Max Weber Politician

The state in its linked essence and has situations, relations, behaviors, justifications that understand legal aspect, assimilated with content politician, thus being impossible to have separation of the politician with legal. The Brazilian Jurist Miguel Reale demonstrates that the state presents three faces. Social face, that is the partner-economic factors (distribution of wealth, indices of education, health, poverty). Legal face, directed to the proper organization and characteristic of the judiciary power; face politics reaches the purpose of the government, through the ways and ends to reach itself of definitive objectives. This proves that in the State to orient itself dynamically necessary of the right and the politics, with beddings and purposes for the insertion in rules of law.

The relation Been and right backwards tona the problems of the sovereignty and the power, assuring the values of the person human being, having the State to look the extensive legality. It is important to argue that with this relation it cannot have the reduction of the State has a normative order, serving only for the right. Pointing out the State for ends politicians, it has the convivncia with the legal one, exerting a power politician, searching the basic values of the individual, the society and the State. It has a basic concern of the legitimacy and legality. For Max Weber; the State consists of a relation of domination of the man on the man established in the instrument of the violence legitimizes, that is, of the considered violence as it legitimizes (the State withholds the monopoly of the violence). In if treating to the power politician of the State, we can affirm that it is I join and indivisible, but exactly being only it has a functional division of the power politician of the State, that is, what it is divided are its functions, not been it in itself. It has attributions of each function destined to an independent agency and specialized.


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