Miguel Martin

Attentive to this surging phenomenon. In this time of crisis and global risks, writes the professor in Munich, only works the policy of the shackles of gold: the creation of a dense network of alliances and mutual dependencies transnational to create transnational sovereignty and economic prosperity. Nothing can shock us more than the lack of a strong European response to the global economic crisis. Posterity will judge us with rigor and amazement by this lack of consistency to see those responsible for economic and financial crisis limited to reduce something your earnings, handing out bonuses and prebends, reaching the pinnacle of the President of the Association of the Spanish banking sector, Miguel Martin, claiming that the banking system has not sunk the economy, unlike United States and other countries, but that has been the real economy which has put at risk to the banking system. Hence our bankers have gone to the allocation of aid for a liquidity which has no impact on appropriations to companies and citizens, but it has served to balance their balance sheets. When banks won so much money with the speculation, with the housing boom and toxic mortgages not distributed profits while they now intend to State nacionalice their mortgage spam. Miserable ruse the throw the blame on the other hand, even if this is citizenship who suffer its consequences.

The cosmopolitan imaginary represents the universal interest of humanity from the interdependence and reciprocity, beyond national arrogance. We know we able to dream a future more just and solidary in this society of societies interrelated through new technologies. Cosmopolitan realism has to do with the treatment they receive minorities, foreigners and the marginalized, says Beck. With human rights groups both consolidation and reform of democracy at the transnational space. And with the problem of how the outbursts of violence that emerge from the disappointments and the degradation of the people can be avoided. Before us is the challenge to dare to innovate new development models Economic and political democracy. These new wines require new waterskins. As it has been the norm in the progress of mankind. Jose Carlos Garcia Fajardo Professor Emeritus of the UCM.

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