North Americans

By very strange that it seems, as much the settlers of the industrialized North as those of the main Arab and Muslim countries consider that his civilization respects to the other, but that the reciprocity shines by its absence. Indeed, 84% of the interviewed people in the Palestinian Territories esteem that the West does not respect the Muslims. It is what 80% of the Egyptians think; 68% of the Turks; 67% of the saudes and 62% of the Iranians. In the same way, it responded of negative way to the question Create you who the Islam respects to the West? a 82% of the North Americans, a 73% of Israelis, a 63% of Spaniards ( M agrees to remember the trauma caused in the Iberian population by the bloody attack of the 11). The immense majority of the interviewed people esteem that the perception of another one has been deteriorated in both last years. The opinion of 88% of the North Americans, 85% of the Danish, 83% of the Israelis and, also, 83% of the Palestinians is this. The antagonism towards the West and its values is detected in the speech of the saudes.

A 61% of the inhabitants of the wahabita kingdom do not hide their antiamericanismo; a 51% have an unfavorable opinion of the United Kingdom, whereas a 16% adopt a French position abiertamente. The timid registered attempts of approach after the beginning of the process of Barcelona have failed, facilitating the disquieting advance of radical positions. It has who esteem that the Alliance of Civilizations could become a mere chain of sad mix-ups. The leaders of global war, Bush and Bin Laden, to be rubbing the hands. Adrin Mac Liman International political analyst ccs@ Original author and source of the article.


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