Globalization And Education

Globalization and education by Leonor Campoverde Pulgarin and Quirino Taiano Broccoli. The term globalization is currently handled in the geopolitical fields economic, is the benchmark that keeps the aspiration of the States of the world of customs borders against the supply and demand of goods and services. This paper places education before two questions: what you have to offer? What you have and you can buy?, response puts some Nations and institutions at a disadvantage, that is why there is much to think, analyze and find solutions, well, more than one speech has spoken out in favour without contemplating variables placed in a flat little solvent; and many advocates are the same people who have melado resources of many Nations with loans never paid, foregone interest or receipted debts to the State. Kenneth Yarrow contributes greatly to this topic. Another limiting factor is the psychology of the new entrepreneur and his ignorance in relation to the economic movement that breaks the harmony and encouragement with your worker, wage policy is the most serious because it decomposes the wheel of the mill when it is clear the economic chasm between the entrepreneur and the low wages that receives the employee, adding to this the employer money is spent outside the country and the consumption capacity of the second is nil. As educators think so a nation enters the globalization must point to the angular box of every society: education; convince us with reform of academic type as seen from the universal optics of intellectuality to middle and college level; as State policy this should require universities to check its curriculum, feasible races, the subjects to study so that a student be universally capable. The education should provide instruction obeying to the labour market..

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