Colombian Government

Michael Mirones exposed, before more than 400 professionals, Spanish tourist quality system model. During the days celebrated these days in Cali, Colombia, in the framework of the Congress international tourism competes, the President of the ICTE had the opportunity to respond to the invitation, from the Ministry of tourism of Colombia, it became the Institute to participate in this Congress. Mirones addressing more than 400 tourism professionals on the Spanish tourist quality system, aroused special interest among the attendees, who had more than 30 questions about our own system of tourism quality and its impact on the management of the quality of products and services. oscar Rueda, Colombia tourism Deputy Minister, ending announcing to all attendees the disposition of the Colombian Government to advance in a single model of tourist quality in your country, moderated this encounter which left open the possibility of actively collaborating with the ICTE. Michael Mirones declares its satisfaction by the broad interest of the SCTE between authorities and Colombian entrepreneurs, as well as the total disposal of the Institute for both with the Colombian Government, as with other countries, work together in order to expand our quality model in other destinations that have interest in developing a model of tourist quality itself, but supported by a case of success as the Spanish. These international meetings held these days in Colombia, have allowed the President and the Director General of the ICTE, hold different meetings with entrepreneurs and associations from various sectors of tourism of the country, as well as Governments, in addition to those indicated with the Minister and Deputy Minister.

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