President Law

we want to cite in this venue or take into account the free law school, or school-free law, in this sense, we want to create law, which is made when people are lawyers prepared and in this sense it is clear it should be matter of this topic, but to avoid problems in the case analyzed, President of the Court Supreme has requested the dismissal of the subscribed to the National Council of the judiciary and the application of it, has not notified it is which viola due process, and in any case explain this topic it would be complex, therefore, to be able to understand what we must study one of the books of Victor TICONA POSTIGOwhich has published several books and thus apparently the Presidents of the Supreme Court are poorly chosen, or is that perhaps they do not read or understand what you sign, but it is clear that the procedural burden on the judiciary is very abundant, which causes problems of deadlines, and this is exploited by the legislature which approves inadequate rules which sets very short deadlinesas it does not occur in the legislative process or process of gestation of standards, and in any case this should be subject of study by the serious our, in an internal, external and international comparison is to say, of all kinds, within this classification, even when congressmen are wrong is clear that they should be punished, however, this does not happen, which should motivate the corresponding studies of comparative law, to effect solution to this problem that has caused so many problems to Peruvian law, even have salary of Supreme vowels, therefore, consider that they have equal or greater hierarchy, and in this order of ideas in the Peruvian law there is a series of problems that are lacking resolve. I.e., there are no sanctions against members who violate terms in the legislative process, in Peruvian parliamentary law that if there should be. To effect that Congressmen be considered as people suitable for the job, but it has warned the Peruvian law that work only their advisors, make it while congressmen only sign, and don’t read nisiquiera laws, and in any case in the Peruvian law there is in almost all cases with explanatory statementswhich worries us.

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