Parish Council

The theme of forgiveness in the doctrine of the Catholic Church, believe that it is a little laxado, is believed to be forgive forget and overlook mistakes and errors that we can commit. Forgiveness does not mean stop correcting. All we can make mistakes, and fall into contradiction with regard to what we preach, and we have on our side to a friend that we questioned and challenged by telling us: wait a moment, what you are doing and saying is wrong, not continue committing that error, aptitude to change for the good of the Church. We met several times with members of the other choirs, to choose the person who would be responsible for managing all, and for this I tell my opinion about Mr. Franco Farfan, could not stay silent, and fail to mention all the bad things that I saw in him. People such as Amazon would likely agree. Came the day to decide who will lead this choir, and had not yet appointed from among us who would be. Parish Council with the assistance also met as it is logical from each representative or director of each chorus.

As we had not yet come to a decision, proposed that we actuality at an adjacent lounge to the decision once. Meeting in the adjacent lounge was developed in the following manner: 1.-Angel, represented the choir from 7.30 in the evening, also called Youth Choir. 2 Cristian, representative of the children’s choir. 3 Franco, representative of the choir from 6: 00 in the afternoon with his choir voices from the sky. 4 and a humble servant who writes these lines, representative of the choir from noon of the day, also called Christ the King parish choir.

It was decided that each of us give his plan of work quickly, (essays, Repertory, etc.), at the end was put to the vote. angel voted for Franco., Cristian voted by Franco, Franco voted yes, and I vote for Angel. In particular I think that this decision was taken in Council and not let that you occur this hint of choice since it was obvious what was going to happen. There was a curious moment, and that I will never forget this meeting. Angel and Cristian proposed Franco directed with me, I don’t accept, Franco thought that I doubted his musical skills, which was not the case. I told him that not it seemed well, and that he did not deserved lead the choir, on a special day, for his previous behavior. But I proposed him: if I am with you, you have to abide by what you say, and most importantly, you have to change your behavior. In other words you have to behave well, his answer was the following: ah no!, then address only. Once again a decision was taken in the parish, that to my way of seeing things, they harmed the image and model to follow, with this decision, and I repeat in my view, justified the negative action of a pastoral agent.


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