The magic of give to accumulate money most people consider giving merely as a gesture of solidarity and it is, but it has deeper spiritual implications, we know that we can give many things: time, money, Council, knowledge, care, products, love, etc. What secrets behind what we give?, occurs every act in our lives is like a seed and if we plant handles in our solar is logical to expect to receive handles once This tree grows, life works exactly the same, the best way to receive love is giving love, to receive respect we must be respectful, the same occurs with the money, if we learn to give we will be in the capacity to receive, every once cada vez que damos we give sent a message to the universe that we believe in abundance because us we are affirming that there is abundance and reality can not be otherThere will be abundance in our life, when we observe the Arctic foxes burying food for the winter time is because they unconsciously know that the food shortage, which is a wonder of God’s creation, in our case is truth that we must be prudent but never afraid to spend because we then sent a message to the universe that there will be shortage and as each of us creates his reality according to their deepest beliefs, then the manifestation of the prospect of shortages will be realized. It is necessary to activate the flow of money and thus the money will arrive with greater ease. Many people think that millionaires give large donations to charities because they feel guilt for having abundance, that is false and absurd, what actually happens is that these people are aware of how to activate the energy flow of money, on the other hand in their lives we see people living in poverty to save any object with the idea that it will be used laterWhat happens here is everytime I save something old and useless I’m saying to himself that in the future no I’ll have enough money to get something new and better, while those who claim their abundance botan their things in good condition because they say to themselves themselves that they have enough money for better things, these processes are very subtle, people practice subconsciously and not realizes that with small acts are creating their own reality. Money is a State of mind and to create in our lives it is necessary to be prepared to receive it, I advise them they are acquiring habits of plenty if they so wish, the abundant life increases considerably the possibilities of increasing happiness and satisfactions if used correctly, you now know that the fact of self-demand abundance is a big step to achieve itas well as the power to give the power to receive it generates.

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