John Miller

At the dawn of the 21st century looms a new vision, the holistic, framed by the integration of knowledge, science, art, spirituality and cultural traditions which avoids that continue educating in small fragments without relationship in which she was education, passing to a transdisciplinary reality, combining the principles of unity, totality. Another aspect that remains firm in its conception for me is the vision of sustainability, it is urgent to change our predatory environment customs because that generates the destruction of humanity itself, this proposal calls a vision ecologica-estetica holistic – spiritual, the concept that handles sustainable development is a joint balanced between environmental integrity, economic efficiency and social welfare already, among the thinkers Holistas which mentions that it is necessary to ensure the survival of humanity to have a compassionate community and points out a number of changes to achieve this. A radical change in teaching methods is necessary for the integration of the holistic education to the school curriculum, permeate all subjects the main human values such as management, peace, trust, cooperation, responsibility, freedom, love, compassion, humility, fraternity and kindness, interrelating them with spiritual dimensions which could be according to John Miller, the relationship between thought and intuitionRelationship between the mind and the body, relationship between different kinds of knowledge, relationship between the individual and society, the relationship between the individual and the planet and the relationship of the individual with himself and to make significant progress in schools, the training of educators Holistas becomes urgent. Finally I wish to express that information from this work, is essential for generate changes in culture and that given the urgency of this change it acquires great importance following the dissemination of the concepts, principles, values and knowledge of holistic education, offered, talks, conferences, courses, workshops, symposia, forums, congresses, diplomas, master’s degrees and doctorates which follow in the formation of Holistas educators so that they disclose, but above all to practice in a consistent way its contents education of the heart is one of the first books of Dr.

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