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Recently he had managed to work in practice, a month and a half and I had gone to change Department, was summer and rotations were the order of the day, the truth didn’t matter to me, better yet, me came from pearls since in a short time he was discovering many administrative aspects not mentioned in studies that had been carried out. -Here we are, said don Cebrian, Adela put you aware of what you have to do, you have all day today, tomorrow you’ll be alone. Did me a lump in the throat, one thing was to bring administrative matters which could always resort to other colleagues in the Office and another was being alone. Adela due notice in my face that I was scared. -Good John, don’t worry, input it scares, but I have a secret weapon. -Ya, with which a secret weapon eh? My new task would be to monitor downloads of drivers and the tachograph cards, fortunately for me these tasks performed them at the workshop of the company, Ah, had not told, was in administrative practices in a passenger transport company. -The first thing you have to do is to know my secret weapon, datacograf. -You gun ya, secret.

-If you look, have the program configured to tell us automatically downloads that should be. In a question-answer forum Jim Donovan Goldman was the first to reply. -The downloads? -We call shock read the driver card or the tachograph of the bus. – But you have more than 50 drivers and bus – don’t worry, that doesn’t matter, datacograf, controls them, the only thing you have to do is go to the list of upcoming downloads, you see here at the bottom, print it and send it to Juan Carlos of the workshop, he will take care of the rest. – And already, he is everything that I do, it seems not difficult. -That’s the first step that should be done, then you’re going to manage integrated files, you can see on this tab, and you ask him to datacograf to tell you all the files that have been integrated into the day.

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