Feature Animation – An Alternative Movie ?

Cartoons have always been the lot of children's attention, the spectacle of frivolous and uninteresting to an adult. They say that a child can not long hold the attention on one subject, so animated feature seems idea is not very efficient – for adults interested, child screening. However, Walt Disney decided that the laws are appropriate for adults and for children they do not mean anything, so in 1937 came the first feature-length cartoon "Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs", in which the creation of a great friend of children has invested more than half a million dollars. Many spinning finger to his temple, but Disney was right, the popularity of "Snow White" was phenomenal for the cartoon. Then there was a "Fantasia", the Soviet "Snow Queen" and quite adult cartoon "Yellow Submarine".

All of them became an event in the cultural world, but the real flowering of the full-length animation began much later when the world rocked "The Lion King." He has two major differences from other works. First, the "Lion King" has a screenplay written specifically for him. Second, to voice the characters have been invited by Walt Disney professional actors, world renown, who added the cartoon seriousness and popularity. This was the first such plan, rastirazhirovanny later. Heroes of the many cartoons now daryatsya original movements or facial features that belong to voicing their actors. This is more characteristic of animated films and films that made it possible to bring full-length animation to a new level of quality and popularity.

"Shrek" has given us a donkey – Eddie Murphy, the cat – Antonio Banderas, and "Shark Tale" borrowed from the voices of Will Smith's ears, lips, Angelina Jolie, Renee Zellweger cheeks, eyebrows, Martin Scorsese and Robert DeNiro birthmark. The rate of synthesis of surprises and it is likely in the near future will be able to watch animated movies, where actors perform the role, which they did not play. On the one hand, simplify and expedite the work of actors, with the other – will bring new opportunities animators. The future has many possibilities, and what will be most in demand, no one can predict. And that means – there is room for experimentation, and will not decrease the number of successful findings and daring projects.

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