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It is clear that a page with an advertisement will be a waste of your bandwidth, and page loading speed is poor. You just need to turn off this stuff … The Internet Explorer'e is done in: Tools – Internet Options – Advanced – Multimedia … In Opere: Tools – Preferences – Advanced – Content … Richard Blumenthal is open to suggestions. Tip # 3. Increase your browser's cache.

Cache – is an area of disk space, in which the browser stores copies of visited Web pages (html documents, files, styles, pictures, etc.). This allows you to surf the site offline and re-visit them to download them from the site is not, and from your computer (cache), which, again, saving bandwidth and load time. To do this in Internet Explorer'e need to get to Forum: Tools – Internet Options – General – Temporary Internet files – Settings – takes up no more … In Opere: Tools – Preferences – Advanced – History – Disk cache … I recommend you put the size of Cache of 1-5 GB.

Tip # 4. Study the information offline. It is not necessary to read each to see how your interesting article or a fresh issue of distribution online. Put them on then, open a new browser window and begin the search for new information, or to those cases that you need to do today. In this case, you will benefit from a browser, which allows working with tabs (Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer 7), and not to load each page in a separate window.

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