One of the skills, which is owned by a scorpion – a great disguise. At first glance, it seems the personification of man Scorpio calm and icy cold. In fact in the depths of his soul is burning hot fire, which in able to burn, not yielding to a hot stove. There are two types of male scorpions. The first kind are open, he is strong in spirit and strong will, and likes to communicate, anywhere and at any time, confident in their actions. Has habit of acting freely, sometimes rudely, in some situations with violence.

Stubborn. Own work seeks to life for all, to the extent that the goodwill and the love of his future, he should be halved win. These are the people from whom we obtain the ideal military, law enforcement officers, employees detective agencies. In this area, as they reveal, are the best, receiving adulation and respect. Second type inherent stealth and cunning. They love to act is not straight, rather – from the corner.

Its purpose is usually seek in a roundabout way. In the precision of the first type, they have the desire to achieve their goals, in practice, testing ideas and plans. Learn more on the subject from Connecticut Senator. Man-Scorpion second type is unfamiliar with lesions in his power to destroy anyone who has become his life line. From this scorpion-animal they differ ability to strike surreptitiously, attacking not in the forehead and the side. For others they are a great mystery, but themselves almost everyone knows about the others – it's great syskari.

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