Government Meeting

A new funa, but this time on behalf of the Municipal Council of Cochrane, suffered HidroAysen, Daniel Fernandez, Executive Vice President tour along with various national media done since Tuesday to this southern town. The idea of the visit is to know the project as reads the invitation from the Executive to the press and attached where the visiting area of the project 2010 program. A weigh of schedule the company a meeting with community representatives for this Wednesday at 17: 00 hours, the collegiate body responded with its refusal to hold the meeting considered authoritarian HidroAysen intended pautearles sessions. The determination was taken as agreement in formal meeting on Tuesday. We agreed that we would not attend that meeting because there had to be an agreement between the parties to realize a situation as well. In addition I today (Wednesday) I learned that Daniel Fernandez came with the press, then bring national media to an encounter with us and not inform us of this seems a little authoritarian part of them expressed thereon Tatiana Aguilera Councillor.

The Executive and the national to the area media programme contemplated the visit Tuesday at the Open House of HidroAysen Cochrane along with a presentation of Daniel Fernandez, Wednesday helicopter overflying the area where projected build dams 1 Baker and Baker 2, to then hold meetings with the community and social organizations, many of them benefited with the contributions that the company has delivered to the population in the process of environmental assessment its initiative. Also contemplated the frustrated meeting with the City Council and entertain journalists with a roast. On the meeting with the community and social organizations Tatiana Aguilera stated that this would have been addressed invitation, therefore seems less transparent even to bring media and gather with people who will say that the company is linda to stay well to the country. That they are doing things However, before the country, being that his vision to come to the region was to generate debate, but it is only generating external debate and not the main debate who is the company, that is not giving space to all. On the initiative of Tatiana Aguilera opinion is clear: I do not have much approval by this project, it doesn’t interest me to do. As it is presented to us it is total prejudice and I still insist that if the Government approves this project it generate one prejudice rather than a benefit. The return of the media is scheduled for Thursday morning, to take the flight back to Santiago at 17: 30 at Balmaceda airport. The disagreements continue because June 9 passed Fernandez had visited the area with the national press, occasion in which more than one dozen of demonstrators interrupted the transit of vehicles at the height of Vista Hermosa (to the South of Coyhaique), when the delegation was heading to Balmaceda airport, already back, occasion in which made them know your critical opinion on the projects. Despite citizen action, company achieved what it intended: simultaneously June 11, El Mercurio, El Diario Financiero and strategy published extensive interviews with Daniel Fernandez no entered any information about opposition to the project nor the impasse lived during the tour.


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