Memorable Events

Anyone who hears the name of a country like Chechnya, first responders thought about the recent problems, many hundreds of victims and the poor families left without breadwinners. But what we know about Chechnya as a state before the the first Chechen war? The ancient history of the territory is open enough. In the Middle Ages Vainakh tribes already existed on the territory of Chechnya today, they wanted to conquer and Genghis Khan and Batu, but unlike many other nations, residents of Chechnya have not obeyed the ISU. In the XVIII century Russia began to attempt to conquer the Caucasus and chozdala special Cossack army, but freedom-loving Chechen people did not want to suffer like this. In these times, and went incessant Russian-Chechen war, lasting until now. Within three years, starting with 1785g united troops of the Caucasian peoples led by Sheikh Mansour led war against Russia. Then place Mansour took the Imam Shamil, who fought area already in the XIX century. Both the hero had been raised on the banner in 1991.

Dudayev, who believed both his teachers. We are all contemporaries of the second Chechen war and are aware of the actions taking place in the country. Any one of us, carefully, watching all the news reports carefully studied the articles in newspapers and versed in the sources of conflict. Now the two Chechen wars were only half-ruined city as well as families, each of whom has lost someone. Let us briefly recall the main dates of these tragic events. In November-December 1994 began the first war with Chechnya, officially called the 'constitutional order'. The campaign was accompanied by the bloody battles, long siege, many deaths and chechnskih and Russian soldiers. In mtoge, the number of deaths was 200 thousand, so in the middle of 1996 by General Alexander Lebed, the war was ostanovlena.A in August was drafted Khasavyurt contract, who stopped the first war, and gave conditions for the second. Russian army did not give to see it through, the officers positioned themselves insulted and humiliated, and that atrocities occurred perdreshilo in the second kampanii.Po after 10 years from the date of the second Chechen war, the country is slowly recovering, but the sad events recede into the background, but we do not have days and hard to argue that the struggle in Chechnya and Russia set point.

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