Council Informatico

It supports your information. The information that you have on your computer is the most important part of it. Not the processor, memory, or any of its components, the information. Think what would happen if you lose it inevitably at this time. It is good to have a backup plan, perhaps aided by a software that do it automatically from time to time on an external hard drive, USB stick, on a Web site that offers you space to upload your documents, photos, etc. It is not paranoia, it is a completely justified precaution. Beware of computer viruses and external threats. Installs and keep updated an antivirus, but I also know cautious with attachments, with the leagues to sites that you don’t know, with what open through instant messengers and wary of sites that offer you time air or free messages with just execute a file.

Learn how to configure your firewall and ten care extra if you get used to downloading programs via P2P programs. Avoid receiving documents by Messenger, if you received the invitation to download a file, a good practice is to ask which sends through the chat if it is that really you this by sending a document since some viruses are automatically sent via this medium. In general avoid accepting any file unless you know what it is or feel safe with your anti-virus protection. Lack of information the users of computers, entrepreneurs, students, housewives do maintenance and cleaning, it is essential to have basic knowledge, or outsource this service with a large number of companies entered the market.


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