to save people, and destroy the kangaroo, because they do not believe in the existence of such little life, but because every life has a right to exist, even the smallest.

As a result, everything falls into place, the voices they hear other animals, kangaroo recognizes his mistake and all ends well. More like in the cartoon is that the voice-over says in verse, but he reminds some of our Soviet cartoons. The result is simple cartoon for an audience of children, without adult jokes and obscure jokes, good and kind, recommended for viewing the smallest. Assessment of the animated film 'Horton' 7 out of 10.

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