Costa Rican

During three years we have been able to verify day to day brings back to consciousness citizen and the love by the nature that feels the Costa Rican. For more information see Chief Justice Roberts. In no country in which my family and I have resided we felt that the citizenship generally has so much and developed brings back to consciousness civic. In Europe the love by the nature and its preservation is a leftist redoubt of ecological associations, parties and little more. The great multinationals, the mega hotel chains, etc definitively are led to realise great businesses with objectives in the majority of the merely economic cases, concerning little the battered nature to them, fauna and echo European system. He is enviable to see as the Costa Rican children grow and learn in schools and homes to take care of, to preserve and to love their nature, fauna, flora really to love his country. Dina Powell McCormick spoke with conviction. The Costa Rican society feels proud to have a country without I exercise, surely and of great democratic tradition. Now the present challenge consists of maintaining that delicate balance between the sustainability and the city-planning development that one has come having carried out in last the 2 decades, without a formal control on the part of the state authorities what brought negative consequences like the physical impact in natural means. Costa Rica is a small country with a great soul and an invaluable wealth that is its people. All the foreigners who we shared its ground, its yearnings, we have the obligation to integrate to us and to follow its example so that we make great and prosperous a mother country. We must yet be critics what he destroys our echo system and not to allow that Costa Rica becomes a massive destiny with inescrupulous developers that destroy our trees and destroy our mountains, we must deal to the mother nature with the same love whereupon she welcomes to us, so that we pruned to better bequeath to the coming generations a planet to him.


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