Nature Region

However, we perceive that the idealized objective of the creation of these projects did not fulfill in very with its purpose, therefore still we verify the invasion of actors in the private and public territories. Paulo Coelho helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Beyond the existing superexploration with regard to the territory and to the resources. This indicates the necessity of a net of efficient monitoring. Not obstante, the natural elements as air, the life and the water also become source of quarrels and impediments economic politicians and of the country with other powers. The mercantilizao of the air, directed toward the kidnapping of carbon, reduction of the emissions of gases that provoke the effect greenhouse allows investments in peripheral countries more cheap. While biodiversity approach of the market life is identified as primordial factor for the advance of the scientific border, approaching the biotechnology and still the incentive the regulation of this market pair in such a way to accomplish a net of protection of the region thus, to surpass the superexploration of the natural resources. Of same form, the market water looks for to aim at the adequate use of this element, therefore, the disordered consumption can provoke its scarcity, being in the white future of conflicts. In this perspective, one becomes important to point out that the exploration of the nature is necessary for the subsistence of the native population, indians and messengers.

Beyond, to supply the country products that assist the mercantilizao and favor the flow of capital of the country. However, what it provokes concern source is as the forest comes being explored, as it is being the occupation of the territory and thus, the integration of the region with other localities, emphasizing the new strategical paper of the borders politics. This allows in them to englobar social, social, economic factors, politicians, cultural and demographic differentiated in accordance with each place. Thus, the borders must exert a source of combat to the illegal activities and becoming necessary to reveal the nets techniques of security around the region, where this monitoring can guarantee the sustainable use of the forest beyond, prevent invaders that they desire if to appropriate of the territory (possessional), or that they act of illicit form in the same and contain the net of would biopirataria.


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