Consumer Loans And Cheats

Consumer loans are issued for purchase of consumer durable goods: refrigerators, televisions, washing machines. To purchase the goods "on credit" to immediately pay the store from 10% to 30% of its value. The rest of the cost of goods will pay the bank. Collateral in this case is the purchased goods. To obtain a consumer loan, the borrower must provide the bank a few documents. First and foremost, it is passport and the registration was in the city where the bank or its branch (branch). The second document – a certificate from a fixed place of work, confirming receipt within the last six months of stable income.

As a rule, income should be at least twice the amount of monthly payments. Fraudsters cheat using fake bankers (or strangers) or passport with a "decoy ducks" – are careless or gullible person who is in a difficult financial situation, but having a passport and a permanent place of residence and persuaded him to take a consumer loan in his name. Episode 1 40-year-old unemployed caught at the bait trial cheats pretending to be director of the firm, which promised the unemployed that will take her a job with a salary of 1,600 dollars, but under one condition – if the lady would take a different bank consumer loans totaling $ 250,000 rubles. The money supposedly needed for the purchase of a "manufacturing equipment". According to the director, is to buy the equipment – the company will earn at full capacity, the money will flow a river, and of future profits can be quickly taken to repay loans.

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