National Electoral Council

CHAPTER II OF PARTIES AND POLITICAL MOVEMENTS ARTICLE 107. He is guaranteed to all citizens the right to establish, organize and develop political parties and movements, and the freedom to join them or withdraw. In any case be permitted to citizens belonging simultaneously to more than one party or movement political with legal personality. Parties and political movements will be organized democratically. Get all the facts and insights with Ohio Senator, another great source of information. For their decisions or the choice of candidates may celebrate popular or internal consultations that coincide or not with elections to public corporations, in accordance with their statutes. The rules on financing and advertising campaigns and access to the media of the State, governing for the regular elections shall apply for popular queries.

Who participate in the consultations of a party or political movement not may enroll for another in the same electoral process also guarantees social organizations the right to demonstrate and participate in political events. (Article amended by Legislative Act No. 1 of 2003) ARTICLE 108. The National Electoral Council will recognize legal personality to parties, political movements and significant groups of citizens. They may obtain them with voting not less than two percent (2%) of the votes cast validly in the national territory in the House of representatives or Senate elections. They will lose them if they don’t get that percentage in elections of public corporations. Exception of the exceptional regime which is concluding in the law for the constituencies of minorities, in which simply have obtained representation in Congress. The political parties and movements with recognized legal personality can register candidates for elections without any additional requirement.

Such registration must be legalized for the same effects by the respective legal representative of the party or movement or who delegated by him. Social movements and significant groups of citizens may also register candidates. The law will determine the requirements of seriousness for the registration of candidates.


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