Legal Change

The spokesman pointed out that since This movement are calling for a legal change in their claims and therefore believes that it must give example both respecting the day of reflection as the election day on Sunday. On the website have posted a text with a number of legal considerations that point out that the right of Assembly prevails over the day of reflection. During the morning, the present there showed his respect on this day to protest a few spontaneous that got into the facade of the building of the clock in the square to shout slogans electoral. According to witnesses, the Commission of respect also tried to protect the police from two individuals who were heading towards them with bottles. Peaceful demonstrations the first Vice-President of the Government and Minister of the Interior, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, has met this Saturday morning with the dome of the security forces and they have seen the peaceful development of the concentrations in several Spanish cities, and that the Police device functioned correctly. The meeting is also shaped device for the rest of the day of reflection and this Sunday, the voting day. Euphoria yellow according to testimony collected from many spokesmen has this call spontaneous proposal dress yellow the Puerta del Sol in the day of reflection is one of the proposals to the vote this afternoon, in Assembly and adopted will mean change of all the posters by other equivalents, but in yellow and the invitation to locals who come to the plaza to dressing in this colour in support to the camped. The Puerta del Sol lives the euphoria of having joined in last night, with bells that marked the beginning of the day of reflection, thousands of props that adds continuous messages back from hundreds of cities, Spain and around the world.

A group of campers will mount a canvas in the back of a kiosk that will be screened throughout the morning in live, on-line connection, the situation of others concentrated in different squares of Spain. It is, said one of the spokesmen a, that citizens know firsthand that the mobilization is extended without limits and also has an unpredictable nature. Finally, this spokesman has insisted on peaceful of the journey and the fact that with this attitude the citizens are giving politicians an example of what is a day of reflection. In the Puerta del Sol groups reflect, as in an agora, on the extent of mobilization and its foreseeable consequences the prickly, guitars and even spontaneous and independent musicians come together. Source of the news: coordination between police and camped at Sun that watch over the order of reflection Saturday

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